Over the past few years, there has been a controversy over what was called the thirteenth sign. It is called Ophiuchus, or “The Serpent-Bearer”.

     There are two zodiac grids called the SIGNS (western astrology) and CONSTELLATIONS (eastern astrology. The Western is what we know as the Zodiac signs, 30 degree segments comprising 12 sectors, and which reflects our orbital relationship to the Sun. The Sun moves through each sign in 30 degree segments. Eastern astrology has been traditionally associated with the Constellation. These are the actual star positions, which once coincided with the signs. It is called “the precession of the Equinoxes”.

     I mention this variable, because the star constellations are called sidereal, and in December the constellation (not Sign) runs through the astrological wheel as sort of a backdrop as to what is really going on in the stars. Therefore, including this sidereal perspective, we find that this constellation exists from November 30 through December 18.The serpent bearer has a kundalini effect that deepens the transit of the Sun through this time period.

     It basically corresponds to a good portion of the Zodiacal sign Sagittarius. So when December kicks in, this esoteric and ancient star energy animates a powerful influence on the drives and ambitions of Sagittarians, and for all other signs lights up passion and a unique kind of desire for experience. It is akin to the concept of “lust”, not so much in romance, although that is true, but a deepening of the quest for understanding and spiritual-philosophical concerns. The “Conquistadors” and Crusaders had this going on, a peculiar form of zeal and passion. As Sagittarius has the Horse as its archetype, it may be someday revealed that the Centaur, half-human/half animal, horse, will become the true ruler of Sagittarius. There are a group of planetoids known as the “Centaurs”, which mythologically were a wild bunch. Thus Sagittarius as a Sign needs freedom to be wild and open-spaced. The Centaur most well-known was Chiron, the maverick archetype of “wounded healer.

     In the month of December things tend to get wild and free-lance like. Relationships increase intensity(the kundalini serpent, Ophiuchus) but so is the desire to be free and not tethered to partners. It is a strange and wonderful month of the year because of all the signs, the Galaxy points are activated as well. The end of Ophiuchus corresponds to 26 degrees Sagittarius, which is called the Galactic Center of the Milky Way. It is where tradition suggests souls ingress and egress to and from our Solar system. There is also that which is known as the Galactic Attractor(G.A.)which is a galactic phenomena that seems to pulse and attract other galaxies.

     Sagittarius is generally acknowledged as a positive moving ahead kind of sign, always developing new strategies for the future. Walt Disney was a Sagittarius. Frank Sinatra “I did it my way” can claim a Sagittarian identity. It is one of the three Fire signs, Aries, electric fire, Leo, heart expression fire, and Sagittarius “fire by friction”. Hence despite winter’s approach, Sagittarius December brings in heated discussions, intellectual and moral challenges, and debates. It is well known that this sign of the month encourages positive hope and a deep broad understanding of the human condition.

     So this December, as Jupiter moves out of Sagittarius, we will be experiencing what may be called a “Translation of Light.” New languages and uninhibited lifestyles and ways of communication will evolve. Sagittarius generally is in a polarity life form with Orion in Gemini. It is called the “Galactic Highway,”  an amazing band of light energy surrounding the solar system. It opens up the portals of transmission. It might even be termed the “time of the Guru”, when new religions and philosophies commingle to breed new strains of perceptive power, communication with other galaxies. Sagittarius has been affiliated with Space Travel, and such things as large boats and aircraft. It is the sign most associated with the Higher, or Superconscious. With due respect to religions, and emphasizing the psychological and mythic, Sagittarius has been called the “Monad” sign or the feeling of One God, where most religions espouse the Unity with God or the Divine.

So we look ahead to a Sagittarian transition time.

Some key dates this month:

Dec 7 Mercury comes out of its shadow (Oct 11 to Dec 7, very long retrograde zone)-communications

Dec 8 Sun squares Neptune 

Dec 8  Venus sextile Neptune- harmony in love

Dec 9 Mercury enters Sagittarius-

Dec 11-12 Full Moon in Gemini Sagittarius  (time zones differences);Major portal openings

Aliens and UFOS present in multitudes

Dec 12 Chiron goes direct in Aries, allowing swift healing all of a sudden 

Dec 13 Mars (warrior) trines Neptune (prophet) in a highly energetic mix of self-assertion and alchemy 

Dec 13 Venus conjuncts Pluto -your lover decides to join the Revolution or becomes more obsessed with you! 

Dec 15  JUPITER trine URANUS -genius revelations and extraordinary breakthroughs of all kinds. Star of David, Solomon’s Seal activated. 

Dec 19 Mars sextile Saturn- assertive Mars tries to heat up cold Saturn in a good way. Dad finally agrees to go out on the basketball court with his son to toss the ball (ego) around. 

Dec 19 Mars square Neptune (not good) Son leaves dad and tries to play ball with a bohemian mystic. Or it can work through constructive effort. 

Dec 20 Venus enters the freedom loving Aquarius, which then redefines what romance really is if you are idealistic and cherish your friends. The attraction is for the unconventional 

Dec 21 Sun goes into Capricorn (Winter Solstice) -we start heading for Summer! 

Dec 22 Full Moon in Cancer Capricorn – families unite to strengthen the core and harmonize cultures

Dec 22 Also Mars and Pluto form a beautiful sextile (60 degree angle between them) – Desire and purification join together. I call Pluto the “Pomegranate Planet” (rich seeds) 

SUN trine URANUS in Taurus – when you invent something you should get the royalties

Dec 24 (last time Uranus was in Taurus was the Great Depression, but many new discoveries and inventions popped up everywhere, and riches were to be had) 

Dec 26 The great New Moon annular Eclipse – captains of industry arise, both spiritual and in business 

Dec 27 SUN conjunct JUPITER – the really big day when Sagittarius is released from unnecessary excesses and Capricorn says, let me narrow it down for you! 

Dec 28 Mercury goes into CapricornTime to update the US Constitution! 

Dec 30 Mercury trines Uranus-beautiful new literature and documents advancing the principles of this country in a New Age/Alternative way, where angels write the script! 

Dec 31 New Year’s Eve Moon in Pisces- a suggested evening of the masquerade party mystery have fun with imagination and inspiration, color and glamour, the Piscean way 

And, oh yes, Neptune will preside, having inspired the whole month to new journeys of imagination and spiritual perceptions like never before. Remember it also orbits around another Sun out there simultaneously to ours, hence its transmissions are super telepathic, beyond this solar system.

Maybe the New Year’s Eve celebration will usher in a new universal model, as those extraterrestrials want to party too!!!