This month’s script is called “Welcome to Andromeda”

This is an extraordinary month in that, with the exception of on-going retrograde of the goddess asteroid Vesta, who has entertained some magical forays into the forest with her initiative and perceptual intuition, there are no classical planets in retrograde for the entire month!!!

That’s pretty rare, I would say…

This includes Eris at 23 degrees Aries and Sedna in Taurus 27.

Thus March becomes a super-voluminous power month with great Awareness potential…

And, it being the month of Pisces and Aries, this suggests we pay attention to several phenonema associated with those signs.

The month springs forth in its essence, after the Libra Moon starts it off on the first of March. Everything is fair, harmonious and easy, pretty much a good way to start a month.  This will establish a harmonic balance that will stretch through the month until the Full Moon, which will also be in Libra (Palm Sunday). This action is like fine art choreography keeping the rhythm of the Month consistent with the ongoing Aquarius Air Sign themes going on throughout the planet. This Libran vector is like walking or dancing in rare form on the balance beam.


But then the Moon jumps into Scorpio and the watery parade begins…on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th it will be like a cascade, a flow, of highly concentrated emotions and creative instinct. Scorpio wants no holding back!  So for these three days it will be like a “double choreography”, or two themes running parallel, then intertwining, then consummating!  These themes of air and water (waterfalls, cascades of emotion) playing out in the first days of March will reappear again at the end of the month. 

March is a Par 5 month if you remember how well you aced February with the Hole in One. But on the 4th of March Mercury, now direct, will conjoin Jupiter, the Lucky planet, in Aquarius (10:27 pm EST).  This makes a very good time for writing, communications, opening and expanding thoughts and ideas. The Moon will also be trine Neptune, a trailer of sorts for the next juice of the Sun aligning with Neptune.

After long stints in Aries and Taurus, Mars will be in the Pleiades field entering Gemini on the third. Thus the hard driving warrior Mars will go from being a Ram or Bull to a Butterfly (Gemini). The adrenals won’t be used up converting brain and muscular strength,to improved intellect prowess with a renewed and well rested Mercury nervous system!  Gemini works well with Aquarius and Libra so intellectual projects blossom during March.  

Mars will be getting into Orion’s realm, the Hunter, and a new quest of horizons will ensue.

Gemini and Pisces will evolve a new relationship in March.  The feeling will be like water and air mixing like fountains and waterfalls with a water stream bubbling more strongly.  Remember that Venus will be in Pisces until the 21st and Mercury will enter Pisces on the 15th. Pisces energy will then dominate for the middle of the month, but also, what’s most important is the once-a-year conjunction on March 10th of the Sun with Neptune, the mystical telepathic planet, uniting with the vitalizing rays of the Sun

So one may prepare for a very Piscean first half of the month, as Neptune has been in Pisces for a number of years, and since it is the ruler of Pisces. The Solar orb entered Pisces on February 18, so it will have become fully embedded in Piscean energy. The Full Moon on February 27th

articulated the Pisces energy (moon in Virgo) so that the Sun could rollick through the first few weeks of March, but especially engage with Neptune.

Now in 1977 I discovered that Neptune is only a conditional planet in our solar system. At the time I deduced that its orbit, albeit definitely a solar system participant and thus a true planet in our system, nevertheless was responding to other stimuli, which I then called “spinulets.”  Apparently, in a cosmic adventure of space geometry, Neptune is ALSO spinning around other stars or celestial points simultaneously.

This earned it the title of the telepathic planet to me. Hence, like a satellite dish or telescope, it was receiving other signals from space not directly related to the electromagnetic environment of our earth solar system.  So if Neptune was or is strongly placed in your chart, by angle or aspect, you would be given to often extraordinary information or transmissions from beyond the solar system. Hence in esoteric astrology, Neptune governs the pineal gland, and is thus associated with clairvoyance, prophetic ability, or other visionary skills.  

Curiously, as Pluto was recently demoted to non-planet status, this then shone the spotlight on Neptune, which became the furthest out planet in the traditional system or pantheon of celestial objects.

It probably is not known that from 1979-1994, Pluto actually made a loop inside the Neptune orbit. This was said to be the “period of the Avatar”, or Starseed. This again conferred major kingpin status for the god of the seas. But now that Pluto has gone back into its regular orbit, Neptune has been a pivotal planet energy. What is really intriguing is that the newest “planet” discovered called Farfarout is the furthest one out at the edge of the solar system but still has an usual orbit pattern which despite how far(far) out this planet goes it still finds time to circle within the orbit of, you guessed it, Neptune. Breaking news of sorts!

