After appearing in People Magazine’s “100 Most Beautiful People,” Nia was asked to

write a how-to book on health, beauty and fitness. But rather than writing their requested

book and further perpetuating the myth of “silver bullet perfection”, Nia decided to take a different approach: blazing honesty. In the next six years, she dug deep and created “Elements of Life: 12 Bridges Back to You” a twelve part audio series and workbook.

This insightful and authentic series is designed to bring much more than beauty in the traditional sense. Each seminar is designed to be a beacon of encouragement for participants, guiding them along the path to living their most empowered lives. Because that is true beauty.

Rooted in inspirational quotes, each element is layered with Nia’s deeply personal anecdotes, and topped off with incisive written exercises that Nia, herself, used to create a total mind/body/spirit experience.The creation of Elements of Life, or EOL, is the result of Nia’s desire for all participants to gain a greater appreciation of their own value and, in doing so, be empowered to shine their own unique light in the world so that they may inspire others through their own expression.

THIS is health, beauty and fitness. THIS is how to be the most beautiful you can be and on a deeper level, the most beautiful you have ever been. THIS is “Elements of Life, 12 Bridges Back to You.”

What you’ll get:

12 audio lessons, one per month.

12 months of inbox inspiration sent daily

A downloadable 65 page workbook

Downloadable Forgiveness Journal

Downloadable Life Sculptor

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