Well, here we are, the second month of the new year 2021, moving along at a pretty good clip.

Did you all know that scientists have determined that our earth is spinning faster…and that in science labs and studios they are working on new definitions of time (time is a dimension.)  You know how some moments seem to go quickly and others more slowly? Scientists are working on new mechanisms to perfect time-measure and in so doing they are bringing forth a new awareness of relativity.

It’s remarkable that the ancient time keepers of South America were able to create elaborate calendars based on the cycles of Venus.

It has been said that “Time is of the Essence.” You know that song, “Time..is on my side, yes it is…” If time is relative, can we feel and/or even affect it?

In astrology, Saturn is Chronos or Father Time, and in ancient books, Saturn was always shown as a planet of oldness and ageing, of boundaries and limits and death itself. But what if we go on to other planetary systems (as Edgar Cayce claimed) or what if the eternal aspects of ourselves explore extra-dimensional realities “beyond the veil,” like Heaven? My question would then spring forth, “how long is eternity?” There’s a scientific term called nullity, which defines the edge of infinity, a “null zone.” Apparently this zone, or void, doesn’t exist until we get there. 

There are all kinds of time descriptions, such as linear or cyclic. In a way astrology works with these time cycles, and points out the evolution of individual and planetary consciousness through a series of apparently infinite cyclic movements. Deciphering concepts such as “Time is the working out of God’s Plan” and unraveling the perceptual challenges of relativity and time travel can be invigorating.

Last December we had the amazing Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the sign of Redemption, Aquarius. Jupiter equates to space, the largest planet becoming equivalent to heat, expansion and increase (Big Bang). Saturn, as I’ve mentioned, represents Time and Contraction (yes, mortality of our physical bodies). Jupiter is the heating system, Saturn the cooling. When the two joined together, there was a magnificent exchange of molecular variables, that is, Time molecules traded off with Space molecules and mixed, merged together and fused for the first time in 800 years. That’s a long time to wait to get refueled! One needs to meditate on the powerful almost incomprehensible result of these two “gas giants” united in a cosmic mystical marriage…

So now the adventure has taken us through January and time/space continuum has been altered, remade, redistributed. Because this marriage occurred in the Air Sign Aquarius, a whole New World has begun to transpire. Aquarius is one of the “Human” signs of the Zodiac, symbolic of the Perfect Human archetype, the Water Bearer pouring out Divine Blessings…like a Cosmic Baptism. We know it has been associated with the new age of Aquarius.

One of the ways we measure time is in terms of Light Years. Enormous amounts of molecular and electromagnetic light fuse and beam like lasers to us and all the other solar systems.

The New Age of Aquarius is set to last for two thousand years. In 2012, at the Mayan Calendar shift, we began a concurrent cycle of five thousand years. It was on June 1,2013, our Solar System plunged into the “Sea of Light,” a fourth dimensional entrance into photon particle ecosystems, which set our Solar System towards the next closest star system, Alpha Centauri. (Editor’s note.. astronomers have been receiving signals from this region 4.2 light years away. The search for extraterrestrial life is accelerated in other parts of the Universe and galaxies for that ever elusive contact. The search for “Planet 9” continues as well, which is akin to the esoteric planet being called Nibiru).

The sign Aquarius is ruled astrologically by the planet Uranus, the Awakener or genius planet, which had entered the sign Taurus (an earth sign) in 2018.

The United States’ chart is very Uranian, the symbol of freedom, albeit eccentric and non-conforming. So Uranus shifts herald major socio-political developments in this country and by assumed leadership of the free world. Uranus went direct on January 14th and was later joined by Mars in Taurus, an energetic recalibration of resources, ideals, money systems/values and dream state Utopian concepts.