So we are about to radicalize once again our understanding of planets’ origins, disposition, and meaning.

On March 10th, Pisces integrates with Pisces so to speak. Sun Neptune together in Divine Union, bliss, fantasy. The Moon is also in Pisces on the 12th, mating with Neptune then. 

I would have to think that this, being a highly mystical time, would encourage wonderful creations and inspirations. Neptune/Pisces is always related to colors, and sounds (art and music.) Its vibration is also literary and poetic. But another theme that will be manifesting is the elevation of immunity and protection from lesser worldly invaders and predators. Pisces classically refers to the Immune system.

 So if we include the Feb 18 date when the Sun enters Pisces until March 20 when it leaves this watery psychic sign, this period could be called the time of “immunity redemption.”  So I emphatically suggest that this Feb-March month segment might be called a half and half month of restoring the Soul of Psychic America, and the conquest of alien viral incursions. (By the way, the virus epidemic is not earthly in origin). This is a thinkpiece, wherein if humanity could embrace the spiritual components of the water/mutable sign Pisces, there would be no more virus attacks.

 In 2020 at the beginning of the year many outer planets lined up in Capricorn, and at the time I drew attention to the archetype of 2020, which would be mostly Capricorn, sign of Initiation in esoteric astrology. That meant that the world was going to enter a challenge of physicality. Capricorn is an earth sign, symbolized by the mountain goat and high places. Our test was to seek worthiness as was portrayed by the strengthening of our physical bodies, to become more sparse, lean, structurally sound. I don’t remember too many discussions on the mainstream media about “spiritual advancement”… it was all about ambition and power politics, money and status.  Of course we can now assess 2020 as a disastrous year (dis-aster, against the stars). People were leaving their bodies, being offered better ones in the spiritual realm. So despite the pandemic being about viral possession, it was more about the paucity of spiritual-physical connectiveness in the human collective.

Initiation and worthiness of the mysteries seem to have evaporated. So now we are entering the Pisces moment, a revisit from last year when the pandemic entered mortal souls. Let’s give it a (much) better shot this year, please!!!

So Feb 18-March 20 should be “how to be immune month” because the ineffable sign of Pisces is once more the flowing point archetype. Last year we really got off to a bad start. This mini month Pisces moment should open up the “windows of Heaven” and maybe we can all get the superawareness of the Pisces effect. As most of you already know, the Catholic church is associated with Pisces, the Fishes.   In general, world religions and spiritual communities are governed by this Sign, sign of the Saviour, Jesus Christ. (He was a Pisces, not Capricorn).

The sign Pisces is the sign of all signs. Pisces people become all signs, if you notice how well they can embrace each person, with compassion and uncanny understanding. Everything about Pisces is psychic, intuitive, extreme feelings, martyrdom. Telepathic and clairvoyant (Neptune)

Pisces is symbolized by the two fishes heading in opposite directions—one toward spirit, the other towards “the world” (known as the flesh). Pisces represents the quintessential battle of the spirit overcoming the flesh (worldly, unregenerated desires). It is interesting to note that the immune system is categorized by the sign Pisces, which rules the feet. Pisces is a mutable sign, that is, flexible, often ambivalent. When we are subject to lesser spirits, immunity breaks down. There is a lot of subject matter in this statement. The Pisces resolution is, if we follow the right spirit, then the flesh is galvanized. Pisces is the abstract beyond world, Universes and galaxies, faith in the Infinite. So when we enter the month(s) of Pisces (Feb March) we all have powerful potential to navigate the cosmos, so vast and broad.

Ok, as I like to say, let’s back up and go forward…

And we need to address the fact that all planets are in direct motion this month. Unbelievable!

Mercury will have last left its retrograde journey on February 20, but as the Sun goes into Pisces there will be full steam ahead for the world. It will most likely become an amazing month. Discoveries, breakthroughs, new inventions, total commitment, follow through, spiritual portals, quantum redefinitions, just crazy stuff everywhere.

