This ancient symbol is the very heart of the sacred geometric pattern known as the Flower of Life, and is found all over the world in the most sacred temples, mosques, churches, pyramids, monoliths and caverns. Although separated by great spans of time and space, the cultures and faiths of these sacred sites all connected to one universal truth: We are born of the Divine Spark and carry within us the pattern and the power of its holiness. It is in fact, our true design.

In 2016, 1 year into my walkabout, Amy, one of our artisan partners, invited me, her sister Barbara and nephew Mike (both now HH team members) to travel to The Sea of Galilee to take in an extraordinary discovery in the newly unearthed ancient fishing village of Magdala, home town of Mary Magdalene.  I barely knew them. But I had to go. We all had to go. So we flew 7600 miles and there it was, the Magdala stone:The only altar in the world depicting the Second Temple of Solomon that had been carved while the temple was standing, which was against Judaic law, and therefor the only true depiction. The Israel Antiquities experts were stunned. We were too. But for different reasons.  You see prominently carved atop the Magdala stone is not a Star of David or a Menorah, or any other religious icon, but rather, the ancient symbol at the heart of the Flower of Life: the universal symbol of oneness. Coincidentally, I had just had it inked on my back 9 months earlier upon my daughter’s request for a family tattoo signifying our unity and our inseparable existence as a thread in the very fabric of the universe…she obviously knew more about it than I did.

That trip would significantly impact the rest of my 3 year journey, as it would Barbara’s, opening up our awareness to things far beyond what we could have previously conceived of.

As my travels continued, the deeper knowledge of this symbol began to open up a greater understanding of who I am, who we are, what we are and what we are capable of. Mystical experiences began landing upon me. And so did cutting edge science. I would learn that although the symbol is set aside by most as merely esoteric, science now knows that the Flower of Life holds within its geometry, the building blocks of all life: the platonic solids, the golden mean, Fibanocci’s sequence and the pi and phi ratios. It is the fractal pattern of life itself, from how our cells divide to the expansion of the entire universe in all its quantum entanglement. No wonder the ancients referred to it as The Keys to the Universe.

It is said that as we hold, touch, look upon, draw this symbol, we begin to remember the truth of who we are because this symbol is the pattern of our truth:

We are coded to the Divine by the Divine, as the Divine.

It is our true nature.

It is quantum.

And the portal back to the power of its holiness is the heart, with its frequencies of love, kindness, joy, compassion, peace and gratitude. 

As we resonate here, we Access the Quantum Divine and Align with our True design.

We are Sacred