Welcome to Human Harmonics and our inaugural Heart Empowered calls. It is our firm knowing that where two or more are gathered in the frequency of LOVE, the most beautiful and empowering aspects of life such as deep connection, abundance, peace, joy, inspiration and intentional manifestation are more easily accessed and exponentially amplified.

These times of extreme change and polarization can sometimes leave us feeling uncertain and unstable. From this place of fear we are limited, unable to be our best, and we may not feel clear on how we can best add our light to the world. But we also know that with great challenges come an increased Collective Desire for a better way and with it a quickening of increased focus on Positive Outcomes for the greater good.

What better time to ride the wave of that desire and focus, to come together and harness the power of the collective, to create positive change individually and universally?

With that in mind, Human Harmonics has created these beautiful Heart Empowered calls, a way for everyone, no matter what faith, culture, age, gender or circumstance, to come together and simply Be the LOVE we truly are.  From that optimum state of being, we begin creating an internal world we are empowered by and an external world we thrive in.

Come. Be empowered. Join us and add your energetic light to the world! Then watch what happens…. : )

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Heart Empowered: 4 x 30-minute guided calls to connect through the heart field and heal, uplift and amplify one another.

A 30 minute guided zoom call facilitated by Barbara D Reynolds in co-creation with Nia Peeples,  Ellen Mary Elizabeth and all of you as a way to, through conscious intent,

  1. Meet in the heart field

  2. Amplify the love that we are

  3. Create something far greater than ourselves.

The following Sundays at 11 Am PST (7 PM London time)

September 22 and 29, October 6 and 13


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Because together, we make it so!

Nia Peeples

Nia Peeples is an actress, singer, dancer, host and author most known for the hit TV series Fame, Walker Texas Ranger, and Pretty Little Liars, the movies The North Shore and Return to Lonesome Dove, and her #1 record, Trouble. Most recently, with her youngest child off to college, Nia sold everything and went on a 3 year walkabout to answer the question, “What do you want?” She knew that contained within that answer was the truth of who she had become and her greatest expression of that knowing.

Now Nia is experiencing the  power and joy of standing  in integrity and alignment with her deepest  desire, which is simply to flow LOVE by living  it out loud, and empowering others to do the same. She has completed her first book, The Little Apple Tree, having a tremendous positive impact on a Pilot school in New Mexico. And she’s creating an inspirational online community called Human Harmonics which invites and supports people into alignment with their true nature, which is the frequency of Love. 

Nia Peeples

Co-creator Heart Empowered.

Barbara Reynolds

is a Spiritual Coach who has the unique ability to “see” what is happening energetically in the body and then works with individuals to transform any patterns that are no longer serving their higher purpose. Through her work, Barbara helps her clients align with their authentic Divine self.

I am so very excited to share this ancient technology of the HEART with you.  In these times of great change there is a strong desire to follow a path forward that provides greater trust, peace and resiliency when faced with challenges and the uncertainty about the future.  As we come together and connect through the frequency of love, compassion, caring, appreciation and combine our fields of light, we create something grander than ourselves. We remember and tap into the innate abilities of our heart fields… that part of us that contains wisdom, deep intuition, compassion and self- healing.. We do this together!!

Barbara Reynolds   For a deeper dive into Heart Empowered visit www.iamactivated.com

Co-creator Heart Empowered. Founder, Activation LLC.

Did You Know?

Many contemporary scientists believe it is the underlying state of our physiological processes that determines the quality and stability of the feelings and emotions we experience. The feelings we label as positive actually reflect body states that are coherent, meaning “the regulation of life processes becomes efficient, or even optimal, free-flowing and easy,”[160] and the feelings we label as “negative,” such as anger, anxiety and frustration are examples of incoherent states. It is important to note, however, these associations are not merely metaphorical. For the brain and nervous system to function optimally, the neural activity, which encodes and distributes information, must be stable and function in a coordinated and balanced manner. The various centers within the brain also must be able to dynamically synchronize their activity in order for information to be smoothly processed and perceived. Thus, the concept of coherence is vitally important for understanding optimal function.

“I am in media. I meet a lot of people and help tell their stories.  In the time since the Heart Empower calls have started, I have experienced a shift in how I see people and relate to them. Being a part of the calls, opening my heart in truth with other people has changed me over the past few months.  I am connecting through the heart more honestly and quickly with people which has shifted my relationships and experiences in a remarkable way.”

Kathy N.

“I started doing these calls with Barbara and a hand full of beautiful people about 6 moths ago. From the very first call I could feel a shift in my internal state, a shift that allowed me to experience, problem solve, interact with others optimally and access my intuition when needing clarity.  And the more we came together, the more that newly shifted state became a set point for me. Progress in my life has been exponentially faster, whether moving through a crisis or creating most expansively. It’s truly amazing.”

Nia P., (yeah that’s me)