def: someone whose conscientious spiritual practice or their simple appreciation of being alive affects the world and collective consciousness in a powerfully positive way.

These high vibrational beings have developed what scientists call heart coherence and emotional wisdom, otherwise known as the ability to live in Flow state on an ongoing, steady basis, and who are open to expanding into expressing even higher levels of consciousness.

  • they exhibit a peaceful uplifting nature
  • they exude radiance and positive energy
  • they express loving kindness in everything they do
  • they offer allowance and good will to all, honoring all expressions as part of Oneness but only contributing to that which they want to see more of in their life and in the world
  • they need no one to be different in order to feel good
  • they feel connected to a higher, more expansive understanding such as God/Oneness (Allah, Krishna, Great Spirit, Goddess), the Universe, Isness, the unified field, Gaia, angels, etc.
  • they align with that higher aspect within themselves for their sense of security and wellbeing rather than seeking it in external ways
  • they use their words, actions, thoughts and emotions towards expressions that lead to solutions and outcomes for the benefit of all beings, taking into account their highest personal wellbeing/sacred connection in order to serve with integrity at the highest level they can

  • they align with their most expansive perception, raise their vibration to love or above/bliss consciousness, intend a desire or outcome to benefit themselves and others, allow divine timing, listen to inner guidance, and act from inspiration and/or allow what they need/desire to come to them.
  • they are aligned with a state of ongoing gratefulness and express feelings of being blessed for even the most simple things
  • they see everything as part of divinity and realize everything is always changing, so are not attached to people, places, things, times and events but flow freely through the material world being and engaging in exchanging in meaningful win, win, win ways
  • they are often child like and playful; they smile and laugh frequently and enjoy life to the fullest

  • they truly realize their connection with divinity and are practiced in contributing steady positive loving vibrational energy from their individual being to share with and benefit the collective whole
  • they honor their own body and other bodies as sacred vessels of the divine, and honor the earth with the highest choices and expressions available in the moment, while simultaneously holding the vision of a greater, more divine expression of humanity in the future
  • they see and experience life in a way that reflects back to them the love that they are, and delight in the magical way love reveals itself each day

  • they allow themselves learning experiences in their quest and life unfoldings while being kind and respectful to themselves and others in all they see, say, do, think and feel.
  • they see themselves as Love, as a purposeful sacred being of great value, and follow the path of least resistance, greatest light and joy and bliss, in service to the highest expression of themselves and others
  • they see the Universe as benevolent and tune themselves to and with the dominant flow of divine energy—a continuous loving energy of well being for all beings.
  • they are alove with life and inspire and uplift everyone they are in connection with near and far, acting with humility and receiving gratefully and sharing happily the gifts of the spirit in every Now moment.

being a blissionary is not something you attain, it is something you choose to be, moment after moment after moment. If so inspired, join us? : )