The month of February is very Aquarian, as the majority of planets align in this Air Sign on Feb 10-11. This is called a stellium. The first big awareness comes on these days as Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter all will transit Aquarius, and the NEW MOON will be in Aquarius making it six celestial bodies in one sign. The Asteroid Pallas will also be in Aquarius, making it seven. On the 11th, the Sun and Moon will be in Cazimi, that is, so close together almost exactly, which has mystical expressions at its core. What will happen that day will be most fantastic. In 1962 a similar alignment happened. Because Jesus was born during a major stellium in Pisces (the Saviour sign), and this started the Pisces Age of the last two thousand years, astrologers felt that the New Avatar would be born in 1962. Ok, this individual may be in their late 50s now. But come February 11, a new lineup will happen possibly even more significant, in Aquarius. Aquarius is the Reformer, Awakener. Perhaps a new child will be born with extraordinary capabilities. And the New Moon Aquarius Cazimi is translated “in the center of the Heart.”

So folks prepare for the highlight of the month on these days as something truly extraordinary is about to happen.

Aquarius is the pre-eminent sign of change and break-throughs, and mostly identified as social and collective. Aquarius is that sign most associated with teams and collective efforts, and is the archetype affirmation of friendship. 

OK so let’s back-up and go forward…there are so many aspects this month to unscramble and make healthy interpretations thereof.

But I am going to give you four time periods wherein the Fixed Cross energies will be strongest:

February 1 Mars-Sun square (90 degrees hard aspect) (Taurus Aquarius conflicts)

February 3-4 Moon Scorpio (one of four fixed signs)

February 10-11 (part of 12) All Aquarius, Mars Uranus Taurus squares

February 16,17,18 + All Taurus Moon, squares Aquarius (Taurus is fixed)  

February 24,25,26 Leo Moon, squares Taurus and opposes Aquarius (Leo is fixed)

Thus throughout the month of February is energetically activating the Grand Fixed Cross.

Think in Revelation, the Lion, the Eagle, the Human and the Ox Bull. Apocalyptic.

The Fixed Cross symbolizes Establishment, Stability, Will power/Willingness. This Cross has been called “the pillars of the Zodiac”. This is reasonably brand new energy, as Justice and Laws and fixed things…all archetypes of powerful social and Individual realities come into play. The resolution of the Fixed Cross comes in stability and intense purpose. The leaders of WW2 were Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio. Strong will. But as my teacher Isabel once said, the lessons of the Fixed Cross are to learn how to be willing, not Will-full.

Mostly Aquarius is the mainstay during this February, so cherished ideals and reformer attitudes will go through tremendous challenges, purges and mergers. This is the Summit collective meeting effect. The possibility however of this fixed Cross rhythm, is high level accomplishment, amazing resolutions, and a fruitful repositioning of cultural inventiveness. Work passionately through February, affirming what you dream for, and you will see an incredible summary of efforts become fruitful, sound, and holy.

The beginning of February (Alpha) will become so different by the end (Omega) of this fabulous and highly creative month.

Of course, we really haven’t discussed Mercury yet.

From January 15 to March 13 Mercury is transiting in a most unique way, including shadows and storms. Mercury went into Aquarius January 8 and is retrograde from January 30 (retroshade) until it goes Direct on February 20. It stays in Aquarius until March 15! Two months of Mercury in Aquarius, a good portion, the first three weeks of February, being retrograde.

I imagine or envision a rather straight line Turbo rail rocket transit going so fast it appears to be suspended-yes, in time and space. Like a fuzzy blur almost.

Mercury in archaic, traditional astrology is exalted in Aquarius, a very coveted position for those born with it in their natal charts.

Mercury is the Mind, the Messenger, the cranial nerves. It is the only hermaphroditic (neutral, neither masculine nor feminine) planet. It is the closest planet orbiting the Sun (88 days)(Vulcan notwithstanding). In a personal chart, male or female planets like the Sun or Moon influence Mercury, as in gender identification. If you are a physical female body type, having strong aspects to Mercury from Sun or Mars would manifest more masculine traits. Conversely, Moon Venus aspects to Mercury in a physical male results in more feminine traits.

For such a small planet, it has tremendous powers, especially magic and alchemy and the brain nerve system.

