I’m always on the lookout for gems of wisdom, and gratefulness.org ranks high on my list of positive websites. Based on the teachings of Brother David Steindl-Rast, you’ll find positive new stories in their newsletter; thoughtful blog, poetry, audio, and video posts; a “gratefulness lounge” to post and share gratefulness, and a place to record your private journal entry; a section for sending beautiful e-cards for all occasions for free; a place to light a candle for yourself or loved ones, or offer a prayer for the world; a practice section with resources to cultivate inner balance; a daily question to reflect on the gifts in your life; and other
resources to remind you to pause, go within, and meditate for a moment.

If you like positive messages in your daily email inbox, sign up to receive gratefulness.org’s “Word for the Day.” When you consciously fill yourself with gratefulness each day, there simply is no room left in your heart for fear or lack to
dwell. Have fun discovering the joys of a gratefulness practice, and may your blessings be many!