Human Harmonics Core Principles

We believe that each person has intrinsic value and is naturally beautiful, abundant, health-filled, intelligent, creative and important to the whole.  Like snowflakes, we each carry a unique essence and design that is ever new and changing in every moment.

We believe that each person has uniquely different gifts, life experiences, understandings, preferences, and opportunities to expand and to shine.  Diversity is essential to life and we revel in how it makes being alive each day more rich, interesting and fun!

We believe in the power of positive social connection.  We think humans are amazing and know our potential for ingenuity is unlimited.  By joining together in flow (aka heart coherence) we envision creating our highest dreams for our own lives and communities, and for our beloved planet too!

We believe that humanity as a whole is moving toward higher consciousness expressions reflecting more love and unity, and we choose to focus and cultivate our unique expressions toward this purpose.

We believe in sharing our gifts and resources in ways that elevate and empower through each exchange.

We believe that when we Access the Quantum Divine we Align to Our True Design.

We believe that each person has their own inner wisdom and spiritual center and we encourage cultivating that connection above all else.


All information and guidance offered through Human Harmonics is intended only to uplift and empower, so please be filled with and drink deeply of what resonates and serves you best, and let the rest go.

Towards Joyful Exchange and a Flow State Economy

Human Harmonics is experimenting with alternative ways of exchanging energy, information, products and currency that are empowering and uplifting to all involved.  Being as we don’t see a perfect win-win-win model out there in the world as yet, we are going forth with some trial ideas and adjusting these concepts as we move forward.

In essence, our intention is that everyone who finds their way to this community leaves a little (or ideally a lot!) more elevated, empowered and eager to be alive.

As society is recognizing that people are differently-abled, we are also recognizing that people are differently-abundant and that affluence comes in many forms.

Some people are affluent in time, some are affluent in money, some are affluent in health and wellbeing, some are affluent in talent, skills and wisdom, some are affluent in happiness, some are affluent in kindness and allowance, some are affluent in loving relationships, some are affluent in life experience, some are affluent in their ability to influence change and offer contribution on a widespread level, etc.  At any given time or period of life, we may shift between some or all of these forms of abundance. In essence we are abundant when we feel supported and empowered to do what we want to do and live how we want to live in the most free and fulfilling manner, and that looks different for each of us.

At Human Harmonics we want to put “coeur” in currency and flow back in the way we exchange with one another.  Some sources say using money as a means of exchange dates back to the Roman Goddess Juno Moneta, and was originally intended for people to “take care of one another.”

We believe that when we creatively share and flow our different forms of affluence in inspired ways to benefit ourselves and others, like nature does, all our lives are more enriched.  The more love and joy in every exchange, the more we and the world benefit. So currently Human Harmonics is experimenting with a Flow-It-Forward exchange model reflecting different forms of affluence, and novel ways of participating, contributing and receiving.

Human Harmonics Flow Model

√  To be as inclusive as possible, we will always provide some content and offerings without requesting a specific amount of monetary exchange.

√  To cover the basic costs of operating Human Harmonics and contribute to the joyful support of our wisdom providers, we will in some cases request a specific monetary exchange value for our offerings and products, with a sliding contribution scale offering as well.

√  To increase the reach of what we share and to best benefit others in need, we will ask for ongoing donations for different projects that our wisdom providers are currently working on, and you can “vote” with your contributions, follow the progress and happy faces of the recipients, and suggest other projects as part of our community exchange platform.  Depending on the project, these donations may or may not be tax deductible.

√  Occasional exclusive offerings with a high dollar value such as retreats or seminars will be presented, and some of the revenue from these events will be reinvested in the free offerings and ongoing operations of Human Harmonics.  To foster high levels of group flow and inclusion, will do our best to make a spot or two available for people who are differently-affluent than monetarily. : )

√ To provide the greatest level of value and meaning as we exchange, we ask that each person take a moment, connect with their inner Self, and recognize and bless whatever form of abundance and affluence they have to share and to be grateful in advance for whatever they receive.  By doing so we contribute and receive from the energy of high consciousness, love and unity, and collectively we help create the greater great!

thank you!