ellen mary elizabeth writes about learning from and transforming past negative experiences of the last year, having a burning bowl ceremony to release them and focusing on preferred intentions for 2020. Rather than relying on motivation to meet resolutions, she suggests using your inspiration to program ongoing easeful re-SOUL-utions. Included at the end of the blog is a list of Happy Tips for a Happy Life to post on your frig or back of your phone to remind you to keep your vibration high on a daily basis to help actualize your dreams for 2020!

Wow, we are entering 2020, and a new decade of unlimited possibilities! The collective consciousness of humanity is raising toward love, abundance and unity, and away from fear, lack and separation, so it will be increasingly easier to live our most empowered and fulfilling lives.

Many cultures celebrate the coming year with a review of the past year, and encourage releasing any unwanted situations, grievances, and stuck energy through a releasing process such as a burning bowl ceremony. If this calls you, take some time to write down in a few words on small pieces of paper anything you’d like to shift, ask spirit to show you the gift in each of them that you can learn from and transform, and then burn the pieces of paper, letting the energies of the past go. You are making room for the new!

Then take some time to meditate, entering into your heart space and imagine your highest dreams and aspirations for the coming year. Write these ideas down in general terms, rather than in precise specifics, so as to allow the universe’s powerful orchestration ability and divine timing to bring these dreams to life in the best way for you and all involved. Put them in a dream jar and replace and renew these writings throughout the year. Alternatively, you can come up with a symbol that represents each desire and draw it, create a vision board with pictures, or doodle images of key things and experiences you expect to have and live in 2020.

Rather than make resolutions for the year in a way that futurizes feeling good about yourself until you meet certain goals, turn it around and realize that you already are perfect just as you are! Make re-Soul-utions instead, such as “since I already am an aspect of divinity being perfectly me, I ask my inner being/higher self to show me daily how to best live my most empowered, free, loving, joyful, vital, creative, healthy, fun, abundant and blessed life through grace and ease! And so it is!”

Keep your intentions active by frequently picturing the symbols you imagined earlier and/or practice feeling the feeling of what it is like to live that desired experience in advance, such as being really excited, or grateful, thrilled, fulfilled, happy, etc., and really loving and thoroughly enjoying all aspects of your life. Picture celebrating by high-fiving a friend or loved one, saying aloud ‘woo hoo, I did it!’, or whatever words and images capture that feeling for you. Take time to send those feelings of appreciation and joy out to the quantum field often, and in so doing, you will be increasingly in resonance with those desires and will experience them coming to you in joyfully delightful ways that you rarely can predict!

To further call to you the life of your dreams, practice keeping your vibration as high as possible each day. Below are 10 Happy Tips for a Happy Life. Cut this out and post it on the back of your phone or frig as a reminder when challenges arise, that you can and do create your own reality. The more conscious you are in your creating, the more favorable your reality becomes. Rather than struggling to survive by trying to change external conditions, make 2020 and the decade to come your most empowered time yet by cultivating your ever-present power to thrive from within! Sending each of you much love and joy on the journey!

Happy Tips for a Happy Life!

1) take mini “joy journeys:” breathe
deeply for 2 min. 5 x/day & smile!
2) stretch, exercise & redirect any
tension as soon as it comes up
3) recharge often: meditate, walk,
be in nature, relax body & mind
4) think of at least 10 things to be
grateful for at least 3 x/day!
5) choose reframing (no complaining)
for a day & work up to 30 days! ☺
6) do something kind for someone
else or the earth 1x/day (or more!)
7) drink pure water/ eat fresh vital
foods with gratefulness every day
8) appreciate yourself & send love
out into the world at least 5x/day!
9) enjoy life Now! laugh, create, hug,
dance, pet your dog/cat, sing, play!
10) flow your glow! wherever you go
be kind, smile, love & appreciate!
repeat. often and joyfully!

your joy uplifts us all!