Mercury will still remain in Aquarius until the Middle of March, and become transformed into a Piscean mythic figure, valorous and fully compensated for its long stint in Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn will still be in Aquarius (remember the Great Conjunction of Dec 2020) but even Jupiter is getting ready for a sojourn into Pisces. (May 13)

I guess I can say something like a great tsunami is upon us (a good flood of healing, very satisfying emotional frequencies, like Mother Mary interceding). The majority of planets being in Direct motion, especially in Pisces, may also represent the completion of many projects, visions, prophecies, and interludes…An all out month ahead when everything is out there and expressed.    

The first New moon in March is on the 13th, in Pisces of course, and it ushers in a large new cycle encompassing everything: harvesting, planting, you name it.  All signs are invited to participate and celebrate! Venus will be with Neptune, the Sun and Moon. This 23 Pisces new moon is a big day so all marbles get tossed into the canister to let the imagination fly.  Good day for theater, creativity, spiritual awareness and massive perceptual, spiritual lifts. Einstein was a Pisces you know. So was Edgar Cayce. Rudolf Steiner had Pisces in his chart. So now just recall that all the major planets are rushing forward…so with Pisces as the Leader, what amazing, tantalizing new world venues will open up? A Cazimi Moon no less!

So this middle of March adventure trip will be almost like the bursting of the dam, so to speak. Of course to make the valleys more fertile, because Pisces is one of the most prolific signs of fertility.

On the sixteenth Mercury goes into Pisces, seventeenth and eighteenth will highlight the Taurus Moon. This is a time when energies come back to earth, but this time period exudes fruitfulness. The Moon will be harmonizing with Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, like a guitarist soothing the planets nerves-and egos. Possibly a very romantic interlude will open up on these days.  Pluto receives a benevolent sextile from Venus on the 18th, and this feels more like Valentine’s Day 2 emerges anew. Lots of fruitfuless and fertility in this phase of March, and the world prepares its sympathy and hopefulness, as in the last degrees of Pisces we embrace a potential new spiritual life, anticipating the new cycle Spring.

March also is the month of the vernal, Spring Equinox which falls on March 20, at 5:37 am (east) 2:37 am (west). The Moon will be in Gemini. Aries. New seeds, ideas, flowers are just around the corner…maybe in the meadow, or the oceanic estuary. The Fishes herald it.

The first full moon of the month is on March 28, in Aries-Libra (Easter).  But what seems kind of interesting here is that the Equinox is flanked by each lunation, about a week before and a week after. That is, the Sun Moon new moon is on the 13th  (in watery psychic Pisces) and the Equinox is in Aries on the 20th, and the Full Moon is on the 28th, all a week apart.

Let’s call this a Solar Arch equinoctical Projection, which is like saying the New moon is one expression, the full is the last, but the Equinox is the third. A great Sweep of Energy to say the least.  New Moon–Equinox-Full Moon…like a bridge from generations, to galaxies, to extremely powerful renewals.

I might suggest a two-week festival of planetary alignment with Divine Purpose. At the Equinox our cosmic touring boat will be getting ready to enter the Galactic exhibit, or the Andromedan Zone. 

This means that we are in the range of the backdrop of the Andromeda Galaxy, forming a silhouette shadow virtual but real holographic interlace.  Let’s discuss these implications!  Every year, when Equinox happens, we come to Aries. A week plus a few days later, in Aries, we span the Andromeda Galaxy Zone until May 8th.

So March becomes a tantalizing foray into the fields of Andromeda. I liken it to a field trip in Jurassic Park—a world of science fiction, illusion, fact or fantasy. There is a branch of astrology that is called “Galactic”.  When we enter the phase of the last weeks of March, we acquire a halo, a bubble. The Sun Neptune conjunction gets us ready for the next “exhibit” on the Jurassic theme Highway. We are already beyond excitement with the two week excursion into mostly Piscean frontier, keeping us alert and ready for more. We have already reached Infinity (Pisces), but the tour guide says to get ready for the next adventure, and to fasten our imaginary seat belts. We need to hold onto our tickets to the large parallel universe show holding Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter, in Aquarius.

But our ride through the first weeks of March has been very mind-blowing, every one of us feeling euphoria (remember practically this may be the immune system resolution time, when we rectify and heal our spiritual fibers and reverse the lockdown pandemic code, something that should have happened the last time the Sun and some planets were in Pisces).

But we are experiments and the first two weeks will prove spiritual solutions to health problems.

