I always like to say that art is the manifestation of human experience and emotion – it makes all the intangible parts of being human tangible. We all know inherently what it feels like to grieve, to love, to be happy, to be sad, to be angry –  but expressing it with just words does not draw empathy to the feelings.  Music and art do this for us and give us a medium to share it with each other. When we go to a live musical event we are ONE – living as close to experiencing each other’s perspective as we can possibly be. The same happens even in a digital format and doesn’t have to happen in “real time”. Any given time you’re listening to a song, or observing a painting or play, you are one with all those who experienced it before you and after you.

Our interpretations vary – but we are all moved. Moved to sing, dance, draw, weep.

I hope my musical offerings fulfill whatever need you may have in this moment.


Across The Universe – Lelah Simon featuring Jo Nagle

In 2019 I started interviewing my musical peers for a series I call The Flourish. The focus of the interviews is the relationship each has with their instrument. The tool for musicians is of course their instrument and so many of us treat them as if they are are an extension of ourselves, in many ways they are.

At the end of the interview I always do an unrehearsed performance with the musician and their instrument. The reason for unrehearsed is because I want it to be organic – art flowing freely.  In this case we had chosen an entirely different song to do before we filmed, then in the moment changed it to this. I loved it so much I insisted we record it and release it! You can listen/download/stream/share here!:

The series of such interviews is called The Flourish  – because of social distancing I have not conducted one in many months but I look forward to starting up again very soon! You can see them all on my YouTube channel: