The month of February started off with a high level FULL MOON in Leo-Aquarius…Leo is the quintessential sign of the Heart, literally ruling the heart and spine, back and blood, so when it entered this potent opposition with the Sun in Aquarius, there was much circulation and blood flow in our bodies. Aquarius is the lower calves and ankles in the medical assessment of body locations, and hence this juncture at the lower extremities of the body features the ultimate power of circulation and venous flow. Leo is heart-love, Lovers, sharing, like playing, having fun, one’s significant close partner. Aquarius is the sign of Friends, which I call “impersonal lovers”. One affects the other. So to solve romantic issues, matters of the heart, Leo, or the personal connection, one looks to impersonal objective friends: Aquarius. Aquarius finds its feeling through the mind, ever keeping the Ideal in view.

This Full moon (February 8,9) sent the month into action by the decisions we made around that time.

So we jump ahead to February 23, when the New Moon occurs, a Lunation totally different than the Leo-Aquarius dramatic polarity. It is like starting out with a multitude of intentions, only to see them completely redirected by the New Moon. Pisces is an entirely unique sign for it to be a New Moon phenonema. New Moons start cycles over but Pisces is the sign of “finishing up” and completing. Its a reasonably odd alchemical mix. We are finishing up and starting over all in the same moment. But like I said, whatever initiative and enthusiasm you had in the Full Moon cycle has now been refined and redesigned to include a larger perspective. Both Aquarius and Pisces are World Server/Saviour signs. So at the end of February we have the opportunity to start an even more fertile directive. Pisces includes everything. So don’t submit the manuscript just yet. There are a few more spiritual considerations to include.

February began with Mercury, the Messenger, in Aquarius, but it quickly moved into Pisces, joining Venus in Pisces for a short while…

This began the “scrambling” period, as Mercury rules the nervous system, and we all know in the script that it was going to then be in Pisces for a goodly amount of time. Thus the conundrum. Even in the early days of February, Mercury was preparing its six week retrograde journey, that will last from the second week of February(shadow) until next month, March 9. It reappears in Aquarius and stays, albeit direct, another shadow, in Pisces until April 10. If you live in the U.S., better get your taxes done!

A week and a half before, and a week and a half afterward, are the shadow times. 

Technically, Mercury goes retrograde on February 16, in Pisces, and will go direct March 9, though it will have done so in Aquarius.

Let us just say that we have a whole lot of Mercury going on, that actually influences March and April.

I usually maintain, though, that Mercury goes on vacation, in which case it rests the weary nervous system. So take heart, my friends! Mercury is the angel planet, the hermaphrodite, neutral in gender, and conveys beautiful thoughts, memories, inspirations, and poems!

Lovely Venus will be in Aries for the remainder of the month, a placement which I suggest is a form of “benevolent narcissism”(Its ok to love your self (Aries), invest in something new for your wardrobe.) It will eventually come into some successive “squares” (90 degree angles) as the month proceeds. These will be with the Cardinal Sign group, which is one of the big stories this month, ostensibly for most of 2020.

Mars, the warrior entrepreneur planet, shifted into Capricorn on February 16, and thereby joined an elite contingent of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This is very rare, with such powerhouse planets forming a summit (Capricorn mountains) meeting that will shake the world (especially governments and world leaders. This intense stellium of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto were already stirring up the status quo but this is really a big one. Conjunctions amass prime cosmic energies, and now Mars, exalted in Capricorn, joins the fray. Mars in Capricorn is the Champion, fighting for rights and superior causes. The earth sign Capricorn is about the earth and changes in its structural metabolism. Our bodies, especially bones and skeleton, are going through major redesign formulations, so that earth people can live safely and sturdily (structure) into the future. This will be an all year project, as the Universe is selecting out those worthy to become part of the new earth heritage. Steiner said that Capricorn was the sign of (World) Initiation. We get to understand the mysteries. Our structural realities, the limits of what our bodies can do, are undergoing massive examination and scrutiny. Like astronauts preparing for a flight into the unknown.

On February 18, the Moon will also be moving into Capricorn for a few days…

If you look at the Moon during this time, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will be in the background. Over this 2 day period, the Moon, will be giving “high fives” to each planet, making a conjunction with each. First Mars, then Jupiter, then Saturn, then Pluto. Only Pluto you will not be able to see without astronomical devices. The 18th/19th of February becomes highlight film material, astrologically speaking. And on the practical level, this is a time to restore your credit, social standing, professional ambitions, and claim how much fame you really want or need. If you can climb a mountain, these days, please elect to do so.

As we finish at the New Moon in Pisces, we still have the last week in February, which features the rare 29th of February.. is the Sadie Hawkins theme still true? Both the outer planets, Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces, will feel like observers as the Capricorn/Mercury retro characters take front stage. But genius (Uranus) and Divine bliss(Neptune) are warming up to create new romances and fantastic new visions for humanity.

There is also Sedna and Eris, which are creating new feminine roles.. Sedna was the Inuit goddess of the harvest of the Seas (fertility) and Eris, the female sister version of Mars(she was first named Xena, the tv warrior princess). Sedna takes 10,000-11,000 years to orbit the Sun. I call her the Eternal Feminine.

Eris is a woman who seeks, and finds, the Truth!!!

So how will February end, with super feminine energy manifesting? Stay tuned, it’s just two weeks away!!

The Moon will join Uranus in Taurus and later sextile Neptune.

There will be plenty of good music and healthy vibes emanating from the four corners of the Earth.

Even Chiron, in Aries, will join the dance. Chiron is the wounded healer, so this maverick energy is just getting ready to heal folks, by establishing the bridge from the old world to the new Rainbow planet that’s on its way, and soon-to-be here to stay!