The tour guide announces, gender sensitive or otherwise, we are now ready for unique alien contact, or better, interchange. We are advising you to prepare your well earned Piscean kits/knapsacks, and certificates as we are about to enter The Andromedan Zone not quite Twilight Zone, but newly created episodes of a third kind…

It is the nineteenth and we have earned our spot, as we will go to the Wardrobe station, and select space apparel. Yes, you get to choose. Be creative, Light oriented, Divinely inspired. You have limited time to do so, as the world/universe/ galactic plasma quantum will be made available to each and everyone of you. The Andromedan zone is like an incredible reverse cave space. You will be asked to please check your Souls at the Soul counter. Yes, it has a dual function of making your souls perfectly in accord with your desire for spiritual growth-and experience, and, it is a way for us to count the number of Souls to be on board (!) 

So get excited.. we have prepared meditation brochures to learn synchronized breathing and metabolize necessary nutrients without eating. Amazing lunches, dinners will be made available but at the onset of our Andromedan journey we will ask that you observe fasting, and prepare psychic awareness…

So our lift off will come in the early morning hours (earth-time), but once launched time will become significantly altered, and your experience of the Andromedan zone will be quite unique, as time is a new dimension and you will be certainly partaking in that.

Now when our space journey has transformed to new archetype pattern, you will feel a slight jolt as the Spring Equinox transpires. You may communicate with earth comrades but once the new dimension has been entered, there will be no lines open.

On the 21st the Moon will be moving into Cancer, which will make you feel the necessity to form tribes or family mates for the intimacy and protection required. Venus will also be going into Aries, a holographic reminder of the Sun’s ingress into Aries Almost like a soft sonic boom. On the 25th/26th (2:58 am EST 26th) we would suggest you adjust your visual portals to witness this phenomenal beauty, a pentarhythmic station point reflecting the 5 point star. Not quite an occultation, but close. You will be seeing it with a powerful beginning backdrop of Andromeda.

We might point out that the Andromeda Galaxy is twice the size of our home based Milky Way.


Andromeda has somewhat different components than our Milky Way, where our Solar System orbits around the Galactic Center every 225 million years. We do not belong to Andromeda but this beautiful Galaxy is heading for us to merge, and we ask you to observe the Cosmic Cultural energies that you will feel. Technically the Galactic extremes are entered closest at April 2 dates, extending through May 8. But when Aries 0 degrees Equinox happens, we enter the Andromedan Zone.  Hence the last 11 days are zone friendly to Andromeda.

At some point we will find Eris, in Aries. She’s the new goddess in space lore and a pretty vigorous one at that. The mythology of Andromeda is about Beauty and Liberation. So as we go through the 11 days of Andromedan Cave prep in this our month of March we are reminded that the 28th/ 29th the local moon will be in Libra, adjusting our balance and harmony to Andromedan frequencies (you may refer back to the first days of March, to see the difference in balance and attunement.) Ok, here we go, as recently published book declares, we are becoming Galactic Humans.

Scorpio moon finishes off on the 29th, 30th, 31st, which is a fitting sign for “plunging in. Get to know your molecules before they take on that new space wardrobe and jump into hyperspace.  Your   park tour guide is handing out special water tubes for accelerated clarity.  It is not advisable to take pictures of Andromeda at this time. Your awareness has already recorded the image.

However special Andromedan cameras will be given out so that you can see and record the amazing Galactic territories. We are becoming one with them.  

Oh yes, the new moon full moon equinox bridge is now closed. Hopefully you were all successful in crossing it… What a fascinating month March will be!!!.

The priestess in the cabin is calling out to the still retrograde Vesta, the magic cabin has enlisted some wind spirits to procure new remedial wood stuffs. She’s talking to Pallas, who is entering Pisces on March 8…Pallas has been enjoying her sojourn in other worlds. Vesta says to her, now that you are in Pisces don’t get lost in invisible worlds!  The fire roars up and so she begins to gather her handicrafts, and like a soul trying to catch a train leaving the track, she bounds off. Ceres too, the almost planet asteroid, with Chiron both in Aries.  They both jump into action. So even with the smaller celestial beings, the Pisces-Aries coalition will be the strongest components of March.

“Welcome to Andromeda” !!!!The whistle sounds in color frequencies never found on earth.

They have time to catch the Andromedan train.. but the bridge is closed. What will they do???

Stay tuned for next month’s report.