The month of August is a Uranian kind of month…
What does that mean?

Well, in the first week of August (the 3rd) we will be experiencing a Full Moon in Aquarius-Leo. Uranus rules Aquarius in astrology and it is the planet most associated with radical, eccentric or unusual behavior.

In the last days of August, the Moon will again be in Aquarius during another full moon energy that will ultimately culminate on September 1 in Pisces. Thus the first and last weeks of this bold month (it’s time for Leo the Lion) will be very Aquarian. But the big story of August is when Uranus, transiting Taurus, will be turning retrograde on August 15, midpoint between the two full moon energies highlighting this esoteric planet…this change of relationship in planetary motion will occur in the U.S. at 7:25 am West Coast, 10:25am East Coast time. Uranus will be in Taurus 10 42…

The fascinating story of Uranus is that it has been one of the only planets that has been going along its merry way as the others, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto began retrograding in June. So in mid August Uranus, the most non-conforming rebellious planet in the zodiac, will actually join the pack and thus virtually all the outer planets will be in retrograde movement.

Earlier I had mentioned last month that “the Summer of Love” would begin on the Summer Solstice. So the first third is coming to a close in August when the second phase begins on the 15th. My reasoning for using this description was because when the outer planets become joined as in a coalition of multiple retrogrades, the suspended animation will cause people to collectively review the higher principles of the earth’s evolution, breeding a certain kind of euphoria which results in realizing new ways to love and experiencing how to better love one another. Certainly this has begun to happen as earth people are compelled to find new ways to get along. My original image was of two people sitting by a bubbling stream under a beautiful shade tree gazing at each other as they enjoyed a bucolic picnic, finely woven blanket and all.

Now in the middle of August Uranus decides that it must join the group (love energy) and form an amazing new meditation of collective inspiration. Thus, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto, plus the asteroids Ceres and Pallas will ALL be retrograde. Talk about a major planetary convention! One can then anticipate a MAJOR SHIFT in world political alignments, associations, partnerships and trusts, by necessity. The triple conjunction of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter, in Capricorn, will be highlighting issues of world governments and planetary initiation. Capricorn is the physical body structure and since the beginning of this year has with these planets focused on earth people’s physical body realities. But World Initiation is an esoteric concept of getting ready to participate in a larger drama (yes, like meeting or interacting with alien cultures or environments). Hence the epidemics of our globe are in part reaction to new cosmic environments that our Solar system has entered into.

So now comes free-wheeling Uranus, with sort of a last minute intervention of genius that changes the whole collectivity into one massive radical enterprise and the planetary wave is “rockin’ and rollin'” with new socio-political initiatives (even new religion!). Why this is a Uranian month is relating to another factor which is revealed in the USA chart. Uranus was discovered in 1781, around the time of the American Revolution, and has been forever symbolic of the USA freedom and new world birth. Uranus’ orbit around the Sun is 84 years so the last time it was in Taurus was during the years of The Great Depression. Inventions sprung forth out of adversity. Now, back in Taurus, the American public—especially because Uranus rules this country— must now contact the Higher Self (pituitary, cognition, retrocognition, precognition) and start to get original and authentic again. Typical of Uranus, if this means “breaking the rules” it becomes acceptable especially if the old rules were based on unhealthy dogma. Uranus is the Reformer, The Awakener, the one whose efforts have been to seek out the Higher Self. (My teacher called Uranus the “function of the Will of God”). Uranus is the quintessential planet of change, highly unconventional and independent. So when it goes retrograde, it decides to join the group, with fresh new ideas…somewhat like a scout or messenger that brings new information which turns the tides of war and spurs the collectivity into actions that can claim the victory (overcoming oppression, tyranny and the like).

When the Founding Fathers set the cornerstone of the Nation’s Capitol, they timed it when the rebel radical Uranus was setting in the west conjoining the King Star Regulus. The 13 colonies simultaneously melted the statues of King George and thus the “old king” Regulus was taken out of action by the freedom fighter Uranus and the country was established once and for all. This was done in September (very close to September 11) and is considered by many to be the real chart of the USA (Virgo). Think of the Statue of Liberty as being a true image of The Virgin, the Mother, the Protector of Human Rights…
So August is bookended by two Aquarian moons and a major shift of Uranus.
Aquarius and Uranus are also identified with FRIENDS, particularly those with whom you share your ideals. Teams are Aquarian conceptually, everyone working together with new ideals, dreams, and visions.

So August is a powerful month, as Leo holds court until the 22nd. At 8:45 am/11:45am it goes into Virgo.

