To empower ourselves, we are called to empower others.  This site is definitely worth checking out:  Here you’ll find 600+ inspiring stories of caring and compassion from all over the world, from all walks of life. 

This is the mission of the site:

Times are tough. Many are struggling. Everything feels uncertain, and with that, fear is in the air. Increased stress weakens our immunity, which can leave us even more worried. To step out of this vicious loop, enter KarunaVirus. Sounds like Corona, but it’s even more contagious. : ) It’s the Sanskrit word for compassion.

Good news, uplifting stories, goose-bump-raising videos, inspiring ideas. Scientists call it cognitive reframing, but we just call it love. A new story.

The intent behind is to amplify the voice of our collective compassion — by featuring news of everyday people choosing love over fear. We feel that the acts of courageous kindness we’re seeing all over the world will far outlive the virus, and if enough of us keep it front and center of our consciousness, it could well bring new possibilities for our future.

Perhaps we’re in the middle of living into that new story. Imagine the Italian Air Force using Pavarotti, Spanish soldiers protecting compatriots, and street police playing guitars — to help and *inspire*. Corporations giving unexpected wage hikes. Canadians starting “Kindness Mongering.” A six year old in Australia adorably gifting her tooth fairy money, an 8th grader in Japan making 612 masks, and college kids everywhere buying groceries for elders. Cuba sending an army in “white robes” (doctors) to help Italy. A landlord allowing tenants to stay without rent, an Irish priest’s poem going viral, disabled activists producing hand sanitizer. Imagine. Sometimes a crisis mirrors our deepest impulse — that we can always respond with compassion.

When you feel a bit overwhelmed by the uncertainty of these times, take a moment and connect with the best of humanity.  You’ll feel uplifted, your immune system will function better, and you’ll be a blessing to others near and far.  Keep choosing love over fear.  It’s the new natural! : )