In recent months, it is as though the whole world went far away to experience itself close up. A New Dimension of Reality, Time, and Space, has transformed this Earthly Theater into a multi-congregate agora. Our crystalline structure has been transfigured thousands of time, and our common awareness been elevated by yeoman proportions…

As we approach June 1, we will be reaching a seven year milestone of the phenonema called The Sea of Light. On June 1, 2013, as a result of the Mayan cyclic Convergence of 5000 years (alignment with the Milky Way Galactic Center) of December 2012, our Solar System, as a cosmic unit of energetic and evolutionary expression, plunged off the edge of the Galactic waterfall plane, and entered the Sea of Light. This Sea is a New Cosmic Ecosystem environment, comprised of 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensional light particles that has propelled our Solar System into the direction of Alpha Centauri, our nearest neighbor. We are traveling now for seven years in this new dimensional Archetype. If we need to explain the drama of climate change, weather extremes, and colossal challenges from unknown biochemical and hereditary origins, human survival in treacherous outbreaks of unknown sources, and many other calamities on this beloved planet, it is because we have not yet learned the conditions of our new cosmic neighborhood. These days, everything is startling.

So as we traverse the qualities of June, we are asked to study the effects of Environment.
We are Astronauts in a new Solar System spaceship hurtling along and breathing in and out new Air. Let me point out that Gemini is an Air (Mutable) sign. In classical astrology, Gemini is associated with communications, speech, literature, teaching, short journeys, and local travels, like one’s neighborhood. It is affiliated with learning and education, as well as one’s close blood relatives, brothers and sisters. Above all, it is the sign that addresses The Environment. In medical astrology, Gemini is symbolic of one’s BREATHING and respiratory system, the lungs, arms, shoulders, nervous system and the tongue, or speech. It has been called the Butterfly of the Zodiac, or Peter Pan. Being ruled by Mercury, the Angel planet, it rules the Supernatural Airwaves, spirit highways, neuro-transmitters and the Lightness of Thought. In an Esoteric way, I have considered this Air Sign the sign of Adam and Eve and Paradise. The two human beings, hermaphrodites, undifferentiated almost neutral Male Female entities. Many a time I wonder what would have happened if that Apple (knowledge) was never picked!
So we enter the month of June for essentially three weeks with the focus on the qualities of this Airy, environmental (hiking!) sign.
In our world today, the crisis that has enveloped the earth is a function of the air and communicative illnesses. In a sense, it is a Gemini phenonema, because breathing/respiratory/lung activities are the primary resultants/recipients of our current conditions. In this sense, June then portends to be an especially significant month in finding solutions to redeem humanity’s health.

The biggest factor for early June is heralded by Venus Retrograde in Gemini. Venus entered Gemini on April 3, went retrograde on May 12/13, and will go direct this month on June 24/25.
This planet of love will stay in Gemini all through July until the first week of August. That’s a lot of Gemini. So can this be no surprise that the Gemini archetype of breathing and being in the environment with neighbors is so highlighted these days. Venus, by the way, in its orbit around the Sun, forms the shape of the Heart.

As an anecdote, the famous Architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, who was a Gemini, integrated air
and sunlight with the interiors and exteriors of his designs.

After the Moon goes through Libra and Scorpio, the first two/three days of June, (good time to come to balance and make significant decisions with and about others), we find one of the first significant aspects of the month on June 3. The SUN will be in conjunction with VENUS (retro).
In the magic five pointed Star, this represents one of the important times in the alchemical process of transition, of changing or exchanging one form for another. This is a highly metaphysical time, but in a simpler way it’s like changing one’s look or wardrobe to begin to express yourself at a higher vibrational level. If you are making scientific inquiries, it is a period when you fuse new elements to better assist humanity. But my thought now is that this will be a chance for humanity to “break on through to the other side” so to speak in finding new health for respiratory situations. June 4th will be filled with a few good aspects such as Moon sextile Jupiter (opportunity for abundant discoveries), and the Moon sextile Saturn in Aquarius (breakthroughs for innovative futures once again).

The next first big date in June will of course be on Friday the 5th, the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini-Sagittarius. This may be reflected in better international relations, and the opening of new travel lanes. I am beginning to call the month of June, the month of opening up to NEW PATHWAYS. The Moon in Sagittarius will be opposing Venus, a different kind of attractability comes along. This will be a very dynamic full moon where everyone on the planet will be wanting to travel to remote and exotic islands. The archetype image is “large sailing ships, waiting in the harbor, get permission to sail again.” There will be lots of hard aspects that day. The Moon will square Mars and Neptune in Pisces, and this energy will project until June 13, when Mars and Neptune form a very powerful conjunction. This is actually a key turning point in our earth reality, because Pisces rules the Immune System and there will be a “war” with “Spirit” (beginning around the Lunar Eclipse on the 5th). Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are called Mutable, Common, or Flexible signs. We will find ourselves needing to adapt to unique immune system challenges. The Sun will be square to Mars on the 6th so be very careful about anger, jealousy, and resentment.

