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Heart Connect Calls with eme

December 8th and 22nd

9:00am PST

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As planetary and world energies heighten, we feel called to come together to connect at the heart level to uplift one another, support one another, and send some good vibes out to the world!

We’ll begin each Zoom call with a 15-minute heart-connecting meditation, followed by a 20-minute facilitator-led discussion.  From there we’ll go into a 20-minute mentoring Q & A session, and a 5-minute heart blessing-for-all-beings closing.

The more of us centered in that unconditional LOVE at the core of who we are, the easier it becomes to connect there regularly. When we come together and consciously radiate that life-affirming frequency outward, the more beautiful our lives become and the more beautiful we make this world!

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Virenia hosts with special guests

December 20th 12:00pm PST

This month Donna De Lory, one of the world’s foremost singers of devotional mantras & songs of spiritual inspiration, chats with Virenia about her upcoming live performance, their days in #PopMusic, #Madonna, hitting the dance charts and coming fully on line with one’s true calling.

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Monthly Astrology live with Brian Sandy

January 1st

1:00pm PST

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Co-Creating live stream events with Jo

New events and details soon!