Maybe this will be the first time I will feel comfortable in the 21st Century…a “21” year you know!!!

So 2020 ended in a flourish, with the fourth lunation or pulse culminating on the 29th in Cancer and Capricorn full moon. This moon energy carries us until Jan 12…the New Moon in Capricorn.

This new moon is probably considered the real starting point of this New year.

The Flush of high level cosmic energy, coming around the Solstice Grand Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is still careening against the backboards of Outer Space and Earth Reality (but what really is Reality?)

A note on how to understand the effect of Jupiter Saturn, which happens in 20-year cycles.

Saturn is Time. Jupiter is Space. In the Grand Conjunction of 2020, Time and Space chemistry merged as one, a brand new alchemical equation (Time Space continuum). Time became space, space became time. These are two giant planets essentially gaseous in nature. They fuse with great allocations of exchanges, like international trade agreements. Tribe meeting tribe so to speak. In Aquarius the collective earth body experienced a great etheric shift. We all became cosmically realigned with Time and Space. A jolt even.

Saturn has been traditionally associated with it’s role as Lord of Karma, kind of like the “lessons planet”….We are defined by limitations, rules, boundaries, temptations…Saturn is been described as The Taskmaster, pressure to perform perfectly, a high level of resonation adjustment. It is considered by most astrologers as the planet of wisdom. It’s the one teacher you never liked but at the end of the semester you were praising them, because you really paid attention and got the download.

Jupiter is far more gregarious, an open-minded kind of celestial body. Saturn has its clear ice skating rings, symmetrically expressing a cosmic rhythm. I call Saturn the planet of Tone, or Sounding, like the Mother Ship whose vibrations comfort us to feeling secure. Saturn might be that simple low sound that hearkens the “Tis a gift to be simple, tis a gift to be free” in us. So the Thor like lightning bolt of the free wheeling Jupiter clashes/mates with the restrictive Saturn to produce a new type of Divine Prototype Species of human.

Good Luck is a Jupiter thing, and if you are born under this Lucky Star you are said to be most fortunate. Jupiter’s ancient symbol was Rx, which described the Health, Wealth and Welfare attributed to the hot largest planet. In medical astrology Jupiter is considered to be the Liver, or second heart, establishing sufficient heat. Or the Triple Generator in Acupuncture.

Combining the cool Saturn with the hot Jupiter brings a flow of energy into this new year which I am beginning to describe as “the warming of the hearts” year…A perfect blend of hot and cold so to speak, all because of that most fantastic merger of 2020

So let’s see, it’s important to understand this new brand of Aquarius energy, as Mercury enters Aquarius this year on the 8th of January. It will be the first rendezvous with Jupiter and Saturn since the conjunction. It will be like a three day festival. Mercury is called “exalted” in Aquarius, which accesses the real genius of individuality. Plan your high level creativity projects around the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th. The transmissions from Dec 2020 will still be coming through especially then, so that art, literature all forms of communication, networking, and music will be stimulated.

But let’s jump back to New Year’s Day, when the Moon will be in Leo, the ultimate Party Sign.

We will still be working on new ways to be in Love, for Leo is also the sign of Lovers and fun. A grand trine in FIRE signs ignites the year as we find the Moon in Leo, Venus in Sagittarius, and Mars in Aries, all three spiritual passion signs. Lovers appear out of nowhere even when you are not looking for or seeking them. Thus the early new year starts off with an amazing flow of spirit energy you don’t want to miss.

As we celebrate the first Leo Moon new year we will quickly begin to experience the movement into the the area of the zodiac called the Sphinx Point, when the moon hits the 29th degree of Leo and marches into Virgo. This is the alignment with the Sphinx which governs eclipses. But unlike last year, we won’t be getting any real eclipse action until May 26 (lunar in 5 Sagittarius).  So this Moon entrance into the Sphinx region may well stir and stimulate mysteries and karmic memories, a radical shift from 2020.

Lo and behold the 3rd of January brings a second Grand Trine in Earth signs: Sun in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus, and the Moon in Virgo! Two different Grand Trines are very special, a bit like two large beautiful balloons in a parade, and these highlight relief, harmony and wealth. Whatever you do on the first three days of January be assured that it will bring fantastic results…be it Love, Health, Money or significant awareness and spiritual advancement. These first days of 2021 are incredibly promising, quite Lofty and profound.

