February 1st/2nd historically has been called Imbolc or Imbolg, signifying the midway point between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.  It is one of the four Gaelic seasonal fire festivals celebrated between solstices and equinoxes each year along with Beltaine, Lughnasadh and Samhain.  At this time of year, goddess Brigid (St. Brigid) is also honored in Ireland and Scotland.  In ancient myths, goddess Brigid wears a lot of hats, she’s called upon to bless both fire and water and is associated with the divine feminine qualities of fertility, renewal and caring support.  Imbolc in American culture has turned into Groundhog Day, when the groundhog peaks out and checks to see if it should continue hibernating or bounce into action early.

don’t we all want to go back to bed sometimes? : )

Here in the Rocky Mountains the earth is transitioning into Spring.  Winter is receding and beneath the ground, energy is stirring the life force of dormant seeds to awaken.  There’s a moistness in the air and a hint of green amid the lingering patches of snow.

The word origin of Imbolc is not certain, some accounts link it to an Irish origin meaning “in the belly” and referring to the pregnancy of ewes; other scholars say it means “cleansing or to ritually wash oneself;” and a third meaning is “budding.” All of these meanings have application on our spiritual paths.

Wherever you are today, take a moment and tune into this subtle change between seasons.  If you can, spend a moment appreciating or being present in nature. Note that while we sometimes feel alone and separate from the cycles of life, and the earth herself, we are all integrally connected.  Honor yourself and your own life as being vitally important to the whole.  Be compassionate for the seemingly still and dormant moments, the void between what has been and what is coming, knowing that they serve an essential part of life’s larger divine plan of renewal.  Remember that many of life processes happen beyond the veil of our physical sight, but not beyond our spiritual knowing.  Honor the cycles of your unique physical, spiritual and emotional flow.  Pause this week and plant some seeds, whether symbolic literal ones, or seeds of intentions that you want to call forth to more fully embody and ground your larger life purpose.  

Even if where you are is now moving into more autumn-like weather, tuning into the cycle of life where you live can be highly rejuvenating.

Know that nature, this Human Harmonics community, and your spiritual inner being are all lovingly supporting you as you transform through phases of surrendering the past, anticipating the new and embracing the Now.  

Many blessings on the journey, may you be greeted with a thousand brilliant blossoms in the seasons to come!