One of my favorite ways of recognizing when I am in a heart-coherent state is the way the world appears to me, and particularly how nature responds to me.  I’ll notice a certain shimmer of an ordinary item like the subtle glow of blueberries when I am washing them, or how beautiful and alive just about any fruit or vegetable or flower seems to appear, or the intense beauty of rainbow sparkles on snow illuminated by sunshine.  Simply put, when I am in a state of alignment everything seems extra-luminous and I feel so happy just to be alive!

While meditating with a friend next to the Rio Grande River on a perfect summer-like September day this fall, I found myself experiencing a heightened state of bliss/connection to All That Is.  We were both appreciating the way the tall grasses across the river were billowing in the strong breeze and we were thoroughly enjoying the amazing dance of birds along the bank.  Each bird masterfully flew from a low river rock quickly into the sky several feet above the river and twirled back to land again on a different rock a moment later…eight or so birds flying and landing in a whirling dance of harmonic flow.  Upstream we noticed the way the small rapids and waves on the river changed in every moment, breaking here and there in small rivulets of white.  Downstream we were greeted by a wild golden reflection of sun and sky glimmering on the water surface.  Breath-giving life everywhere!

For some moments I sat quietly on the ground on the grassy rocky bank, eyes closed, steeped in this beautiful feeling of resonance and connection.  I half opened my eyes and looked down as I felt something move against my lower leg stretched out before me.  A small snake had appeared, caressing my skin as it passed along my calf and popping its head up by my toe just long enough for me to see its face before slowly continuing on its way and disappearing into the brush a moment later.  My friend and I looked at each other, smiling.  I shared how amazing it was that I was in such a peaceful state that I felt no fear or had any bodily reactions like jerking my leg away or squealing, it all felt so natural and perfect.  I sat in that still quiet space somewhat in awe and filled with gratefulness.  This sweet snake visitor touching my leg and my life seemed to commemorate a perfect day in my heart and in ever-inspiring nature, perhaps one of the clearest moments of “evidence of alignment” I have experienced to date!

Take note as you go throughout your days of how much sweeter life is when you take time to get into a heart-coherent space on a regular basis.  Give yourself credit when you notice that your reactions are more peaceful, even when someone cuts you off in traffic, or does something that previously would have caused you upset.  Pay attention to little signs from the universe that seemed created just for you, such as when a certain desire shows up in delightfully unexpected way or the birds and butterflies and other beings in nature play with you like a welcome member of the family. 

a butterfly that landed on my shoulder and rode along on my walk one day!

Sometimes the biggest spiritual understandings are found in the tiniest of details, and all it takes is the eyes (and heart) to see (and feel) them!