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Enlighten Up! Heart Connect Calls

As planetary and world energies heighten, we feel called to come together to connect at the heart level to uplift one another, support one another, and send some good vibes out to the world!

We’ll begin each Zoom call with a 15-minute heart-connecting meditation, followed by a 20-minute facilitator-led discussion.  From there we’ll go into a 20-minute mentoring Q & A session, and a 5-minute heart blessing-for-all-beings closing.

The more of us centered in that unconditional LOVE at the core of who we are, the easier it becomes to connect there regularly. When we come together and consciously radiate that life-affirming frequency outward, the more beautiful our lives become and the more beautiful we make this world!

JOIN US! and spread the word!

New Dates TBA

Heart Empowered Calls

As we come together and join our hearts we create something grander then ourselves.  It is by design. 
Together we amplify the light needed to birth this new time.  With combined hearts we choose to devote our energy to  LOVE and UNITY.
Feel the expansion as we choose to align with the highest aspect of self,  as we choose our Divine light, as we choose to create our world together.  Together we come fully present, align with the knowing in our hearts and journey.
New dates TBA!  If you cannot join in person we will be uploading the video to the I am Activated YouTube Channel and the Human Harmonics YouTube Channel

Mondays October 5th and 19th

5:00 pm PST

Possibilities at Play!

Moving through this time of transition with flying colors calls for connecting with the field of possibilities. In this 4-week “Thriving in the Midst of Change” online series MaryAnn will present information to engage and entertain the brain coupled with energetic experiences to help you land in a place where you will grow and prosper.  Join us to discover what’s at play in the quantum field for you.

MaryAnn, I loved your training so cool.  I loved the energetic conversation simple and never quite thought of it like that.  

Great job!
There are no call scheduled at this time but you can revisit the “Thriving in the Midst of Change” series on our YouTube Playlist!:

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