June 7th should be a breeze after all that, as we shift to the more mystical lens.
On June 8th, be prepared to change your patterns and entertain alternative plans, get new good friends that share your dreams. There will be an interlude of the Moon in Aquarius through the 8 th, 9 th and 10 th which will (or should) shock us into remembering that we are at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, where we are being awakened (or should be) to new levels of awareness in social living! This current epidemic is not a new thing but an accumulation of un-resolved earth history. Think about it that way. The New Age will have no tolerance for the insanity and tragedy this ancient agglomeration of dead cells has surfaced or revealed. So the Age of Aquarius is a wake up call, as humans are highly socialized beings. I might add that our current world crisis is symptomatic of a much larger composition. We are not alone in the Universe. When all these planets lined up in Capricorn at the early part of this year, they were signals of a phenonema called World Initiation. In esoteric astrology, the Earth sign Capricorn physicalizes our spirit lives. All the humans on our earth were and are called upon to physicalize (earth Capricorn) our spiritual beliefs. If you go back to January of this year, and have a photo of that time, now take a photo in June, and see how much you have changed.

Our literal physical bodies, individually and collectively, are being initiated into a New world reality. We are being trained, like astronauts, to evolve new techniques and responses to what in essence will be to be ready for interacting with alien cultures. Little has been said about the fact that astronomers are discovering new planets every day at a highly accentuated rate.
12 planets have now been discovered orbiting their stars that are similar in size to us. Five have water, 7 are called habitable. So if you don’t want to be on this crazy celestial body anymore, I am selling tickets!!! Like customized new homes designed with an awesome future in mind, they are just about ready for earthly settlers—of course, earth beings need to be initiated galactically before inhabiting them!

On the 11th and 12th, the Moon and Sun will be mixing with Neptune in Pisces. These days probably won’t favor Senate debates, but moreso creativity and charitable work. This is the Pisces effect, two fishes: spirit and flesh. The Gemini square will perhaps be a bit spasmodic, humanity will be realigning breathing techniques with advice from immune system technology.

The Aries Moon comes in next with a nice harmonious sextile with the Gemini Sun on the 15th. But the first conjunction with the new goddess planet Eris is also that day, so be aware of a large scale ‘feminizing’ effect which will gradually be building towards the fall and winter. Mythologically, Eris is Mars’ sister, and they both like war. The aggressive assertive elements are forming, but Eris’ focus is to ferret out the corrupt and evil. Mars too, in a way as well.
This Brother sister act will be in Aries for several months at the end of the year, a family reunion of sorts. A notable feature at the end of the month of June will be when Mars enters its own sign on the 27th. It will be there (with a rare retrograde period) right through until the end of the year into the next!

Mercury will be in the nurturing sign of Cancer (families) for all of June but will go retrograde on June 17, and not turn direct until July 12. This could be a very unsteady period for communications and writing, but the opposite possibility is just as available; that is, a good time for brilliance and eloquent poetic oratory! Mars will sextile Pluto on the 18th. Sports for survival sake will re emerge no matter what the consequence. Mars is the neuromuscular, Pluto the neo cortex (survival part of the brain). Friday the 19th favors music, romance and communication; it’s a time for sharing how you really feel about others and how they really feel about you! Venus, the theme of this month, will still be encouraging HEART EXPRESSION.

This brings us to the big June Fireworks, as on the 20th we enter Summer Solstice at the same time as there will be a Solar Eclipse, all in the intimate Water-intuitive sign of Cancer. Talk about frequencies! Some time ago I attended a Mayan celebration in NH at “America’s Stonehenge” with a great fire ceremony intended to give back to the Sun. The reason Mayan Elders attended was because it was the first time in 5000 years (remember that number?) that the Sun was entering 0 degrees of Cancer when the Moon was also. The Great Mother. There were two people dressed up as Sun and Moon, who toward the end of the day, proceeded with others up to the sacred site symbolizing the marriage of the Sun and Moon. A very impressive and honorable day. The frequencies were bouncing and dancing off the rock and through the trees of the mountain top!

A bit more about the mother archetype…

The Great Mother is symbolized by the sign Cancer, especially when we have such an amazing conjunction of the Moon, which rules Cancer, and the Sun, in Cancer.

Within itself, the conjunction of the Sun with the Moon happens every month, which is the new moon, but the rarity of this Solar Eclipse is that it is at 0 21 Cancer, which “doubles up” the effect of The Mother.  This is because both the Sun and the Moon (Sun is electric, Consciousness, Moon is magnetic, Subconscious/memory) are animating the Mother Archetype.  As we know, once a year, the Sun enters Cancer (the Mother) at Summer Solstice, a turning point in the seasons. The fact that the Moon is also entering Cancer at virtually the same time (0 21 Cancer) creates a powerful fusion (a Sol-lunar Marriage or uniting) of the energies of the Primary Lights (Sun and Moon).

