About Ellen Mary Elizabeth

Ellen Mary Elizabeth's (eme) lifelong quest to unlock the mysteries of highest expression of human potential has led her on a meandering path of inward exploration, outer studies in science and spirituality, and a trail of meaningful life experiences through academia, Africa, ashrams and adventures in nature, aplenty! She has interacted with people of all ages from all walks of life in her various capacities as a humanitarian, environmental educator, writer, professor, small business entrepreneur, community builder and spiritual mentor before arriving at a stage of present-moment being. Today she is less interested in the titles, identity and accomplishments of worldly life and finds her greatest contribution and fulfillment in simply delighting in and cherishing each moment of being alive. Her first job at the age of 14 at a research institute demonstrating super human capacities sparked an interest in discovering how humanity can turn “impossible” into “I’m possible.” She devotes herself to understanding and sharing how miracles in innovation, health, flow state exchange and higher consciousness win win win solutions can be everyday occurrences through tuning into and accessing the ever-present power of unconditional love. Her current passion is helping people rediscover their innate capacity for living life joyfully everyday through reconnecting with their divine essence and reveling in the sacredness and awe contained in every moment. In addition to her connection with Human Harmonics, eme serves as a university level social and emotional learning and happiness/flow state consultant, and is crafting a spiritual wisdom travel adventure trilogy, Jacinth’s Travels. Embodying the motto “flow love, live happy,” she can often be seen smiling, hugging, dancing, earthing, meditating, chanting, savoring, uplifting, creating, frolicking, laughing and living gratefully moment to moment in the mountains of northern New Mexico.

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