“empty, i am full” a poem by ellen mary elizabeth


empty, I am full
quiet, I am a symphony
alone, I am part of All
in this moment, this perfect Now moment,
this moment in which all of space and time, dimensions beyond dimensions
intersect in this one breath of life breathing me
breathing through me these words
I am humbled
and awed,
witnessing Grace fill, expand, uplift and transform me
into something that has never been before

this breath, these cells
flow the same radiant Love
that enables water to become like stone
and support our steps into the vast unknown
to carry us across oceans of hurt and doubt and fear and lack, illusions all,
transformed, these become the rocks,
the foundations of faith
the temples of trust
the cathedrals of knowing
upon which the Christed One within us all
can lead the way
to joy and bliss and beauty even beyond
the exalted Grace I feel in this perfect Now moment
resonating in the symphony of YOU, Beloved One,
Creator of All.

thank you for my life, my breath, and this bliss of embracing YOU as me and all!
thank you, more than all the stars in the heavens, more than all the drops of water in the seas, more than all the love of human hearts combined, thank YOU for the perfection of remembering our way HOME! here we have always been and will always be, enveloped in, enlivened by, your most blessed all-abiding eternal LOVE! thank you!