Then on the fourth we intensify and consolidate, when Mercury is conjoined with Pluto. Deep mysteries and probes are solved. Mental investigations are clear, sharp and powerful. Remember Pluto’s deep and transformative nature. Long standing secrets are revealed. The Moon enters Libra on the 4th and 5th (east/west coasts) and will trine Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius for the first time.

Might as well compose beautiful new age music on that day! Or write up the treatise thesis essay that will inspire generations to come. Libra always brings into balance those accounts that need justice and peaceful solution.

The 6th will be a worksheet day, perhaps governments will find it necessary to adjust to the will of the people, and establish equilibrium. This is because the Libra Moon will square the Sun (vitality, authority) Pluto (power) and Mercury (intellect).  Mars also goes into Taurus for the first time in years. Mars has been in Aries for a very long time, since June 27,2020…Mars will set the plate for a huge transition in money markets, as Taurus is about money and other resources that you have.

The Seventh of January will be rockin’ indeed. Scorpio Moon, Mars in Taurus, square the Jupiter Saturn union, a veritable T square, and very unstable, wobbly, challenging day. Not a day to be willful but be willing, for the Fixed signs need some allowance and tolerance. The fixed signs are Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus. They are meant to establish and set, like sealing the cornerstone of an endeavor, but it’s not easy. The ideals formed and promoted via Aquarius will be given a run for their money, so to speak.

More dramatics arrive when archetype energies arrive on the 8th, as Mercury goes into Aquarius and Venus enters Capricorn. Mercury goes into Aquarius, in which sign it is exalted. That means inventiveness, brilliant mind and genius begin to characterize the rest of the month. This turn of psychological astrological events will be a stimulus to booster Aquarian principles already being challenged in this new year. However, as we will note later, Mercury will go retrograde at the end of January (30th), so up until the 23rd

 or so Mind activity will be Paramount. (A week before Mercury goes into its shadow).

To be noted on this day Neptune (planet of the Divine) will be favorable (great for meditation) receiving a healing trine from the Moon and a harmonious flow opening from the Sun via the 60 degree angle Sextile.

The 9th will be a loud day and everyone will want to board large boats, planes and rocket ships. “Get me as far away as possible” is the cry, echoing the Moon’s ingress into Sagittarius. Just a lot of good aspects that day, and even Venus will trine Mars in Capricorn Taurus respectively. A good ol’ day to plunge into things virtually uninhibited!

The 10th is like one long time out between Halves as only one strong aspect occurs. That’s when the Moon squares (90)degrees Neptune in Sagittarius Pisces. Call that your religious transcendance adjustment day!

The 11th will bring in some surprises, chock full of mixed aspects, not unlike a cosmic potluck supper. Moon trine Mars Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Mercury and Jupiter sextile Chiron (good healing day). Moon in Capricorn conjunct Venus (someone buys or gives you a gift they forget to do two months ago)!! 

Mercury will be square Uranus as we go into the 12th. Check your math because the calculations might be off one digit. However, on the 12th and 13th there will be a New Moon in Capricorn, with a very strong concentrated Pluto conjunction in its center.

Now if you remember the four pulse points from last month, this will be the First Pulse of the New year. This is like saying that the new year doesn’t really get started until these dates (Midnight east coast 9pm west)

So here’s where it gets interesting. The Moon will first conjunct Pluto, then as a carry-through the Sun concludes the conjunction with Pluto on the 14th. That’s a lot of Pluto power coming through during this New Moon. Pluto is the planet associated with Transformation, Redemption, Resurrection, and Regeneration. Pluto is the Avatar, the “pomegranate planet,” holding many seeds of spirit and compelling changes. It is the Revolutionary planet, radically upturning things and bringing chaos and upheaval. But that’s a preface to New World rebirth. So let me repeat that the beginning of the new year in January will be during this New Moon.

Ok, having said that, get ready for the other thing happening on the 14th! Uranus, our eccentric planet, will be going Direct. Uranus went retrograde on August 15,2020, so it’s been on about a 5-month vacation. What will happen?

