• Create some space in your day to pause for at least 15-30 minutes and longer if inspired to. 
  • Contemplate in a way that suits you best, such as journaling, walking in nature, sitting quietly or meditating.  Set the intention to connect with your inner being /higher Self. Light a candle or tune into some soothing music.
  • Breathe slowly, deeply, consciously, and lovingly, at least three times.  
  • Visually picture light coming to you from above and illuminating your body and connecting with the earth.  Allow this loving energy to fill and support you throughout this process. 
  • Take one minute to think about and feel grateful for all the love you have ever received and all the love you have ever given. 
  • Take another minute to acknowledge all the people who have ever been kind to you and to whom you have been kind.  
  • Take another moment to tune into the earth and all the amazing ways nature supports us and can inspire us with her beauty, diversity and awesome systems of intricate connection, from the cosmos down to each cell.  
  • Now from this elevated state of perception, ask yourself if you are ready to contemplate some of the more difficult times in your life to integrate the wisdom and let go of what no longer serves you. If yes, put your hand over your heart and say aloud or to yourself: “I AM in my Knowing” to draw forth your own higher wisdom (rather than your personality self’s limited view or story).
  • Call to mind any events or memories or conflicting beliefs that still trouble you that you are now ready to integrate, allowing them to come forth one at a time.  Ask how each of these challenges has served you or continues to serve you. Allow yourself to see from eyes of Love, and acknowledge and then release any judgment, resentment, anger, guilt or blame that comes up.  Know that you and whatever players there might have been in these situations acted in the best way you and they were capable of at the time, given your and their emotional setpoints, soul journeys and personal experiential paths.  Embrace whatever comes up. Tears are cleansing, they signify a release of resistance.
  • Allow yourself to feel whatever emotions arise and let them pass. Don’t identify with them, don’t reactivate or perpetuate an old story, just witness what arises and bless it and let it go. If you get an answer that surprises you, such as your fear or judgment drew the experience to you so you can choose differently now and be more empowered in the future, or it is time to let go of grief or protecting yourself so you can use that energy in relishing life in new ways, honor that part of yourself for doing the best it could, and now release it.  If you experience a strong trigger that emotionally upsets you, use a technique like slow deep breathing, tapping, EFT, acupressure, marma points, sound healing or calming yoga postures, or homeopathy, herbs or flower essences to shift your biochemistry and adrenal system from fight or flight back to equilibrium, (and/or if in an extreme case, please reach out to a therapist or someone you trust.) Instruct your body to let go of any place it is holding onto these emotions and old memories, and ask it revitalize your cells and bodily systems to its natural state of perfect health and vitality.  Remind yourself you are safe and loved and perfect just as you are.
  • Journal or contemplate any new insights or feelings of compassion that this exercise in asking how a shadow moment or aspect has served you brings to your awareness.  Often asking for the viewpoint of your higher Self to express through you using the technique of writing longhand from the opposite (non-dominant) hand can reveal deeper understandings and bring about a sense of peace and acceptance, and a greater awareness from the soul level of your part in drawing the experience to you.  If nothing comes to your awareness, that’s okay too. Simply taking the time to slow down and breathe deeply is always good for the body and soul!
  • If more memories or difficult emotions arise and you feel that you need more time to process, continue or repeat this exercise over the next week or so as inspired to.  You may wake up from a dream with a new insight, so be aware that not all answers and awareness come immediately.
  • To complete this inner exploration, breathe deeply, slowly and lovingly again three times.  
  • Visualize the light of loving energy continuing to circulate through you empowering and revitalizing you from now on.  Know that this unconditionally loving energy is a part of you and is always there for you. Tune into it often to recharge and create from. 
  • Put your arms around yourself like you are giving yourself a big hug and say: “I love myself exactly as I AM.  I accept and allow all parts of myself and all experiences I have had in this life that have brought me to who I AM in this moment.  I am grateful and blessed and excited to create a fulfilling future perfect for me. I know who I AM. I know what I AM. I know how I serve.  I AM free. I AM free. I AM free. So be it!”
  • Slowly integrate movement in a way that feels most supportive to you, like stretching slowly, using hand movements to shake off what no longer serves you and drawing to you what now does, swaying gently, dancing, laughing, or lying down and relaxing deeply for as long as you need to, etc.  Then congratulate yourself on taking time for yourself and integrating, you’re on your way to even more empowered wholeness!

When challenges arise in the future, rather than suppress, express or regress, address and bless each situation as it comes to you, and redirect your attention to create from the feeling place of what you do prefer.  Know that no matter what your past has been, today holds the seed for an even better tomorrow. As we learn to master the shadow moments of life, we leave behind the need to burrow away from the world, and fully embrace the light of who we really are. 

Thank you for being uniquely wonderful you, and happy flourishing in all seasons!