Interestingly enough, on our superfast in slow motion turbo jet will make its most important stop on the station of Cazimi, February 11. Who knows, I would definitely see a new breed of evolutionary beings being created so to speak. Perhaps the ET contact will be revealed. But Mercury is on a stream line from the first three weeks in February, and I see a fantastic connection to the Milky Way stream as well, like the two will be riding side by side all month in parallel. Mercury is intrinsically involved in communications, writings, literary ideas, scripts, etc. So from January 30 to the end of February into the second week of March, we should all be able to write several masterpieces. I love Mercury retrograde because it is in suspended animation and that favorite pen you lost (misplaced) suddenly appears, as long as you go with the flow. Three times a year you enter the world of magic and alchemy. Which reminds me to talk about Vesta, in Virgo, Mercury’s sign which went retrograde on January 19.

It stays retrograde until April 20th. Remember the magical cabin in the woods? That’s three more months of letting go into your wonder world, don’t be afraid.  She is the asteroid goddess responsible as ‘the keeper of the flame’

of sacred creative feminine energy that is now beginning to flourish big time. She is the advocate of your most cherished dreams and wishes. There is an unusual mixture of potions between Aquarius and Virgo…and in the movie while Aquarius is fighting for rights and virtues, he/she sees the glorious Vesta feminine purity and it inspires him/her to be “victorious in battle.” So last month we introduced Virgo and the magic cabin. Let us just say, the cabin is getting ready for a most evocative rendezvous. The love energy is holy and pure (the Vestal virgins), but the alchemy of Aquarius-Virgo will ignite a whole new generation of souls!

So even as we go into Pisces, Aries, Taurus, the vestal Light will be glowing more creatively, as the admixture of signs re unite ancient bonds… WE might say these times will become Vesta festivals, or “Vestavils.”

Now, let’s retrograde my writing to remind everyone it is the time of Imbolc, which actually is on February 1-2 celebrating the half-way point of the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. (Venus goes into Aquarius). It is “the in-between” time, and this refers to new birth.

The other days of celebration throughout the year are:

Beltane (April 30-May 1)

Litha (June 20-22) 

Luchnasadh (Aug 1) 

Ostara (March 20-23)

Mabon Sept 20-23

Yule (winter Solstice)

Samhain (Oct 31)

On Feb 2 there is the traditional “Groundhog Day”…This year, however, the day comes, and the groundhog senses a strange energy- Mercury retrograde- and decides to escape out the back tunnel (or whatever) leaving a note that he was leaving for Hawaii.. No more of this winter “speculation” show. Good luck on the surfboard, Groundie !!!

On a similar note, it came to me that February, being the shortest month of the year, would be like the second hole on a golf course (12 cups) where par is very low and the odds are pretty good that you can place a chip shot for a “Hole-in One”. So with zippy spaced out Mercury taking the virtual front page for the whole month, we may be expected to go for the one shot experience and make hay (or grass cuttings) and emerge truly victorious as March flies in!

But here’s the thing, though,

February 14 is Valentine’s (Aries Moon…your lover has a gift for you but decides to keep it for themselves!)

February 15 President’s Day…? Ok, Moon still in Aries… How do we celebrate that now? New leadership energy reflecting Aries (Thomas Jefferson was an Aries, does that count?)

February 16 Mardi Gras (Fat tuesday) Still Aries Moon, must have gotten an extension…Reaches Taurus at the end of the night…then? Really?

Ash Wednesday…with the Moon exalted in Taurus…kind of like a Buddhic moment especially when Saturn will square Uranus (Timekeepers and Time travelers square off during the most sacred rituals.)

The Moon will be in Taurus square Saturn, conjunct Uranus, square Mercury, Square Jupiter, and into the next day, the 18th, square Venus as the venerable Sun enters Watery Pisces. That’s like the coach reading off the list of those who made the squad versus those who didn’t.

