Wherever you are, whatever you believe, whatever your faith, ’tis the season to celebrate being alive and being a wonderful integral part of a larger magical magnificent WHOLE!

The word “holiday” was first recorded in English around the year 950. In Old English, it was written haligdæg or hali-dægh (literally “holy day’). And later, in Middle English, the first vowel was also an “a”: halide, halliday etc. The spelling “holiday” was first recorded in 1460. (Source:Grammarphobia)

Originally, the word meant a consecrated day or a religious festival, but in the 1400s it acquired a more secular meaning: “a day on which ordinary occupations (of an individual or a community) are suspended; a day of exemption or cessation from work; a day of festivity, recreation, or amusement.” (The Oxford English Dictionary)

That’s how the single word “holiday” became identified with vacations, but each of us can put the “holy” back in it. We can go back to our roots and take some time to go within, feel the sacredness of life and celebrate the season gratefully observing our shared holiness and wholeness!

Christmas and other religious celebrations have somehow become a mélange of cultural traditions, like borrowing the evergreen tree from Yule and adopting the idea of St. Nicholas, an historical saint who gave away his inheritance to the poor, from what is now present day Turkey.

Though celebrations in much of the world seem to now emphasize commercialism and material gift giving over true connection, we each have the power to re-define what it means to us (without pushing against any aspects we may not prefer). Yes, let’s have fun and thoroughly enjoy it all… the exchange of gifts, the flicker of holiday lights, the taste of yummy food, cheerful gatherings with family, friends and community, and festive music and traditions that have meaning to us, but let’s take it even deeper.

Humanity is entering an age of higher consciousness where we are moving toward greater love and unity and away from fear and separation. Despite at times a bumpy transition, you can feel in your heart that structures built in limitation are falling away and newer win-win-win solutions are coming into form.

Whatever the relevancy of the birth of Jesus means to you and the world at large, we at Human Harmonics honor and value all traditions and beliefs. To me the most significant meaning of focusing on “the Christ” is because it represents the state of being known as Christ consciousness.

Christ comes from the Greek word χριστός (chrīstós), meaning “anointed one”According to the Summa Theologica of Thomas Aquinas, in the singular case of Jesus, the word Christ has a twofold meaning, which stands for “both the Godhead anointing and the manhood anointed”. It derives from the twofold human-divine nature of Christ (dyophysitism): the Son of man is anointed in consequence of His incarnated flesh, as well as the Son of God is anointing in consequence of the “Godhead which He has with the Father.”

Jesus and many other spiritual masters, both male and female throughout the world and throughout history, serve us as wayshowers—teaching us that we can choose to live at higher consciousness states of being too. Each of us has the capacity to access this Christ level of consciousness by cultivating our ability to flow love through us as the highest expression of who we really are.

It’s a simple process (though not always easy!) 

Each of us is called to:

see with eyes of love
celebrate the divinity within all
align our thoughts and actions with unity ….
….as many moments of each day as we can.

Not just on holy days, but everyday! 

Whether you are alone or are in the company of others, know that you are always greatly loved and connected to All That Is.  From this heart-centered place, any prayer, any feeling of love, joy or gratefulness, any act of kindness you offer reverberates into the field of collective consciousness in unseen but very powerfully positive ways. 

How exciting to know what a group of us focused in this way create, and how the ripples of our expanding power of love radiate out across the planet, the cosmos and beyond, for the benefit of all beings. Wow!  Now that is a gift to cultivate, cherish and celebrate!  No matter the season, the best present you can offer yourself and another, is being aligned with Presence!

Happiest of holidays to you from our Human Harmonics family to yours!  As you live from the Christ within yourself and draw it forth in resonance from others, may you be embraced and enveloped in the greatest love you have ever known, and may all your highest dreams come true!