This in itself empowers the Cancerian concepts of Yin-Yang 69 or “male-female” which reflect the function of The Mother (giving birth to male or female beings).  Cancer is the sign also of the Soul, of the Ancient past, in which the Mother is exemplified (memory of soul and biological lineage). One might say that this New Moon in Cancer goes as far back in primordial Time as possible, stirring remembrance of The Deep Soul.  So the Mother energy is already vibrating at a high level potency when this union of Sun and Moon takes place.

But what makes it the Great Mother is that an Eclipse is completing its transformative effect on humanity and other beings at the same time, as though the Mother of Mothers were adding in a surprise Revelation of Soul identity about where we come from (remember, Cancer is the ancient past, the DNA, the record of Soul evolution).  Solar Eclipses change situations and realities forever in an irrevocable fashion. Once the eclipse occurs, the past of non-essential, unhealthy, and unnecessary accumulations vanish, get wiped away. This June Solar Eclipse The Great Mother brings dramatic conclusions to old ancient patterns, even history/herstory, washing away old soul conditions no longer sustainable for the future.  Like a sensitive mother, she rises in the world family and the biological family simultaneously to exhort a new Message and stir into action a New Soul perspective.  (Cancer is one of the three water signs, Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer, called the Soul Trinity, or Psychic Trinity. Psyche is the root word of psychology, the record of Souls.)

So this Solar Eclipse will regenerate the Matriarch, a New Dispensation of Female humanity, as The Great Mother reappears after centuries of primordial gestation.  Remember too that Solar Eclipses bring us into Higher Purposes of the Universe, and allow us all to change our soul flow patterns to honor the Divine, while clearing past unwanted realities.  

So, let it be said that this June 20 Solstice Eclipse will bring in much honoring, fusion, and Deep Soul Identity (sign Cancer) integration. The Sun will enter Cancer, then the moon 8 hours later, then the two will ‘marry’ about 40 minutes after both orbs are in Cancer. This will be at 0 21 Cancer, very similar to that one before, but slightly in advance, important to Soul focus. So find out where your 0 Cancer is in your natal chart and derive important spiritual information for this event for you. Solstice is always a turning point in our great cyclic drama. A Solar Eclipse is incredibly life changing (it’s forever!). So the combination is extremely significant. The sign Cancer is like 69, or yin yang, a deep sharing of personalities and souls. Where will you be on this important date? Your home? Your cave? On a mountain top, by a river or sea? Or perhaps in a waterfall!??? Create an opportunity and choose a meaningful place to experience this special event on this special day!

After a breather on the 21st, lightly aspected, the 22nd heralds another important astrological event. The Divine planet Neptune, the planet of the Pineal, and Prophecy, goes on vacation and does so by entering a retrograde phase on the 22/23. What makes this especially important this year is that it joins several other planets already in Retrograde. Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn. Their retrograde phases have been in progress for awhile. Mercury, too, as well, will be retrograde, as will be Venus in its last days as such. That’s a lot of retrogrades. Retrograde is a form of illusion based on Relative Motion. Speeds of the earth and outer/other planets during retrograde make it seem that other planets are going backward. It is an illusion because they are still moving around the Sun but relative to us they appear going in the other direction. Psychologists and psychiatrists are said to have many retrogrades in their charts because the energies are ”suspended” and can be analyzed more carefully.

When Neptune goes retrograde, I am calling this the period of time as “The Summer of Love”
This will begin a series of many retrogrades that will go through September. It is a loving summer because everyone will be compelled to stop awhile, reflect, muse, and feel “in love.” My image is two friends/lovers in 18th century dress, gazing at each other by a stream sitting on a beautiful blanket with a picnic. What image comes to you?

Venus goes direct on the 24th/25th signifying perhaps an old romance ending while a new one begins. Mars enter Aries and it is off to war (isn’t that how it always happens?) This time war might really be one for the restoration of freedom and individual rights. The Moon on the 27th and 28th will be in Libra, trine Gemini, indicating a very favorable for harmonious endeavors. Mars will be sextile Saturn, encouraging more positive goals with world governments.

On the 29th there will be a large conjunction of Jupiter with Pluto in Capricorn. This will be a day when world governments try to reconcile with their constituencies. Hopefully with favorable results! June 30 will be a good festival day, chock full of aspects that add to your delight. Chiron will be there, as will Uranus. You just might find what you are really looking for on that day!!!!

Yours truly,
Brian G. Sandy
May 22 (day of the New Moon in Gemini)