Classically this position animates the Sphinx Point at 29 degrees Leo. The Sphinx is considered to be the “Lord of the Eclipses.” We just have gone through the June/July Eclipse Season, which was one of the most powerful ever. So we are realigning to surge ahead into the next eclipse pairings of November 30 and December 14. Leo begins in July and goes to August 22. The analogy here is that the zodiac stretch of Leo is a drama or play and the final scene is right at the Sphinx point, the Climax. So when we get into August 1, the first Act is already in progress. Leo is all about Heart energy and Creativity and moreso, the roles we were meant to play in this lifetime. Leo is also the classical sign of The Lover/Romance and children. Things like having fun, taking vacations, entertainment and film making are Leo activities. In the esoteric realm it is when we decide what we really love, and are encouraged to take action thereof. In the Bible, it is said, “The Righteous are as Bold as a Lion,” so righteousness, courage, risk-taking, acting confidently and developing strength is focused upon. In occult anatomy, we take our heart and spine from the Lion Kingdom. When we yawn, it is stretching and relaxing the heart muscle, just like when Lions roar!!!

So when the Full Moon occurs on August third, we will be taking Sun and Uranus energy into this month, leading to a very different month of 2020.

Aspects are angular dimensions of the geometry of planets. The traditional aspects are the conjunction (0), sextile (60), square (90), trine (120)’ and opposition (180). 90 and 180 angles between planets are called “hard” aspects (difficulties but constructive). 60 and 120 are “Easy” aspects, when things flow. They are the harmonies. The 0 conjunction can go either way, and is powerful. All planets and the structure of the chart (Midheaven or Rising Sign) are integrated and synthesized…some days there are hard aspects, others easy, or a mix.

The month of August is filled with mixtures of aspect planets, but it must be noted that Mars, now in Aries, will be making three square aspects this month, which are very important to remember. Mars squares Jupiter on the 4th, Mars squares Pluto on the 13th, and Mars squares Saturn on the 24th. Mars in Aries is a unique phenonema this year as it will be in the sign that it rules until the end of the year. It is also in conjunction with Eris, the newly discovered planet, and Eris is the sister of Mars…this rare conjunction brings the god of war Mars together with the goddess of war Eris. Astrologers are hesitant to predict war but who knows what this combination will bring, certainly heightened aggressiveness, and the fighting spirit. Of course fighting for rights and justice would be a good thing. So in August the squares to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in the sequence mentioned will portend a certain volatility in the ranks because these squares (hard aspects) will be within Capricorn territories (collective world governments, planetary initiation) and the highly sensitive individualism (Aries, Self) will need some mighty working.

Since it is a Uranian month, on August 2 the Sun will square Uranus—so most likely this will not be an easy day, especially just before the Full Moon. Mercury will enter Leo on the 4th after being withdrawn in Cancer. You may find yourself inspired to write poems or music freely again in complete spontaneity.

Venus, after 4 months in Gemini, will be entering Cancer, making romance more securing and intimate. But on the 10th the Moon will be making its last conjunction with Uranus before it retrogrades, so a most significant day for announcing your intentions to change. The strength of your proclamation will last until next year so make your plea for freedom and breakthroughs clear and resounding, and intend to carry them through. On the sixteenth take a large beautiful breath because Mars will be trine (120 easy aspect, very super) with the Sun, and life will feel truly worth living again.

The New Moon on the 18th will be at 26 Leo. This is a time to renew your exercise and health commitments, because they have to be fun and rewarding, not mechanical and boring. The 19th holds two transitions of signs, ingresses, as the Moon and Mercury enter the earthy Virgo. The Moon will again trine Uranus (a retrospective), creating a basically very productive and industrious time. Diet and hygiene become suddenly more important than ever.

Likewise, on the 20th the Moon will be making a fantastic trine to all those outer retrograde planets, so expect that many of the goals you been trying to realize will actually be coming through. On the 25th Mercury will be trine Uranus so communication, writing, radio/TV experiences will be highly favorable and rewarding.

Venus, in Cancer, will be in trine, harmoniously aligned, with Neptune, in Pisces
on the 27th, helping people remember our spiritual nature. Take advantage of these Uranian energies the whole month by focusing on higher self perceptions and alignments, and keep this beautiful trine aspect of Venus with Neptune as the prize. Esoterically, Venus is the lower aspect of Neptune (principle of the divine). One could say that throughout the month you might weave a beautiful tapestry of being on the planet with a heavenly (Uranian) connect. On the 29th the Moon will enter Aquarius for the second time. Get together with friends and colleagues for brainstorming new dreams and ideals. On the 30th the friendly moon in Aquarius will be sextile (60) to Chiron, the wounded healer. New ideas of healing come to Light. And the Moon will begin to soothe Mars in Aries as the 31st closes the month.

and by the way, Happy Lammas! Usually celebrated on August 1st, Lammas (or Loaf-Mass day) is a festival of the wheat harvest, and symbolically represents when a mother gives birth to a new child as the father moves on. Lammas, a festival both Christian and Pagans celebrate, is a time to give thanks for abundance in our lives. May your harvest this year, both within and without, be fruitful and nurturing!