About Jo Nagle

Jo Nagle (AKA Ay Nine and a myriad of other nick names) is a multi-faceted artist, expressing the circus in her head through music, video, photo, writing, drawing and painting. She lives her life with a full understanding of just how finite it is. She does not take the joys for granted and doesn’t take the pains too seriously. Jo’s number 1 passion is music and she has been fortunate enough to dig roots into some of the greatest musically influenced cities in the world, Seattle and Los Angeles. She passionately pursues music as a performer but also works closely with many other artists on a business level to help drive them toward success. Moving around a lot as a child and continuing that trend into adulthood, Jo has seen the world and considers herself a “TCK” or “World Citizen”, yet proudly boasts her heritage as a sixth generation Texan. She credits her travel and living experience for giving her a very open-minded approach to life and art and would encourage everyone to take a step outside their comfort zone just to see what it’s like. *Jo wrote this biography herself, but felt silly writing about “me” and decided third person was more acceptable and not nearly as silly.*

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