I am calling this new month of January the “Month of the Mystical Diamond”……

Just this past Christmas we had a great Solar Eclipse in Capricorn which essentially unified many planetary essences in the Earthy, Cardinal sign Capricorn. The Sun and Moon, being new, were fusing the effect of the “Ring of Fire” that could be seen in many parts of the World. Right behind this amazing configuration was situated the largest planet Jupiter, which had just spent a year in the Fire Sign Sagittarius…Now joined together with the Sun and Moon, it was like a mighty coalition that collected expansive energy from the Universe (a little like the Big Bang Theory, ever expanding)… and gave our primal instincts (Sun and Moon) a boost in increased awareness and largeness to embrace new hope and cultivate new philosophies and understanding of spiritual fortunes. Jupiter thus became part of the Capricorn unit expression which prefaced a whole year of its visit in this sign, a sign of Initiation.

Behind the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter was the Asteroid Ceres, once considered to be a planet in the 1800s (and may become one again in the future) Ceres is considered the Earth Mother goddess. Generally, she is related to overall nourishment and healing. So all three merge with her energy. Ceres will stay in Capricorn for the whole month of January. So, that’s not all. One of the big players in the planetary pantheon is Saturn, Lord of Karma, Governor of Time and Reality. Also known as Chronos. Saturn usually has a heavy influence on matters of the earth, creating a sense of sobriety and wisdom, knowing one’s boundaries. And let us not forget that character Pluto, whose identity has probably been misconstrued. Pluto’s main role is obsession/chaos yet also revolution that yields up major purges and transformation, including regeneration and transfiguration. The symbol for Pluto is the Sun (Solar Logos) above the Cup (Moon, Holy Grail) and the cross (material planet earth. Pluto has a mystical identity and is full of seed. At times I have called it the “Pomegranate Planet”.

Now, this major stellium of planets will be congregating even more powerfully in the month of January.

If we take the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn and call it the “Mothership” or “Fathership” we set the stage for the most significant days in January, the 10th,11th,and 12th. The 10th is the Lunar eclipse Full Moon. Eclipses sweep away old structures and thought forms. This recent Solar eclipse, like the alien space craft, brought us New Structures to install or apply. If you meditated on the Solar Eclipse moment, you could see the new patterns downloading. Since this was a day after Christmas, one could appreciate the New Story that was about to unfold. This is why I call it the month of the Mystical Diamond.

In medical astrology, Saturn, which rules Capricorn, is affiliated with bone growth, structure and formation. That’s why every year when the Sun enters this sign at the Winter Solstice, we accept a form of pruning or getting down to the bare essentials. It’s all skeleton, skin and teeth. So when this Solar Eclipse happened it initiated a year long restructuring of our physical forms. Everything that hardens is a Saturn realm. The alien analogy is not far fetched, in that we are in a time of our human earth history where great leaps of new physical awareness, and realistic formation, are coming into our quantum DNA, so to speak. As you know, I am a proponent of the theory of the Sea of Light, when the great Mayan shift of 2012 began to manifest on June 1, 2013, as our Solar System cascaded off our universal waterfall and plunged into a new area of space, called the “Sea of Light.” This was a 4th dimensional photon field, or “sea”, wherein we have been traveling, hurtling along this new space environment towards are nearest star system, Alpha Centauri. This explains the uniqueness of our global warming/changes. Recent news says too that our magnetic pole is moving rapidly towards Siberia…

Earth beings are being asked to unify, and this means prepare our minds and collective emotions, spiritual initiatives to form new bodies and structural molecular light forms (astral, etheric). Saturn is the “Tone” of our souls, which dispenses instructions to magnetize or align with new space environmental requirements. Saturn is one of the original traditional planets, and until Uranus was discovered, it clearly defined boundaries in our world, just like the skeletal growth development. Saturn in ancient times always depicted the heaviness of gloom and melancholy, until we learned the required lesson. Sometimes I have called it “heavy deuterium,” associated with those times when one is gloomy and depressed. That’s because the pressure, the weight of karma, shows up on our screen, and yes, it is real. But the wisdom of Saturn is once we have met our karma, there is joy and jubilation. Similar to when you master a certain technique.

So, as we venture into January, we are embracing new karmic vibrations to align ourselves with lighter body mentality (not heavy deuterium). Jesus himself said that “My burden is Light and Easy” So when I mentioned that the recent Solar Eclipse would change the story, I also meant the Christmas Story. The concept of the Mystical Diamond has begun but will now manifest fully throughout the month of January. Diamonds are pure crystalline forms, and you might say that is what evolution is requiring of us. To become like pure diamonds. Saturn is an agent of this process. So the sixth celestial body in Capricorn is Pluto. All six aligned during the Solar Eclipse, but on January 12 Saturn will join with Pluto, planet of Revolution, exactly. The last time these two planets were this close together was 1284 AD. They periodically merge every plus 30 years or so, but not in Capricorn. Astrologers are calling this a great moment of major political and social revolution, upheavals throughout the world in governments, and in money institutions everywhere, with such issues as credit, social standing and profession evolving as the topic of discussion, and powerful need to address. In esoteric astrology, Capricorn relates to “Ego-Consciousness” and the esoteric astrology Alice Bailey called this sign one of the three spiritual expressions of money, and capital. In Capricorn, money becomes “concretized energy.” Money certainly is power, but it refers more so to social status, fame or notoriety. Capricorn is also the sign of the World Initiate, which also reveals Spiritual Power. The other two signs associated with money were Taurus (actual dollar bills and coins, physical possessions) and Libra, sign of trust, when someone gives you or you give them money for a service or product and you trust it will be worth it in equal value.

