Star Watching

Whoa! Major Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and shift in human consciousness ahead!

To begin with, let us just become aware of our position in the Universe..(s)

In our Solar System, we are a planet among classical planets with many others still being searched.

Our Sun is at the center, with some inner planets (Vulcan, very close to its interior), then Mercury, the smallest one up tight with Sol.. then Venus (our sister planet, so called; in cosmologic legend she came as Mother into the earth’s orbit to knock us as children, out of harm’s way, thus nudging us into the Goldilocks Zone (habitable life).  Our earth has life but recently there was scientific evidence of life on Venus as well, we shall see.

After earth, Mars, with two moons called phobos and deimos (phobias and demons, a warrior fights them), then the Asteroid Belt (which was once a planet called Tiamut, which burst into pieces…the four major asteroids are Ceres (in 1801 once considered a planet), Vesta, Juno, and Pallas. These are the four goddesses, representing the archetypes of Mother, Daughter, Sister, Wife and are said to rule the Earth Sign Virgo…

Jupiter, the largest planet is next out from the asteroid belt, and has many moons itself. Jove is another name, or Thor, Zeus. In astrology, this large planet governs expansion and increase, as it is very hot. It has been pointed out that its heat is the equivalent of fifty nuclear events at once

It is the planet of hope, and whereas the Sun in medical astrology rules the heart, Jupiter is said to be the second heart, the liver, creating heat and friction in the body. Jupiter takes about 11.8 years to orbit around the Sun and Zodiac all 12 signs. Here is where you might want to take note for this month’s key astrological event. The next planet out, Saturn, with all its rings, forms a 29 year orbit around the Sun. Its functions are opposite those of Jupiter. Saturn is associated with Limitations, Boundaries…the Lord of karma..

Saturn is making a very powerful and significant conjunction with Jupiter that happens every 20 years (called a Synodic Cycle) which is a  rare chemistry because when the two join together this December 21,right on the Day of Winter Solstice, the two planets become as One. The last time this happened it was 1623. Then it occurred in the sign Leo. This time it will be in Aquarius!

Saturn will re enter Aquarius (has been there from March 2020 to July 2020, and retrograded back into Capricorn, but now this month, December 16/17 will enter 0 Aquarius again. Jupiter and Saturn have been dancing since Spring time but this December Jupiter will also enter Aquarius and thus the dance climax culminates at 0-1 degrees Aquarius on the Winter Solstice.

Consider that astrologers believe that Jesus was born with a conjunction like this in the sign Pisces, ever since throughout the Pisces Age the Jupiter Saturn conjunctions happen at 20 year intervals, there is a new King or Messiah born. So in December 21 this year a rare phenonema transpires as the King Star and the Messiah Star join together. 1623 was around the time of the Pilgrims and Native Americans first confronting each other in a conjunction like this, so roughly a 400-year page of the History of the Americas is coming to a turning point.

The synodic return of Jupiter and Saturn has been reflecting a theme in astrology that brings up the historical event called “Tecumseh’s Curse.” It was years back when the Puritans and Native Americans were trying to reconcile their mutual goals.

Tecumseh was a powerful leader who did not want the English settlers to take his land. He was said to be a prophet.

He prophesied that American leaders would perish while still in office. This meant presidents of course. So from 1840 to 1960 seven American presidents died when elected during a Saturn Jupiter conjunction. Only in 1980 and 2000 this has not happened. It is possible the curse has been broken. Nevertheless the next one is this December, and some serious adjustments will be made in the leadership of this country. Remember too, King and Messiah…

The fact that this conjunction will be on the same day as our coming Winter Solstice makes the whole astrology of December extremely intriguing.

So for now let us continue our awareness of our home Solar System…

Chiron, the maverick planet discovered in 1977 goes into direct motion in Aries, the pioneering sign on December 15. Chiron is called a maverick because its orbit sometimes touches that of Saturn (the old) and heads out to Uranus (the new). That’s why it is called the Rainbow planet, or bridge, carrying its messages into the new world. It belongs to a group called the Centaurs, Pholus and Nessus being the others. These represent centaur-like unbridled passion so the implication is that just before the Solstice, things are really going to get heated up. Mars is still in Aries having gone direct in November and is joined with his sister, Eris, goddess of war. So the god of war and his sister goddess will be joined by Chiron, the “wounded healer” who was said to be a teacher and astrologer, language expert, and skilled in war. So if you put all this together there will tend to be more than the usual passion and hard drive exhibited in Aries.


