Well here we are in July already and the Summer of Love is just getting started.
We also are on track for our fourth dimensional journey, which began on June 1, 2013, when our Solar System entered the Sea of Light!

On the first of this month Saturn goes back into Capricorn for its final home-town journey for the year (Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, so it will be visiting its domicile for one last time). It has been there since December 19, 2017. Saturn ventured into Aquarius on March 21 (about a 3 month visit) but will be in Capricorn one last time until December 16/17 (west coast, east coast time US). As always, there is something unique about this particular transit, since in modern astrology Saturn has become the ruler of Capricorn exclusively, but in olden days was the ruler also of Aquarius. So we’ve had a virtual 3 years of Saturn finding its own comfort zone and then getting ready to revisit its “other home” at the end of this year. Saturn generally stays about 2.5 years in a sign. With this extended exception of 3 years we’ve had a brief taste of Aquarius, how unusual.

Saturn is Chronos/Father Time and exudes time lessons. It has been traditionally associated with obstacles, delays, limitations, and pressure/gravity. It is certainly unique in astrology because of its rings and many sizeable moons. When I have given readings for folks over the years, Saturn is usually the one planet that takes the most time. Its influence, or synchronistic reality, is a measure of our lives on earth. In ancient times of recorded history there were only seven spheres, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn was the furthest known planet, but was also known as the Lord of Karma, and The Taskmaster. It represented the school teachers you had that you disliked intensely because they were often cold and relentless, but years later you realized the discipline you endured was for your own good.

Saturn is the planet of wisdom, prudence and knowing just how far we can go with our efforts. In today’s world it is affiliated with Ego. So what will happen as Saturn returns home for the rest of 2020? It’s easy to say that it is the “planet of restrictions.” We certainly know these in our era of life experience. But imagine in the medieval epoch where Saturn was the last planet in the heavens and only had a 29-year span of time. The crushing blow of karma and cruel overlords seemed to seal the fates of earth’s mortal inhabitants. Life expectancy often did not surpass Saturn’s 29-year boundaries. The Dark Ages really were dark.

Those who responded to the outer planets were martyred. The general populace, even the rulers, lived in fear and individuals who could sense the higher vibrations were thrust into prisons or worse. But when the planet Uranus was found in 1781 very important discoveries began to happen, a veritable explosion in consciousness ensued and the world radically opened to new awakenings, original individuated thoughts and collective reform. The USA was birthed, and “all of a sudden”(a Uranian affirmation) this new energy was brought into collective consciousness and everybody now could sense it. Uranus had an orbital span of 84 years, and people started living much longer than being under the yoke of Saturn.

Scripture says “be not weary of the chastening of the Lord…for whom the Lord loveth…He instructs and guides.” We might consider this as an opening introduction to July and this classroom will get us through to just before Christmas.

Now the first week of July embraces a totally powerful Lunar Eclipse on July 5. Prior to that, the days before our classic July 4th weekend will somehow elevate the hopefulness of the future. The Moon will be in Sagittarius, the sign of hopefulness and positive futuristic thinking and passion. Dreams and visions will be very strong, and world travel will again open up. On the 3rd, 4th, and 5th the Moon will be in Capricorn so the first infusion of Saturn energy will occur. This brings us to the major lunar eclipse, the third and final eclipse of this “eclipse season” which began with the June 5th lunar eclipse and was followed by the June 20-21st solar eclipse. But as I see it, this will bring a “radical departure from the norm.” Everyone has to be aware of the tremendous eclipse energy pouring through us in the month of June, setting us up for the climax, the final act in the play. But it will be a totally different conclusion than one would expect, a surprise ending that the eclipse troika holds for us. It will be at 13 38 Capricorn Cancer Moon-Sun (9:44 p.m. July 4, west coast of US, 12:44 a.m. east coast July 5). What is very valuable to know is that this eclipse zodiac position will animate the polarity of the Vega (15 degrees) and Sirius (14 degrees) star systems. This is no average eclipse (well, I guess these days that’s no surprise!) Sirius is called an “Origin” star, and Vega is a legendary outpost of the human sojourners when they traveled through space for safer homes (so to speak). Holy Cow, what does that mean for our current batch of human souls who endure crisis upon crisis? I would think this would be a very transformative energetic frequency for humanity since we must think seriously of our cosmic history. Perhaps we will be inspired to come up with intelligent, cogent solutions to this era of dilemma.

