For many people, holidays aren’t always easy.  Along with festive reasons to celebrate being alive, holidays can and often do bring with them varying degrees of emotional challenge.  Particularly if we find ourselves comparing our lives with supposed cultural ideals and coming up short, it is easy to feel disheartened instead of celebratory.  For those seeking greater love in their lives, Valentine’s Day can especially trigger a lot of potentially less-than-empowering thoughts and emotions, and for those who are energetically sensitive, we can also pick up on a lot of sadness in collective consciousness during February.   So whether you are single or in partnership, happy or feeling varying levels of stress or pain, just be sure to take extra good care of yourself this week.  

My favorite alignment go tos:

  • walking or spending any kind of time in nature (science recommends two hours a week for optimal health, either in short increments or one big block of time, it still benefits us greatly by reducing stress and increasing wellbeing)!
  • reading or listening to something inspiring (stops a potential negative spiral quickly!)
  • hot then cold then hot showers or a plunge in cold water (increases the immune system, shifts the body to a more alkaline state and releases positive biochemicals like dopamine)
  • laughing (increases immune system, releases stress and endorphins & is free, easy & fun & also teaches you to not care what people think ha ha!!)
  • doing something kind for someone else even as simple as saying a prayer of blessing for all beings! (helps shift focus from ME to WE! so releases biochemicals of connection and belonging.)

Take time to align with your always consistent divine guidance/inner being and be your own best Valentine!  Then you can shine your light in your own unique way and uplift others who may not be feeling okay!  

Below I share a poem I wrote 5 years ago about navigating through different memories and beliefs to align with what I am grateful for and connect with my inner being. 

May your Valentine’s week remind you that you are perfectly divine, wherever you are in your life, and wherever you are going, remember you are blessed and loved beyond measure!  Big hugs and love to all! Mwah! : ) eme

It’s Valentine’s Day…
I am alone
(as in no partner right now in my life)
so I am not out dining or dancing tonight
but I have a much loved four pawed companion
who loves me very much
a deep love
that is mutual and reciprocal and lasting
what a find!! she’s a keeper!
(and has been for 16 years!!)

I am alone
but I am healthy
pretty fit and pretty strong
and I love being alive
and having a body to be alive with

I am alone
but today in a dress with my hair swooped back and little black heels
and bright blue coat, cloaked in a vibrant color I love,
I looked and felt pretty good, even pretty pretty!

I am alone
and my belly is content,
I am alone
and I have changed the word but to and
because I realize being alone is not a condition
that needs to be followed by “but”

I am alone
and I have shelter, warmth and best of all, Trust

I am alone and tonight when I heard news of you
I was momentarily taken aback I admit,
I felt a twinge of what might have been
and I was momentarily reminded I am alone
(as in no partner to love right now in my life)

yet only a breath and a thought later
just a breath and a thought
I was happy for you and for your freedom
and happy to think of you, and smile
and see your smile imaged in my mind
and to bless you and wish you well

I am alone
and grateful for freedom, too
and for the deeper knowing that lives inside
me now

I am alone
and so so grateful for the long time coming
that a breath, a thought, and a smile
can do so much!
and so quickly!

I am alone
and best of all
in this aloneness
I have a gift beyond all candy, flowers, and oceans of things pink and red

I have this, my own,
realization of Oneness with all
deep, deep
in my heart and soul
I am alone
and I am not lonely
I am alone
and l love deeply
I am alone
and I am deeply loved
mutual, reciprocal, lasting