On all fronts of the globe, and in our personal lives, we will see sudden new events transpiring, breakthroughs, visionary clairvoyance, original inventions, and social innovations that change the status quo. Uranus is often referred to as the Rebel. It is esoterically the ruler of the USA. Freedom is a code word for Uranus. So as we are having earthquake-like heavings (metaphor mostly) in respect to Pluto tremors, we revisit the codes of what makes us free.

Uranus has been holding back for 5 months but now wants to join the fray, and stir up some stuck material consciousness.  Which means, being in Taurus, a major new development in money and currency, banking, investments, resources and value systems. Almost like when Jesus entered the Temple and overthrew the “money changers.” Since this represents an 84 year cycle, the last time Uranus was in Taurus was in the 1930s, or the Great Depression.  The good part of those years were the many new inventions that arrived. So we might all be suddenly privy to new ideas that could help our resources and society in general. Not only that, but Uranus is the Ruler of the Sign Aquarius so it will feel like a multi-super vitamin that invigorates the heart and circulation.  People can dream again, get freshly inspired and feel free again. Sounds good to me, but money is the new key for the first part of the year. Re-evaluate what you have and where you have it. Taurus is the sign of money, and wise investments, earnings, come with excellent values. 

So with the New Moon and Uranus going direct in this middle of the month, don’t you think we’ve had enough change? Or, depending on one’s perspective, maybe not enough!!!

The second half of January will of course be very different than the first half. Money, credit, banking and finances will spring forth in earnest as great issues while governments and new social liaisons emerge to change the world status quo. 

On the 15th the Moon will be in Pisces, the watery psychic sign, making favorable and good aspects to Mars, Uranus, and Venus right through the 16th and into the 17th culminating with a conjunction with Neptune. Thus these three days, the 15th, 16th and 17th, might be called “imaginary days.” This time Pisces will have a major impact on one’s creativity, imagination, and psychic or intuitive power. The three days may mean finding ways for sanctuary, escape, contemplation and retreat. Going into other dimensions will be most available, and there will be opportunities for compassion, spiritual advancement and positive sacrifices. Since Pisces rules the Immune system in the ways of astrological thinking, one might concentrate and focus upon ways to strengthen immunity and to overcome the worldly challenges that threaten.

Yet on the 17th there will be a major square forming as Jupiter tangles with Uranus. So if any illusions began to develop during the Pisces Moon they will certainly pop when this configuration peaks (5 50 pm east 2 50 pm west). Fortunately there will be a harmonious Moon sextile the Sun to save the day, however.

The Moon will re-enter Aries on the 18th, starting a new archetype of Ignition. That is, the Aries Fire will be aspecting the Aquarian Air (sextile, 60 degrees). This is new stuff. Aries always brings a touch of the adventurous pioneer “I will do it first” attitude or theme. Saturn, Chiron and Jupiter all form an interesting mix or alchemy this day. Try experimenting with something new! And this can be in just about any area of life experience.

On the 19th, the Sun finishes up its practical industrious mystery-solving stint in Capricorn, and your bankbooks are once more replenished, and then enters the Air Fixed Sign Aquarius.

(3:40 pm east, 12:40pm west). So here comes the Gear Shift. Suddenly we awake and there is a new world rising. It’s the preparation for new social values to start to emerge. On the 20th is Inauguration Day. The Moon will still be in Aries square Pluto (Revolution, evolution) in the early hours but as the day proceeds the Moon will return into Taurus (east 1:56 pm, west 10:56 am). A few hours later into the day, Mars will be in Taurus in conjunction with Uranus, an extremely vigorous and assertive aggressive aspect, propelling the new values forth “come heaven or high water”. A very historical day for the USA. The Moon will then square the Sun and Saturn in Aquarius. A lot of Fixed sign (willful) energy going on. 

The 21st will be much easier but still a bit wreckless one might say due to the intensity of the Moon conjoining with Mars and Uranus. Despite the fixed energy of Taurus and Aquarius, there may be some serious instability going on.

