July is the month of independence celebrations, Independence Day in the US on 4th of July and Bastille day in France on the 14th.  These historical occasions marked shifts of power from oppressive governments and corrupt systems to (at least in theory) ones that favored the sovereignty of the individual.  We are going through similar shifts of power at this point in history as well.

Q: How do we best ride the tide of these changes?  

A: By connecting within to where the true Source of freedom lies. 

The greatest freedom isn’t something dependent on outer conditions, it is what we find when we practice centering with the place of Oneness within so that it becomes second nature, because actually that still, unwavering place of wellbeing is our first nature!  Much of the structures and forms that govern our lives were unfortunately not created from the place of highest human potential, but rather from a place of separation and lack.  Think of when you have been under great stress physically and emotionally, with adrenalin and cortisol and other fight/flight/hide from sight biochemicals triggering less than clear or win win win thinking—decisions made from this place rarely lead to our most fulfilling and joyful outcomes for ourselves or collectively for humanity.

It is easy to confuse wanting a condition to change so we can be peaceful or 

content and or believe that when the condition is different we can “make progress toward freedom.”  But vibrationally, when we make a conscious decision to choose our thoughts and emotions in accordance with love, or Source, or the Field, or well being for all beings, whatever name you want to give that inner place of divine connection, that’s where unconditional freedom truly lies.  You probably have heard stories of people who have been imprisoned unjustly holding no grievances when released because they used the time to cultivate inner awareness rather than resentment.  People are at all different levels of awakening and enlightened expression, wherever you are yourself, give yourself credit for how much you have learned in life thus far and hold a place of compassion for yourself and others for those times of challenging “growth opportunities” we all go through.

 This month to celebrate our independence, join us at Human Harmonics in cultivating true and lasting inner freedom.


  • meditate

If your practice has gotten stagnant, try a different kind of meditation.  There are many free options online these days for guided meditations, or get outside and do a walking meditation.  The form is not important but the feeling of connection and ease you derive from daily meditation is very important!  So find something that works for you!

  • practice gratefulness

it’s helpful to do a mental/emotional practice of thinking and feeling what you are grateful for  every morning when you awaken, and every night before going to sleep and once more in the middle of every day.  You can take gratefulness to a new level by at one of these times, devoting 15 to 30 minutes to writing down what you are grateful for.  It’s also powerful way to attract more good into your life, and/or at least recognize how much goodness is already there!

  • be discerning in your focus

as much as we would like to believe that all people of influence have our best interests at heart, as these times are revealing that is not true.  So be very choosy where and with whom you spend your valuable life force energy and what types of information streams you let affect you.  If you feel contracted after watching something on a particular channel, make note of it and fill yourself up with at least three positive stories about being alive or humanity to balance out the possible negative spin.  You will empower yourself to stay above the chaos and also significantly add to your health and well being, and you’ll also be sending positive energy out to the collective field of humanity and benefiting others as well!

  • be conscious of feeding your body with high vitality nourishment

Under stress it is common to make poor food choices, so stack the odds in your favor by having a lot of fresh organic fruits and vegetables around to choose from so you are more inclined to make healthful, positive choices about what you eat everyday.  Stay hydrated too with lots of the purest water you can find, and bless your food and water with gratefulness so that it can benefit your body and vibrational state in an optimal way!

  • don’t try so hard to be perfect or have a perfect life! allow yourself to laugh and play more!

With a few exceptions, most cultures pressure us from childhood to grow up and “make something of ourselves” so often we equate what we “do” with our value. Soon we find there is always another hoop to jump through to have a fleeting feeling of being satisified that can never last, or we may feel disempowered by the trends in the world that can deflate our enthusiasm for life and hope for the future.  It might seem too simple, but your decision to focus consciously is one of the most freedom-giving things you can do!  Boldy choose not to give your power away to anything that does not feel like your highest truth and best life, keep your vision of a love-filled and harmonious life always in your awareness.

Don’t keep futurizing your joy and well being, unplug from any unhealthy beliefs and old conditioning that don’t allow you to express your natural joy and follow your highest excitement with integrity in every new Now moment.  By practicing to enjoy life in the Now, longstanding problems can fade away because they cease to be active in your field, you can simply (but powerfully) out-vibrate them like changing a channel.  If you feel self-conscious when you laugh or play like a kid, know that your biophysiology doesn’t know if you are making up a reason to laugh or play in a spontaneous way or if an outside condition is inspiring it in you.  Use this to your advantage by conjuring laughter and playfulness on cue so your vibrational field resonates and magnetizes to you more “real” reasons to feel good and enjoy life!

May these few guidelines to cultivate long lasting inner freedom fill you with inspiration to live an empowered, happy and healthy life, each Now moment at a time!

love and blessings from ellen mary elizabeth and all of us at Human Harmonics! We celebrate you 

as the free, empowered, and amazing being that you are! : )