Coming Soon: A two-part weekly wisdom series.

This live Zoom-call series is being led by a team of Human Harmonics conscious changemakers:

Ellen Mary Elizabeth, emotional wisdom teacher

Nia Peeples, actress, author and heart-coherence teacher

Jane Ellen, energy healer and conscious podcaster

Each call will last approximately one hour.  Each call will consist of:

  • a heart-connecting group meditation (10 mins)
  • presentation of the subject material & commentary from co-leaders (20-40 mins)
  • question and answer mentoring session (15-30 mins)

Week one:

Techniques for integrating spiritual awakening and living from a more heart-coherent state. Co-leaders will discuss their current practices and answer questions from participants.

Week two:

Importance of building a supportive network and cultivating joy and play.

Co-leaders will discuss personal insights and answer questions from participants.

These two calls are offered for free.  Donations to the Human Harmonics website are welcomed and appreciated to keep flowing it forward.

Enlighten Up

If you are interested in joining these weekly calls please fill the form out below. We need at least 10 people to sign up to start the calls so tell your friends!
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