As the 22nd comes into view, there will be multiple mixed aspects joining the moon with planets, but at the end of the day we finally reach the Pleiadian plateau, and the Moon goes into breezier Gemini. Mars will still be in square with Jupiter, so ideologies will clash again, hopefully being resolved favorably.

But the 23rd of January will become a strong deposit in consciousness, as throughout the day the planets will be aligning significantly, with more aesthetic results. The Moon, Saturn, Chiron, Venus and Uranus will all be making big deposits in the cosmic bankbook. Prosperity may even seem truly possible. At the end of the 23rd, the Sun will be in conjunction with Saturn for the first time in Aquarius in thirty years. This occurs at 7:01pm west 10:01 pm east. 

This deposit will reasonably rearrange the karma of earth souls and the groups or collectivities that encourage or support them. A Red letter day I suppose because so much reality will become vastly rearranged and new rules and karma emerge. It could be, it should be, a very amazing day, as the world and its people establish new boundaries, wisdom and schedules of attainment. 

The Ultimate Ideal, and how to accomplish it, shows up big time. Saturn with Sun connections bring up father-son psychological issues. As we mentioned earlier, Saturn is (Father) Time, so expect the clocks to be profoundly altered. Saturn is the Teacher of Lessons, of Time use, and Tone.

The last week in January will feature Mercury, as it begins to go into its cave, tunnel shadow before it retrogrades. So on the 24th (west coast) 25th East, the Moon will be in Mercury’s sign Gemini, making a wonderful pleasant trine with the fastest moving planet. Astrologers suggest this is the last time for now to get out those important writings, messages, creations and telepathic connections. 

The Moon will quickly enter its home sign and you will want to withdraw inward, so from the 25th through the 27th the Lunar orb will be interacting with Saturn, Chiron, Sun, Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and Pluto in a plethora of cosmic volleys until it enters Leo again for the second time this month (January 28). It will get really interesting about this period since we are cresting into the first Full Moon in the new year, the Sun in 9 06 Aquarius, Moon in Leo 9 06.  Wow! We had to wait through the whole month to reach Full Moon status. The beginning of January with the Moon in Leo was an “almost Full moon” in Leo (but remember it really happened a few days before in Cancer Capricorn (Dec 29,2020). So maybe the early celebrations of the year will bounce back at the end of January during this Lunation. 

This full moon will be really “out there” as right before its peak Venus will oppose Pluto in a dramatic polarity of attractions, pleasures, deep interests. When the Full Moon occurs, the Moon will also oppose Jupiter, and then square Mars in Taurus. To top it off the Sun will be making its first conjunction with the Jupiter of reknown (Grand Conjunction), almost like making first contact with extra solar alien societies. Don’t be surprised if it happens then!!! (Of course, we will be in shadow Mercury so communications may be very strange indeed.)  So it looks like a second spontaneous party of sharing and heart loving can or will develop to carry on the new years merriment. Dancing, music, truly creative wardrobe expressions may suddenly cover the world. The Moon will continue in Leo through the 29th as a secret pact is made between it and Mercury, as though the following retrograde experience would reflect covert missions or messages that need protection. (Be careful what you say). Anyway, the Moon will enter Virgo on the 30th just a few hours before Mercury “turns station”…10:52 am east 7:52 am west.

The thirtieth should be a very magical alchemical day as the Virgo Moon flirts with all the elementals. Under the auspice of Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, beings from Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Jupiter, Sun and Mars will all contribute potions to this high frequency time. This festival will continue through the 31st and will be joined by Neptune and Pluto.  At the end Mercury itself will make a major announcement under the rays of a quincunx (150 degree aspect). This combines the two magic signs, Virgo and Aquarius.

as a footnote, the asteroid Vesta will be in Virgo all month long, retrograding on the 19th and will be making a cameo appearance at this Mercury Virgo Aquarius gathering. She is the sacred creative feminine energy that will preside all month of January and into the next month and accentuates dedication to purpose.  Eris remains in Aries and Sedna is in the last degrees of Taurus. This reveals Andromedan galactic communications (Eris) and Pleiadian field photon Female aura interchanges (Sedna). Remember “See DNA” or Sedna. 

Happy New Year everyone! May this be the best year of your life yet!