1) Switch to (or add) an Eco-friendly online bank, like ASPIRATION.  

This month (April) they are having a special sign up offer.  I made the switch because they don’t invest in fossil fuels and they have tree-planting campaigns.  When you sign up with the link below you get $50, I get $50 and we each get $25 to donate to a charity. Here is the link for this innovative win-win-win flow-it-forward option!
Or research and choose a socially and environmentally responsible bank and/or investing strategy of your own!

2) Commit to consume & connect with the earth consciously! 

Incorporate earth friendly tiny habits each day, or create a theme for each month and commit to doing an earth-conscious action together with your family.  If you can’t recycle in your area anymore, at least Reduce & Reuse as much as you can. Two ideas to spark your own…

  • Find an earth-friendly product with minimal packaging that you love and support the maker. Shampoo can be simple and natural, and no plastic bottle is needed. I discovered this bee-you-tiful made-with-love product at a farmer’s market last year, & you can order it without the tin!

  • Tiny eco-habit tip: stash a bag and pair of gloves in your pocket so on your next walk you can pick up some trash along the way home.  Little actions inspire others to take positive actions too!
3) Grow some good! 
  • A great way to feel connected and grounded in these uncertain times is to plant something and tend to it with love and Presence.  Start something from seed in a container or in your yard, and enjoy watching it grow! It can be as simple as growing sprouts in a jar, or researching and implementing a low water/low maintenance permaculture technique like hugelkultur

 hugelkultur  (hill culture)

  • Alternatively, if getting your hands on seeds isn’t an option right now, you can support an innovative growing project that benefits kids, such as:
4) Pause to prayerfully honor the elements of which you are apart! Create a little ceremony honoring each of these:

earth, air, water, fire, ether/spirit, such as…

  • Stand barefoot on the earth and give thanks for all that supports you
  • Breathe deeply of the fresh air and give thanks for the everpresent force of life that sustains you
  • Raise a glass of pure water high and give thanks for the water that you drink and bathe in.  Appreciate the water element flowing throughout your body connecting you with all water (rivers, aquifers, oceans, ice, fog), all bodies, all life all over the planet.
  • Feel the sun (fire) on your face and give thanks for its warming life giving rays (or light a fire or candle and give thanks for the power to transform and change).
  • Raise your hands to the sky and give thanks for the element of ether, the connecting energy of spirit that enlivens and is present in ALL.

In Hinduism, the Sanskrit mantra Om Namah Shivaya (universal consciousness is ONE) is invoked to honor and balance the connection of the elements within ourselves and all life.

Na- Earth element- is associated with the first chakra (foundational energy center at base of spine) embodying earthiness and solidity, the right to belong, to have, to survive/exist.  Honoring the earth element within and without helps us feel rooted and supported in our lives.

Mah- Water element- is associated with the second chakra (energy center below the navel) and represents our ability to flow emotionally, to feel, to desire, to express sexual energy in a loving and positive way.  Honoring the water element within and without allows us to flow fluidly around seeming obstacles so we can enjoy the journey and privilege of being alive.

Shi(Si)- Fire element- is associated with the third chakra (energy center at the solar plexus) and represents the right to stand and act in one’s power.  Honoring the fire element within and without aligns us with universal power and activates the ability to embrace transformation and change with grace and confidence. 

Va- Air element is associated with the fourth chakra or heart center. Air element allows us to rise beyond denser survival energies to express love unconditionally, and to feel open and deserving of sharing and receiving love.  Honoring the air element within and without activates our ability to tap into in-spiration (spire=breath) and co-create with others in life enhancing ways.

Ya- Sky or Ether and Space element is associated with the fifth chakra or throat center and the right to speak and be heard.  Honoring the sky element within and without allows us to connect with the cosmic level of higher expression so that we speak and express from the consciousness of love or above.

Take time as often as you can to honor these elements and you will feel more balanced, connected and whole.  Repeating the mantra Om Namah Shivaya also can heighten this effect, as the sounds correlate with glands of the endocrine system and assist in regulating and tuning them to their natural states of wellbeing.  Practices like these help us flow through life in optimal health, and optimal states of loving awareness, peaceful presence and inspired action.  

5) Research and invest in and/or donate to innovative earth-aligned projects.  

My favorites (this week ha!) are:

GEOSHIP BIOCERAMIC DOME HOMES: healthy & affordable!

“The Bioceramic Dome—where affordability, sustainability, and healing finally come together. Where nature’s balance of light, water, and electromagnetic energy is respected. Out beyond ideas of right angles and straight lines there’s a new stone circle home. We’ll meet you there…

Geoship is a regenerative village building platform owned by the people, in service to the Earth.  Our vision is a revolution in affordable regenerative architecture to reconnect human communities with the natural world.”

Especially at a time of transition when you aren’t sure what the future will bring, taking time to focus on what is going right in the world and supporting innovative, positive solutions not only makes you feel better and more hopeful, your attention and inspired action makes a world of difference!  Thank you for caring for your fellow humans, plants, animals, insects and all elements of the earth and for sharing your goodness as you go!