The month of January embraces two Saturn archetypes, Capricorn and Aquarius. In ancient times, Saturn ruled Aquarius as well as Capricorn, so one might say that January has an undertone of Saturnic energy. The Sun goes into the Air Sign Aquarius on January 20. Thus the energy archetype shifts from earth to Air. And then there will be a New Moon in Aquarius. So one could say that on the 20th the Capricorn concentration suddenly ends (the physical body redesigned), and the Air Sign Aquarian motif takes over. Thus the first three weeks of January are Capricorn physical centering, with the last week a radical realignment with the mental body. So that by the time we get to that New Moon in Aquarius on January 24, we have gotten ourselves fit and ready to advance into wild and crazy adventures to assist the social visionary dreams of the new human wave…
The Mystical Diamond will be roughed out then polished as it enters Aquarian waters.

The major key dates in this month’s calendar are January 10, 11, 12
The Sun with Mercury is in exact conjunction called Cazimi.
This is crystal clarity at its best.
The Full Moon will be in Cancer 20 with Sun in Capricorn 20.This will be the first Cancerian Full Moon since before 2019. It will be like an umbrella effect. The Cancerian energy is the great inner soul, embracing the whole troop of planets after they have been randomly conspiring to change the whole world. It’s a quintessential moment of truth designed to create a more integrated front, because after this Full Moon, the whole year ahead will dash forward in unbridled momentum. It’s like the Mother Cancerian Moon will give all the other planets their assignments, like a football team. But what happens even after they have been given their orders would be anybody’s guess. Since the Solar Energy Sun will be very present in this meeting, it would be like Mom and Dad trying to figure out which kids go to college and which ones will inherit the family business!

That’s because Uranus, sleeping for 5 months, will suddenly turn direct, and the Taurus bull holding genius insights, will be released from the pen. It will be given full reign until August 15. Talk about money changes, wait to see what happens when Taurus builds up steam. On the 12th, of course, the Revolutionary Pluto meets in some secret chamber with the Law and Order Saturn. That, my friends, will be something else. That’s because Pluto wants to shake up the world and Saturn wants to give it more order and discipline. So this just sets up the stage for Jupiter’s joining the pair in March. Like the Marvel Superheroes, what will the results of these three action figures bring to the table? So three big operators come to Mt Olympus to decide the Fate of the World. This is all in the sign of the governmental sign Capricorn, but this sign is also expressive of spiritual power. So we have, “the materialization of the spiritual”…

In the cases of the Dec 26 Solar Eclipse and the January 10 Lunar, these are extremely important times to “Release”…but the paradoxical affirmation is the formation of a New Reality, a New Structure, a new way to function with the anticipation of a new cosmic Reality. That’s why the story changes, the myth evolves, or the legend seeks another outlet. Very exciting times.
The Mystical Diamond is like finding your Celestial Coordinate, to successfully navigate the new frontiers of space…

And so, like in any good novel, the next day, after all the power stocks have been exchanged, our beloved Venus enters (on the 13th) Pisces, her sign of exaltation, and romance and psychic sensitive and creativity begin to blossom. Venus will spend a good two weeks in this beautiful sign and culminates with a high level spiritual vibration as it joins Neptune, the planet of Divinity. Either she embraces wild romance, or becomes a nun! (They are about the same, right?) Then, during this evolution, Mercury jumps into Aquarius, which is also its sign of exaltation. Genius abounds, good for writing, unusual travels, and reestablishing sibling or neighbor connections as Mercury and Venus dance together in their most prolific expressions. Youthful feelings, music and art flourish during the last two weeks of January.

In this month of supercharged self-empowerment, let us highlight the final day on the 31st as being the first time since 2019 that the Moon will conjoin with the now direct Uranus. This is like at the end of an eccentrically compelling movie, there is a different scene, which establishes the sequel. All the focus has been on revolutionary and radical, deep physical formations, and political coups, but at the end the beautiful moon meets the dashing Uranian adventurer as they look across the broad, albeit gaunt, landscape.
Finally they meet, the Moon conjoins Uranus, in Taurus, and a new tale begins to emerge. But also remember that this whole new year runs full course due to what transpires in January. January sets the theme for the whole year. One of the key themes of this year then, is the conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn, which happens every 19 years or so. Thus the Capricorn-Aquarius Archetypes, forming the Mystical Diamond, are like the intriguing trailer to an extreme epoch of a film which will play out in astro theaters for the whole year to come. At the end of this year we will see Aquarius as being the next focus, just like the January sequence this month. The synodic cycle has a powerful influence on presidential/world governments scenarios and outcomes. But expect the totally unexpected for the first few months of the year ahead…a flashback of sorts to the era of the Great Depression. So we encourage everyone to invent this year, whatever your expertise. All realities surface from hidden worlds, and tantalizing new frequencies will manifest!!! Remember it is the month of the “Mystical Diamond”…

Yours Truly
Brian Sandy