Brian Sandy

About Brian Sandy

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been deeply passionate about two things: astrology, and architecture. I recall designing structures such as baseball stadiums in my youth—an effort that led to me attending architecture schools, then working in the architecture field. One of my proudest design achievements is the Sirius Bookery—one of the world’s first alternative bookstores. My engagement in an architectural project involving England’s Stonehenge also brought me some measure of fame. As for astrology, I’ve studied it for decades. Noted astrologist(astrologer) and author Isabel Hickey acknowledged my potential as an astrologist.(astrologer). Encouraged by that acknowledgement, I associated with world – renowned astrologists—we’d often liaise at the Equinox Café in Amherst, Massachusetts. My astrological work encompasses the abstract(esoteric), intuitive realms, and awareness of our galactic human origins, and of nature, reality, space, spiritual and religion, and other cosmic subjects. I’ve made appearances on radio and television,and have acted in commercials, feature films and theatre productions. I’ve taught workshops on astrology, written scripts and performed voiceovers. Speaking of my voice, I also sing; I’ve sung in choirs, music groups and other musical ensembles. I have always been an artist and have for some time been involved in exhibits, private sales, and accepting commissions. My work ranges from the abstract to the real, and of course one can see my architectural design tendency in most pieces. Though I was very involved in the architecture profession at one time, I also had professional ambitions as a baseball during college years to be so. I have been writing also at an early age, even to today. Science fiction is a favorite topic, and am currently in astrological and theological pursuits in literature as well.... Some say that I’m a man of considerable talents. This may be true, but I like to regard myself as a spiritual sort of character and perhaps successful businessperson who uses his expertise in architecture, art and astrology, with some acting, to help and bring positivity and enlightenment to those who seek my counsel !!!!

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