So our journey will take us out to Uranus, in Taurus, the “Freedom Fighter.” Its cycle around the Sun is approximately 84 years. I call this the “Genius Cycle, as Uranus is said to rule the Pituitary, or growth gland. Wherever you have Uranus in your natal chart will represent your authenticity and originality, and to a large measure where you transcend and make breakthroughs. If you look at the pictures of this unusual planet, you will see it is laying at an angle different to all the others. It has a very unusual —and unpredictable— effect on us mortals. I was told by a teacher that Uranian activity was the “function” of God’s Will, not God. (the “out of the blue God”)

However, Urantia was the muse of astronomy hence astrologers are mostly Uranian.

So, ok Uranus will be the only planet that will be retrograde all month. Taurus is a sign associated with the great need for patience. So what happens when the money sign is on hold?  We will have to wait until January of next year for this planet to go forward again. The operative interpretation for this transit is to “Reevaluate your Values.” That’s how money flows to you, when you align to your inner being’s (higher self) value system. Money won’t support old ineffective values. Dad will give you the money to pursue higher education but probably not booze or drugs (an arguable concept) but you catch the meaning. Worthy projects usually commandeer money income in support…

So we got as far as Uranus, but let’s step back, and go forward…

The month of December might well be called the month of the Holy Grail.

Mercury goes into Sagittarius, joined with the Sun. Sagittarius is the sign of the Monad, a religious sign, or more so, a spiritual one. It’s all about those arrows shot into the Heavens. Monad means the “one god feeling”, so mostly all religions acknowledge a “One God” Deity. But it’s the Quest, the fervor, that Sagittarius brings to the world. After all, it is a Fire Sign. More Passion and enterprise, prophecy and vision. It is the sign of the future. The Sun has already gotten a running start in Sagittarius, having entered this Travel oriented sign on November 21. And, as a reminder, December 21 is when we enter Capricorn. The last week before the solstice the Sun centers in the Milky Way, and it’s a Mayan sort of thing. When Cosmogenesis was taking place in 2012 the whole Solar System was being adjusted to embrace a New 5000 year cycle. When the Sun enters this part of the Zodiac we are visited by Galactic Consciousness.

But in the 1st week of December we have what I call a “Soul Solvency”, kind of like a prep time for Soul intervention and Journey-Legends. Venus will be in Scorpio, the Moon will be in Cancer, and Neptune will be in Pisces, a “Grand Trine” alignment. These three are water signs called the Psychic, Intuitive, or Soul Trinity. Total Soul perfect harmony. So, in December’s first week pack up your soul belongings and get ready for the Galactic vacation. So much will change in December. On the 5th of December another treat will be forming, a Grand Trine in Fire! Sun Sagittarius, Mars in Aries, Moon in Leo. This is called the Spirit Trinity (passion, enterprise, assertiveness) and is usually associated with our Spiritual Lives..a great harmonic indeed! Holy Grail to be found, and cherished…

Now, if you may, allow me to go back to November 14,or the New Moon in Scorpio. This was a time when the Transformer Lever pushed forth a new Sol Lunar Pulse (Sun and Moon). On November 30 a highly resolute Lunar Eclipse transfigured the Universal themes of Gemini Sagittarius, the second pulse from the New Moon, and thus began a Spiritual Revolution of awareness. On the 30th we eclipse political concentration by sudden and random new Spiritual Desire. The politics ends and people began aspiring again to spiritual matters, Global and International Consciousness. It eclipsed everything from science to knowledge to philosophy and religion. Since I call Gemini the “Garden of Eden” sign, we completely address our more environmentally pure objectives akin to a Restoration of Paradise. Sagittarius themes focus on culture, race, humanitarian concepts and the like. Remember the arrows shooting into heaven, appealing to God.

Ok now we are thinking of the Way Future.

So from let’s say the first week of December we are rockin and rollin into a new amazing future. There are so many diverse aspects until we reach December 14.  There’s a T-square on the 7th (don’t forget to pay the bills on time.) A good time to clear the attic of collectibles not worth saving.

I call December 8 “Sailboat Day” when it will feel just like you have the breeze flowing through your hair. The Moon will be sextile Venus (60 degree angle is like water flow).