Well, anyway, we are immersed in the 4th dimensional light of the photonic Sea of Light. No problem. This is where Higher Consciousness becomes realized. It should be easy to elevate the Earth level of consciousness literally in molecular formation and we may even be able to calculate the daily variables of our DNA. It is truly mind-blowing to assess the possibilities of our Love Consciousness, as we rearrange our priorities and think of cosmic interchanges and spirit-filled encounters. It has been said that our Earth Reality is only one percent of what Is. Anyone want to do some pioneering into what is possible in the other 99? So I would say the final eclipse in our three-part venture will bring significant adjustments into the practical aspects of our increasingly metaphysical world. That’s because it will be involving cardinal signs of Cancer and Capricorn, the executives of the zodiac. If we wax poetic, winter will become summer, and summer, winter. A radical departure from the norm will ensue. But if we are already in a new normal (abnormal) what would a radical departure really mean? Look to your astrological charts to see where this eclipse transits, where your cosmic power vehicle will direct you next!!!

The Moon on the 6th of July will be making its first conjunction with Saturn in Capricorn. It will have spent the day giving high fives in its conjunction with Jupiter and Pluto and then will move on to Saturn. Remember that this large scale conjunction in Capricorn probably is one of the primary virus affiliated influences. But did you know there is a star called CORONA Australis right at the base of these conjunctions? Yikes! One wonders what the outcome of this triple conjunction will breed, since Saturn will now be in its home field? A new Reality for sure.

So on the 6th the Moon will enter Aquarius early on and will be making some pretty good aspects with Mars, Venus and Chiron. Aquarius is a group sign, relevant to clubs and associations. It’s a good time to re-evaluate who your friends, associates and colleagues are. I call friends one’s “impersonal lovers,” the ones with whom you share your most cherished dreams. Aquarius espouses Utopian creations and so these days (including the 7th and early 8th), work for more advanced collectives and group support systems. In the body, Aquarius rules the lower calves and ankles, so it’s also a good day to cultivate exercises to stimulate these regions of your self. On the 8th of July, the Moon moves into Pisces until July 10/11 (west/east time). This period of time will be the first recognition of the power of Neptune, which has now gone retrograde, in the sign Pisces. Psychic vision will become totally expanded and we will become more receptive to higher dimensional imagery. Since Neptune is now retrograde, it will be making first contact through sextiles (60 degree angles of harmony) with the other outer planets Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, since it went retrograde on June 22/23. It will be forming a major coalition with these celestial bodies in a retrograde grouping that’s very rare. Pisces also represents the immune system so there is a highly concentrated focus on health during these days. There is a spiritual component to the immune system via Pisces, the sign emphasizing the duality of the two fishes swimming in opposite direction. One might say, as an intelligent hypothesis, that the fish that swims in the world (flesh) is in contrast to the one which swims in the Spirit. The immune system follows suit. So if we put the world (or fleshly desires) first (not romance, but lust, greed or avarice) our immune system collapses. If we advance spiritual desires (love, compassion, inspiration, imagination) our immune system strengthens.

This brings us to Chiron and Mercury. Chiron, that zig zag planet that spends time with Saturn then Uranus (the Rainbow bridge), will be going on vacation on the 11th of July at 5:09/2:09 p.m. This is a critical move by this maverick planet, which has been in Aries, because its normal process of transferring the old to the new will be halted. Chiron is considered to be the shamanic planet so it’s a good time for the mystic within us to take time out to renew and restore. And it will now join the other outer planets in “retrograde convention.” The major asteroids, Pallas and Ceres (it was discovered in 1801 and thought to be a planet) will also now be in retrograde. This will make seven celestial bodies in retrograde motion. July 11 will be a very fanciful day indeed since Mercury will be at the end of its retrograde cycle, making it temporarily 8! There should be a festival of lights that day, cosmic lights. This retrograde synchronicity is very rare, and because everyone will be so spaced out (and euphoric) this is why I have called this summer the “Summer of Love.” Remember the image of two lovers gazing at each other on a tapestry picnic blanket by an idyllic bubbling meadow stream!!

Everyone rejoices when Mercury goes direct, which will be 4:26 a.m./1:26 a.m. July 12. So Mercury will be telling all the gang at 42nd street (song) about what it was like to be surrounded by all the big boss planets, except one, Uranus (as always the non-conformist). Mercury went retrograde 17/18 at 14 Cancer (conjunct Sirius, the Dog-Star), and will go through its shadow until July 26, when direct it will be at 14 degrees. So Mercury will spur a lot of writing and talking, communicating and journaling from the 12th through the 26th, when it begins its next adventure.

