10 Key Ideas on How to Live Happy!

10 Key Ideas on How to Live Happy!

1). life is meant to be fun and joyful! Joy is our natural state!!

2). our emotions exist to let us know if our thoughts are heading us home to joy and wellbeing, or away to fear, lack, or worry.
3). every moment is brand new, and you get to choose exactly how you feel in every moment!
4). you can re-wire your neurological networks in just 30 days to switch your focus from fear (flight/fight/stress state) to love and joy (flow state)! (and even faster sometimes!)

5). when your brain and heart connections are focused on perceiving joy and wellbeing, then your life becomes more joyful and full of more wellbeing!
6). the quickest way to achieve this is through practicing gratefulness as much as you can throughout your day and consciously choosing to perceive everything in the world as an extension of you. Look for the best and expect the best everywhere you go and in everyone you meet!

Cultivate peace and wellbeing within yourself in other ways that feel good to you, like meditation, being in nature, doing acts of kindness, listening to positive music, reading inspiring material, being in the company of like-minded conscious others, being playful and creative, and/or being prayerful and centered. Choose the mix that works best for you!
7). as soon as you find yourself thinking something that feels like lack or feels negative, quickly stop the negative momentum in the first 17-20 seconds and choose a more positive thought instead. Building positive momentum with your happy thoughts, feelings, memories and dreams as much as possible, raises your access to higher states of consciousness. After 90 days or so, negative thoughts and feelings become less and less a part of your experience, and happy, joyful, appreciative thoughts and experiences fill your days instead.
8). because everything is connected in a vibrational way, the more joy you flow out from your heart through electromagnetic energy waves, the more joyful experiences you will experience (and/or seemingly attract to you) through the resonance of the Law of Reciprocity and the Law of Vibrational Relativity. Life gets easier and way more fun!
9). the more love and joy you vibrate from your heart into the collective consciousness on a consistent basis—we are all ONE!—the higher the consciousness level of the world will be!

10). if we collectively raise the consciousness of the planet to a vibration of Love or above, all beings on earth will benefit from this consciousness shift and we can create peace, abundance, better health and more love and joy throughout the world!
Get happy and flow your love, and not only will you benefit greatly, but you will help change the world! Thanks for being you!