My observation prompts me to say, “what strange bedfellows” (Valentine’s, President’s, Mardi (which means Mars) and Ash…) Now that’s the epitome of the Eclectic (Aquarius), another word for the (apparently) disassociated archetypes and icons of that 4 day stretch. Maybe we can add a Unicorn Day, to stir the mix in an ultra harmonic way!

So let’s get back to reality.

Mercury goes direct on the 20th. It will be seeking a long train for the West Coast Free at Last!

But now we head for the second Lunation Full Moon in Virgo-Pisces— a totally different energy package. Even though the elusive Mercury will still be mixing it up with Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, the Sun elects to go another route, maybe getting the cue from the groundhog. Maybe the Sun goes south…No more Mind games, just pure, holy imagination of intuition, soul security, psychic certainty. What a dramatic shift in the last week of February. It’s as though the theatrical play had a solid, very interesting cast of unique characters for the first three weeks, but when the Sun enters Pisces, a whole new cast, and crew, take over for the final week/final scenes. So compassionate, mystical Pisces weaves an entirely new plot, as the powerful February play is ending…Aquarian themes are replaced by those of Pisces. How fitting, actually, that Pisces gets a shot to perform, produce, create. And now, wait, what’s happening next? The Full Moon in Pisces-Virgo has been announced as the next to last scene. Pisces and Virgo meet. Kind of like Vesta will be coming, or cleaning the cabin. No one expected this alliance. Fruits, harvest grains, themes of World Saviour, Sacrifice, disciple, run through the dialogue of the actors. Even there is an announcement, Mars trines Pluto, then Taurus, Capricorn (24th), but wait, Virgo, a Grand trine in essence. There will be a surprise cameo appearance of a well known actor ? actress hailing from centuries ago using advance Time travel technology circuitry. Isn’t that Saturn stuff? Saturn has been apprehended (Time stands still) and Venus moves out of Aquarius into a more comfortable placement in Pisces, where it is exalted. Well there you have it. Venus, the love planet, reaches its highest form of expression (altruism even) in the psychic sign Pisces. It sees Mercury dancing in zig zags and the two share a final scene’s duet …like long lost souls. Each exalted in its own sign thereof, one youthful and very flexible (Mercury), the other passionate, sensual, aesthetic. On the final three days of February, with a new cast and even script, we advance to the next round (Pisces) to arrive in time for a New March extravaganza.

The February play ends at the crest of a mystical Full Moon, in Virgo Pisces, with Vesta providing the reception, the cabin aglow with ingredients and gifts from the realms of the 4000 new exoplanets, welcoming earth beings through the new marriage of Time and Space, a vital new coalition of planetary, cosmic, and angelic beings.

The Moon, Mars, Pluto in a Grand earth trine, flowing cosmic love through the newly formed “Super earthlings” family. The month ends as the Moon enters the beautiful sign of Libra, in conjunction with the Supergalactic center where 30 of our neighboring galaxies point in unison and higher frequency calibration with cosmic purpose. The union in Libra will be dancing in the etheric highways right through the gates of March. What a procession!

(The question is, what else would you want?)

Throughout February, the maverick Chiron will be frolicking about, tossing out holy remedies to heal, the shamanic way.

Eris is in one zodiac sign for one century. It is currently in Aries, debating to follow her passions in a new way. She is the goddess of war, Mars her brother, god of war. But they have already enjoyed their family reunion, so hopefully her passions will evolve into more higher visions, and get the Golden Apple and place it on a sacred altar, and not toss it into the wedding part and start the Trojan War.

Sedna, the eternal feminine, is reaching the last degrees of Taurus, thus uniting with the “sweet influences of the Pleiades” (Bible). There will be great jubilation and glee if earth beings truly evolve to this higher goddess of fertility energy. Her ecosystem is far superior to anything we’ve ever seen here in earth history.

Give her time to heal the earth, in Taurus. There will be a “New Heavens and a New Earth to come…

Brian Sandy 

p.s. “Remember the Ptolemaic Aspects”