Venus went into Gemini on April 3 and continues this long transit all through July until the first week of August. This is a long time for Venus to be in one sign.
But wouldn’t you know this sign is an Air sign so the planet of love has been animating the environment and perhaps influencing our respiratory systems. Also, it suggests the creation of new forms of communication (commune, communion) via the air waves. Radio and TV are Gemini things, as are “close blood relatives.” I like to think Saint Francis of Assisi was a Gemini. But this long transit of Venus in Gemini seems to articulate the virus conundrum as well. In esoteric history, some say it is the Mother Mary, who at one point in cosmological time struck the earth out of harm’s way, as intercessor, and it is why we as an earth people planet, live in a habitable zone called the “Goldilocks zone.” By the way, did you know that Venus in its orbit around the Sun does so in the shape of a Heart?!!!

Mars, now in Aries, will have a significant rendezvous with Chiron on the 14th.
It’s the time most likely to compose and start your own personal adventure story. The warrior and the shaman exchange mystical vows and decide how they are going to fight mutually, together, for individual rights. Talk about self-assertion. This is the time when you stand up for your rights and the rights of others. Kind of like a holy war where no one gets hurt, but you must be yourself to pass the test. The initiative you decide to take at this time will last at least two years if not more. When Aries comes to the front it accentuates the good part of self-loving. This is the time to be yourself, know yourself, let your higher Self lead, become selfless, heal yourself, assert your self, know your self worth (you are of more value than sparrows—Scripture reference), and find yourself!!

So the week from the 13th through the 20th is going to be very assertive and also very reflective. The next new moon will be on the 20th of July. We will have gone through the Moon in Aries, Taurus and Gemini before the New Moon in late degrees of Cancer comes flowing in. The cosmic seas are calm at this stage, well, sort of, because there will also be the opposition of all those outer planets, one by one. And, lo and behold, the Moon drops into Leo almost invisibly. The Sun will be throwing out a major opposition with that wisdom planet Saturn, probably the first real accounting of Saturn’s work, as challenged by the Sun. Expect shifts in authority and who runs the show. This new moon will start a new cycle of home-building, either structurally or metaphorically, like re-establishing secure family ties. Children will be highlighted more than ever, as on the 22nd the Sun will enter Leo. The Moon will be in Leo also until 7:40/4:40 p.m. when it enters Virgo (Sphinx point, conjunction with the Star Regulus) allowing the moon to work its magic in understanding how to keep yourself healthy and strong. To me, Virgo is the quintessential sign of health in astrology because when you engage wholeheartedly in something you love to do, health follows, and that’s the true meaning of a labor of love.

The 23rd should be a good day, a day of Perfecting. The Bible says, “Perfect Love casts out fear.” This day calls for us to study and apply discrimination and discretion. The 24th carries forth Virgo earthiness until later in the day, when it goes into Libra. The 24th, 25th, and 26th are excellent days for resolving all partnerships issues to create relationships of trust. These include marriage, business and client-therapist relationships. It’s also a time when you can resolve issues with those who contest you or come to peace with those who have contested you in the past. The Sun is now in the early degrees of Leo, and postulates the courage and boldness of the Lion. This can be a time to build your confidence, self expression and spontaneity. The Sun symbolizes Prana, Essence, Vitality, and is considered to be the conscious expression, Anima. The Sun will stay in Leo until August 22, so you have plenty of time to have fun and play, vacation even. Vacation and enjoyment are just as much a part of the healing process as strict regimen and diet. But since the Leo Energy is so dynamic one wonders what will happen when it contrasts with all those Capricorn elements. The Summer of Love evolves into an evocative if not provocative mystery novel. Earth Beings will know or be realizing that we are not alone in the Universe. Because the Sun is also a star (Rudhyar) we will find that this July will offer a profound recognition/realization of the presence of other Star Beings. The recurring theme might be: “Create your own Universe”

The 27/28th brings Scorpio into the picture, and when we get to the 29th we will have one of our first chances to access the Alpha Centauri code, the purpose of the Sea of Light. One of the most important decisions you will ever make comes on the 29th, as the Moon aligns with Saturn near the 29th degree. This may be in response to the conditions of the world at that time. The 30th and 31st of July are preparatory sequences of aligning ourselves with deeper truths, calling us to be deeply honest as it were, as we look ahead to the Full Moon on August 3. This marks a time for unlimited potential for projects and designs that affect both the immediate moment and the far future as well. The Moon once again is the lens for future realities and the following Capricorn Moon secures those realities. It’s a great time to be ambitious and go to new heights! Find a mountain that works for you!