On the ninth we will have one of our first significant Squares, that of Sun to Neptune…

So let’s pick up where we left off.. Uranus, 84 years, way out there, very odd and changeable…But Neptune is twice as far away from the Sun. Its orbit around the Sun takes about 164 years. That’s a lot. Gurus and pre eminent disciples may attain to that age, but they have to have highly evolved pineal glands, or way out telepathic ability, to be able to survive by meditating and eating next to nothing. This is the telepathic planet, receiving transmissions from beyond our solar system. And speaking of Transmissions, Sagittarius symbolizes those abilities.

So, on Dec 9, the Sun will be 90 degrees to Neptune, heralding a worksheet kind of day, where visions and philosophies clash. They say Sagittarius is the “fire by friction” Fire sign whereas Aries is Electric Fire.

Leo is Solar Fire. So on this day get ready for strong and powerful intimations and power surges, kind of like high level international diplomacy…This is a day when they want to resolve difficulties, or sign the Magna Carta, or go to war. But Neptune is like a double Uranus, engendering crazy wild imaginations and creativity, or illusions, even deceptions and/or spiritual traps. It’ll be interesting to watch what plays out that day!

But on the 10th, 11th, 12th these are more integrative/clarity-bringing days, again, with multiple and diverse planetary energies diverging and colliding, mish-mashing, and merging. A time for relationships to really get resolved, and separations allowed to happen, or greater intimacies evolve. You see, it is a high level prep time again.

The New Moon in Scorpio in November started it, the Lunar Eclipse cleaned the slate on Nov 30 but the 3rd pulse will be the really big  one.

So after the 13th pushes through another Neptune square, with Mercury, comes the really Big One!

This is the Grand Solar Eclipse (11:17 am east coast, 8:14 am west coast) on December 14.

Kind of almost like a tsunami, because Solar Eclipses marry Sun and Moonenergies in a big way. Remember the Sun hitting the center of the Milky Way? The Solar eclipse will be 23 Sagittarius; the Milky Way Center Sagittarius is at 26 degrees.

Maybe this will be the day when we all get swallowed up into the Vortex, the Mayan Center of ingress and egress — leaving the planet, entering, like an airport. Remember too I said to get your Soul Pack/belongings in order because this will be a Wizard of Oz type of day. I might add here that the Sibley USA chart has Sagittarius Rising, so both the lunar and Solar emphasize USA destiny in leadership. This Solar and Lunar eclipse combo in two weeks time is called an Eclipse Season. A bit like crossing the vast sea of Consciousness with all kinds of tremendous weather shifts. Hence the Consciousness of the Nation will become even more radical, as eclipses sweep away tremendous accumulations of heavy emotions, mental aberrations and spiritual misperceptions.

So on Dec 14 it is like the song says, “Total Eclipse of the Sun”. In Sagittarius it precludes incredible transfiguration in international, global, cultural events, race, humane issues and a great large Cosmic readjustment. 

New Moons start fresh, so the New Moon in Scorpio began an emotionally new cycle. This Sagittarius New moon is one of setting intentions and following your dreams and lofty aspirations. Sagittarius is the sign of the future, travel, space travel, visionary and prophetic dreams, justice and Law. It is open space, and ruled by Jupiter large things like the planet itself.

(Holy Moly what will happen in Mid December?)


Chiron goes direct on the 15th and totally new adventures commence.

So we need to breathe, the Solar is the third pulse, which will then lead our pathways of Soul Attainment in new ways. But take deeper breaths because Saturn enters Aquarius on the 16th (New Age entrance exam), and then Jupiter will do so on the 19th.

The Moon will conjunct Saturn right away in Aquarius. Expect activation plus! since the Moon is like a focusing lens. We will get the Aquarian download soon after the Solar Eclipse Sagittarius announcements, or, pronouncements (expect new laws to suddenly appear). The Sun will be joining up with Mercury here as well. Mercury is the Angel planet, so don’t be surprised when you see more of them along the highways.

The Moon will conjunct Neptune on the 20th, where prophets will abound, and philosophies will be expressed. Perhaps the Aliens will address earthling people during this transmission Messenger time.

So our next step we will continue out beyond Neptune to the realms of Pluto and Eris, in the Kuiper Belt. There are a whole lot of planet/plutoids in this region, including Sedna, that reaches out to the edge of the Solar System called the Oort Cloud (meteors and comets grow there).

So of course we have now reached the Winter Solstice in Capricorn, the other sign that shares December. Every Solstice is a turn point but this one includes the Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius at 1:21 pm East 10:21 West ..Kind of like some crazy wild hitchhikers on their cosmic journey wanting to experience the wallop of a winter shift polarity. 

