Hey! It’s so awesome you are contemplating supporting us! YaY!  One of our core principles at HH is intending to put LOVE & CONNECTION back into every exchange (coeur-ancy!).  Each conscious action, no matter how small, ripples beneficially outward on a global scale. So we invite you to pause, take a moment and connect with the feeling of Source/Love/Oneness within.  Tap into the natural flow of abundant wellbeing and smile. Envision an overflowing supply of goodness streaming to and through you. See yourself and others receiving amply from that flow and envision well being spreading to more and more as that ripple expands. Embody the knowing that, from a frequency of Love or above, this flow of Source energy is ever replenishing and life enhancing.  Now, from a spirit of reverent gratefulness, ask “what feels genuinely best for me to give?” *

*Consider practicing consciously energizing positive intention with every exchange, from the grocery store to the bills you pay online, to sharing with friends and community members.  Through re-energizing currency with expanded consciousness, we expand the circle of abundance so that all beings benefit. Thank You!

  • $0  Alternatively Affluent – I joyfully contribute my time &/or talent in other ways to benefit others
  • $1 Gratefully Giving  – I acknowledge that from this state of gratitude 1 drop creates a sea of change
  • $10 Lovingly Supportive  – in my current monetary inflow/outflow this amount feels good to me!
  • $20 Empowering Providers  – I’m grateful to feel affluent in many ways and it brings me joy to be able to expand the ripple of good a little bit further!
  • $__ Awesomely Other – I feel grateful and inspired to give this amount!

Thank you from the top and bottoms of our hearts! : ) May you receive even more abundant flow and joy for your conscious contribution!

Another great way to support us is to share our site and social pages with your community!