Human Harmonics has several zoom calls you may join for FREE – connecting and empowering each other in this time:

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Human Harmonics also has the recordings of these calls available if you can’t make it to the call!:

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Sound healer Jonathon Goldman has created a powerful healing video for these times, access it free here:

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The Shift Network: Shift your world, Awaken your full potential
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May the ritual below help you release resistance and embody your inner light.

Ritual ~  Embody Your Light (From Fleur Royale)

This week create space to come into your body.
Your body is where transformation takes place.

Are you breathing?
Are you doing things that lift you up?

Dancing, singing, creating, walking in nature?

When resistance arises MOVE and you’ll notice that
the resistance can’t take hold in you.

“More light can enter when you
move out of thinking into being.”

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