Aquarius is the sign of friends, so these guys have dreams to fulfill through cultivating new friendships based on very innovative and utopian ideals. Every year the Sun goes into Capricorn at this time, but often as winter comes through it is cold dreary and melancholic. Not this year! The Jupiter Saturn contingent wants to make new friends and live out some cosmic ideals. If you do Winter celebrations and festivals, this year will stir the blood. Almost like “new blood” coming into the cosmic solar system family. Exciting and exhilarating!!!  Aquarius rules blood circulation and ankles, so maybe try a little skating!

The rush will carry significantly new themes into the New Year.

So we are at the end or last week of December. On the 22nd the Moon will be conjoining direct motion Chiron for the first time. That’s like saying the caravan will stop for awhile at the rodeo…

But wait

On the 23rd there is an extreme square aspect, in Aries Capricorn. It involves Pluto and Mars, rulers of Scorpio and Aries.

Ok, in my notes I wrote this is when “The World Ends”(!)

You can’t get a more powerful square than this (probably). Kundalini misdirected very possible, so we ask all Lightworkers to purify their emotions, and motivations. It’s like two primordial prize-fighters, strong and needing to direct their energies more spiritually (how do you do that?). The Pomegranate (seed Avatar) planets meets the Champion fighter to establish their territories forever. Mars fights its demons and phobias, Pluto its obsessions and neuroses. 

Hoo Hah  Maybe like one of those Godzilla movies, or nuclear challenge dramas. Yes indeed, truly a day to be careful.

Just remember that Pluto is a 248-year orbit planet around the Sun (3 Uranians). And you have heard me say the USA experiences its “Pluto Return” next year. Plus, and thus, the Revolutionary planet will become only more intense. But let’s call it a good intense where marvelous things occur…

So let’s move on through that last week of December, where Christmas will have lots of “mistletoe” aspects, including the night before Christmas as a Taurus Moon celebrates Yuletide.

But there will be a Chiron square Capricorn Sun. “It’s ok honey, if I forgot the egg nog right?” But it’s not about the eggnog, let’s say her real concern is about his recent shenanigans. Ok, that gift she was looking for…hmmm where did he leave it?

Anyway by the 26th all things are forgiven as the Moon goes into Gemini (the breathing sign) and makes a very mellow trine to the newly married Jupiter Saturn in Aquarius. Now that will be one of the first aspects that will begin to explain the New Age of Aquarius.

To top it all off, a wonderful trine of the Sun with Uranus will be at 10:25 pm east 7:25 pm west.

You will feel like you can invent the light bulb, or a newer version. (Lots of ingenuity and flashes of brilliance that day!!

There’s a T Square on the 28th which can be a little snarly, challenging your flexibility, but you will work through it.

This brings us to the fourth Pulse, a Final Full Moon for 2020…might as well go out in style. It will be in Cancer Capricorn, archetypes of family and social position on the 29th (10:28 pm east, 7:28 pm west). After all that December brings, toward the end the energies will climax in a shift toward security and practical ambition (such as, “what can I achieve in the coming year?”). So New Year Resolutions may abound as we enter a new cycle.  A perfect way to finish off what has been a most profound 2020 year! Capricorn Cancer full moons help you understand mother and father themes, so take advantage of this opportunity to resolve and integrate any such awareness that arise.

On the 30th there will be a favorable aspect from the Cancer Moon (going back to Dec 2nd and 3rd). Good family ties again. On New Year’s Eve, the Moon enters the party sign Leo at 1:58 pm east 10:58 am west.

The Moon will then be in Leo opposing Aquarius for the first time (you might end up with a new lover before the Ball drops in Times Square…)

Or, your creativity starts to flow with a new project.. Remember Spontaneity reigns when the moon is in Leo, plus lots of sharing!

So, as the stage gets ready, and the orchestra is warming up, I leave you to consider this:

We are in a Solar System with many planets, bordered by the outer regions of the Oort Cloud, then interstellar space where we are placed in the Milky Way Galaxy, where there is recently discovered about 4500 exoplanets (Planets around other stars) within it.

And, just one new Extragalactic planet beyond, found in the Whirlpool Galaxy. After that trillions and billions and millions of stars, galaxies, black holes, Supernovae and nebula!

Let the Show begin!!!!

Brian Sandy

Nov 24,2020