April is the month holding two signs, Aries and Taurus.

Classically, Aries is the first zodiac sign and thus begins the new archetype cycle. Aries is a Fire Sign thus is the first sign of the SPIRIT Trinity, Leo and Sagittarius being the other two.

I have learned that the three fire signs are those of “Affairs”. Aries is Personal Affairs (The Self), Leo is “Love affairs”(sharing the Heart, playing), and Sagittarius is “Foreign Affairs” (international or Global Awareness or perspective, interaction).

These play out throughout the year, but when the Sun is in Aries, we are mostly concerned about taking care of our Self…Whenever I meet an Aries, I am reminded of the necessity of “being oneself”. They teach that, by example, instinctively and with great ardor. Aries are always being themselves and not trying to be something else. The old age, “one cannot be successful by not being themselves,” is aptly represented by the true Aries type. It is interesting that Aries is symbolized by both the impulsive Ram, and the meek and docile Lamb.

So as we entered the Spring Equinox in Aries, March keeps building up the dichotomy of both types of sign manifestations. Many have witnessed the hot-headed Ram, and the sweet innocent Lamb. But Aries rules the Head, Face and Brain, and is the Fount of the Neuromuscular system, as brain waves send impulses to activate the body. Aries is the self-starter, and in medical terms I consider it to be the sign of the brain-stem, or, The Flower. Thus the archetype Aries is the starting point of the year to come. It’s when we flower with Ideas, New Initiatives “Springing forth” alternately with great vigor and impulse (Ram)(locking heads) and establishing who rules, who leads, in the Human Family. Aries comes in to establish who is the Pioneer of the future, a primary primordial unrestrained fight for supremacy, who or what will lead us into the Year. It has been identified as the Architect of the Zodiac (as is Taurus the Builder).

Lunations…Every month we have a New Moon and a Full Moon.

April starts off with a Full Moon on April 7, which will be activating the Aries-Libra dynamic. This will affect the whole month until April 22, when the New Moon comes in Taurus. Let me give you an example of both energies. When you are on the family trip, seeing the sites, you have to decide if you want to go one extra mile to see the museum or the historical site. Because the Full Moon is a maximizing energy, as much as you can get in, the odds are that you will include all the sites even in the last moments, because you want as much of a full experience as possible…

Now, in another analogy, it is like a surfer catching the Big One, and experience a mind-blowing ride…

Of course, it is well-known that asylums and hospitals are filled up during full moons, because individuals are unable to navigate, or negotiate, the intensity of the polarity, and are torn apart (schizophrenia). It is said that the Buddha meditated during full moons, for maximum awareness.

Now the New Moon is very different. It follows an energy depleted cycle so it’s trying to get revved up. Under this influence, our family trip decides everyone is too tired to go and visit another attraction, so it finishes up and gets ready to go home, and start a new cycle.

This month our first week brings to the forefront high-level interactions culminating in partnership resolutions, or defining one’s selfhood or independence.  Aries-Libra (concerns about how to be yourself–Aries–and how to make your partner happy) all reach maximum (full moon) proportions. The rest of the month has to live with the consequences. Now to throw into this month’s Full Moon mix, just before the peak of the Sun Aries-Libra Moon, is a rather strong Mars-square Uranus…in the fixed signs Aquarius and Taurus respectively. Unfortunately, this square of a volatile, aggressive Mars with the highly eccentric, unusual and unpredictable Uranus, cannot be sugar coated. I will refrain from focusing upon historical times when these aspects were strong…but anger and misdirected force can radically alter the status quo. Especially when it’s happening during a full moon. All I can say is that you should be making sure that you are with your most harmonious partner(s) and avoid aggressive impulse actions. Mars is a warrior-soldier, Uranus is the iconoclastic radical rebel. When these combine in adverse aspect, use discretion and valor to direct your emotions and actions.

April 4th, before the Full Moon peak, is a very powerful Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. Now at the end of March, Mars joined Saturn in Aquarius…Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto all exist in close proximity to each other. In the origins of astrology, there was the concept of ‘The Influences’, that is, when all the planets combine in such away it is hard to overcome them. This current major conjunction has produced a highly rarefied combination of chemical and environmental effects. It may be noteworthy to state here that the word “influenza” was derived from excessive planetary influences that become virtually unknown and indiscernible and were believed to hold the power to overcome humanity. Therefore I may speculate that the current global crisis affecting humanity may well be translated by analyzing this four planet conjunction in Capricorn-Aquarius. The asteroid Pallas is also joined in this compact energy arrangement. Since the four asteroid goddesses are rulers of the Health Sign Virgo, this fifth celestial body may help to explain why the world’s health is so afflicted. We are all “under the influence” of rare planetary chemicals and ray distributions. One could take the classical astrological axiom and apply as such: “The wise Man (person) rules his planets, the Fool Obeys them.” In original astrological instruction, planetary energies are designed to be mastered. That is our Soul Character imperative and obligation.

Since Capricorn is a ruler of World Governments and Power leadership, we could get political and suggest that this massive stellium is not being handled at the Soul level, but rather that the world leaders have failed to instruct humanity in spiritual wisdom. Humanity is succumbing to “the influences,” most likely for lack of encouragement of how to be spiritual evolved.

Capricorn is associated with bones, skin, and the structure of the body. Our global community is being reshaped, reformed, for good or bad, but our Solar System is in a new space ecosystem. Aging and maturity is a Capricorn theme. Knowing our realistic limits, as a world humanity, is absolutely necessary these days, because our globe is entering a new dimension. So what am I saying is that in order for the planetary to be cured of vast “influenza”, it must be instructed in the esoteric meanings of these major planets.

As we go through the second and third weeks of April, our Aries Sun will form a number of squares to these planet combos. One might say that this is the peak of the crisis, and that the first week full moon in Aries Libra will determine a great deal of how this crisis will get resolved. The 2nd and third week of April will require many new “Flowers” (beautiful ideas, beautiful relationships.) Mercury will go into Aries around this time, and planetary seeds should start to renew.

Pluto will go retrograde at the end of this month (25th) and the Sun will finally catch up with Uranus. In the Lab, the 26th day of April is or will be called “Break-through day”. Heart and Mind and Spirit and genius collaborate to start productive remedies and solutions, to build (Taurus) new organic structures. Hallelujah!!!

But the beauty of April is the on-going “almost trine” that will support flirtations, romantic interludes, increased true passion, and right action. Mars will be in trine all month with beautiful Venus. It will be difficult to not fall (or Ascend) into love, because this is a highly aesthetic flow of energy which is developing on the sidelines of the more executive movements characterized by the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). By the way, the Moon will be in the family sign Cancer at the beginning of the month, and the end, like consummate bookends. Family security, maybe how the next year vacation will be totally different with new rules, will summarize the month. As the crisis continues, new flowers and seeds are reproducing. But since the sign Cancer is male-female 69 yin-yang, it will be the integrity of the family that will hold the primary cards for April.

I like Venus and Mars in trine all month. Lord knows we need some healthy love relationships. It’s ok to be attractive (Venus) and be attracted to, and to act upon it with a positive passion desire of Mars!

(p.s. if you are going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair).