Sometimes when big (or even small) changes confront us, we can feel uprooted, unsupported or disempowered.  During these times, it’s helpful to remember that emotions are just indicators of whether or not we are aligned with our highest most expanded version of our Self.  Anxious or lack based emotions are not indicators that we can’t have (or should not do or choose) a particular focus or direction in life.  That temporary feeling of doubt and seeming disconnection is just telling us that we are focusing our attention on the lack of what we want instead of what we prefer.   Even though the form of the dream for your life may have shifted, the essence of your heart’s desire, whatever it is, is still alive and waiting for you to join it with a full heart and hopeful smile!

Simple ways to handle major changes:

Be gentle with yourself and do things you love, spend time in nature, soak up sunshine, drink lots of water and eat fresh vital foods, journal, then journal with your opposite hand to get the inside scoop from your expanded Self!  Allow yourself to play and be creative and take it easy and enjoy life, be grateful for small things, like dogs and sunsets and favorite foods and comfy beds and just the sky above!  Know that whatever you are feeling is just right in each moment.  Do something to help another, a small random act of kindness, connect with uplifting friends, and replace the “what ifs,” “I should haves,” “he/she should haves” with “everything always works out for the best,” “I am greatly loved and supported,” and “I can have the life of my dreams!”  Then take the baby steps of fine-tuning what you want more of and allow yourself to:

  • one, no matter what changes are coming up for you, believe that you can have an empowered, fulfilling, health-full, and love-full life!
  • two, practice tuning your thoughts and emotions so that your excitement about having a life you love and the healthy body you desire builds to an expectant level and the doubts fade away.
  • three, allow what you want to come to you while enjoying life and being grateful as much as possible each day!  


Always you get to choose between “this and that” in all ways…this thought or that, this place or that, this food or that, this shirt or that, this type of companionship or that, this activity or that.  No point in fighting against or demanding that any other form of God or Source energy (expressing or expression) change or remove itself from our experience—regardless of how much it appears to be un-God-like, or just even mildly irritating—it’s all Source energy.  By adding anger or judgment or even just irritation to the focus we are unintentionally adding to the problem instead of the solution.  The only way to de-energize those things that we don’t want in our lives or in the world is to turn our focus to more of what we DO WANT.  Really. Really!  What do you authentically want?  Do you know?  It’s our job, our privilege to create with Source energy a life we love.  Choice. Focus. Decision. Directed energy. Enthusiasm. Our job. Our privilege. 

Source’s (aka the Universe, the quantum field’s) job and privilege: to match what we send out vibrationally, for good or bad, better or worse, intended or unintended.  Why not choose good, better, and intended?  

Yeah I know, sometimes it’s really challenging to choose, to figure it out, especially in a crazily changing world.  How do you know which choice or path or decision is good or better, or what to intend?  Sometimes it’s obvious, but sometimes it’s not.  Isn’t easier to kick back and see what shows up, and then pick and choose from there?  Not really, because we came as sovereign powerful creators and FLOW-ers of Source energy, and so life never feels as awesome as you know it can be when you do it that way.  There’s always a little nudge of dissatisfaction bumping around somewhere inside you that shows up outside you.  Ever notice that?  

So how do you figure things out when you aren’t sure which fork to take?  Take these things out of the equation: specific people, places, things, times and events.  What?  How can that be?  Just do it.  What do you have left?  Feelings and emotions:  your electromagnetic brain-body-magic-wand of creative sacred design.

How would you FEEL if you already had an amazing life in every imaginable way? 


Greatly supported! (see, no planning or demanding of a specific person or people or place to be a certain way involved here, just the feeling of being wonderfully supported everywhere you go (or stay!)

Greatly loved! (see, no figuring out a specific person or people who will love you, just the feeling of being greatly loved in every condition imaginable!)

Greatly abundant! (see, no job to figure out, no retirement plan or stock options or property to maneuver, just the feeling of ongoing abundant free flowing support and the feeling of having fun spending and sharing money, time, knowledge, resources, as well as other forms of abundance, and more!)

Greatly loving! (see, no specific person or thing or pet to love, just the feeling of you loving greatly, whatever it is that conjures loving feelings within you—images, smells, sights, sounds, in your head or all around you, past or future, real or imagined, same dif )

Greatly adorned!, clothed!, housed!, and engaged in life meaningfully! 

(see no specific place, things, times or events, just the flow of energy through you creating the feeling of YES! creating the feeling of THIS IS LIVING! YEE HA!) just the feeling, however you call forth that feeling within you is perfect, you get to choose that, too.

Greatly grateful!  (yes, this too!  grateful for life in all its beauty, magic, mystery and the profound privilege that you are alive this very moment, flowing divine sacred energy through every breath, touch, sight, sound, swallow, skip, thought, feeling and heart beat!)

Feeling amazing? Hopeful, anticipatory, grateful, excited, loving, joyful?

Got it?  Now you did your job, you sent a signal out to the Universe that says see I’m feeling it fully right now in this now moment of magnetism and momentum:  an amazing life full of great love, great abundance, great vitality, great loving and great meaning, and guess what?  It’s now the Source’s job to match that, and send it back to you in form, to express through you as you have now clearly and enthusiastically chosen and FELT.  So just don’t fall into the dreaded D’s: doubt, despair, discord, demanding it now, denying it works, duty to what is.  Keep up the anticipation, the excitement of a great life and know, by law of vibrational relativity, it is yours!  

It is now becoming more widely known that we create every moment through our vibration. We allow greatness to express through and as us when we match and send that vibrational feeling of life’s greatness out through us consistently. When the tipping point is reached and there is no longer any discord or doubt, just knowing a great life is yours, so shall you have it!

Now you get to choose again:  this great house or that great place, this great guy (or gal) or that great guy (or gal), this great aspect of your mate or child or work or that great aspect, this great meaningful endeavor or that great one, this great way to love or that great way.  You are never finished making choices, but the more powerfully you send a vibration of love or above out into the world, the better choices you get to choose from: this great or that great, this amazing or that amazing, this fun or that fun?  How cool is that?

Higher Consciousness Living

Now let’s imagine together…

The more of us who get clear and keep enthusiastically embracing life simultaneously positively affect the collective whole of humanity.  Bit by bit, all the Source energy formerly tied up in war, disease, poverty, prisons, etc. becomes free to be redirected to create and sustain an amazing world that benefits all beings!  How much even cooler is that?!  

Can you imagine?  I can, and I+we+the rest of us need your help!  Let’s do and BE this!  Together we create it into being by the unified alignment of our seeing!

Thanks, love and blessings for being amazingly, perfectly you!!  Stay well and keep enjoying the journey!

sending a thousand virtual hugs and a bouquet of smiles,

~ eme