10 Little Things to Live Blissfully Every Day:

1). go to sleep grateful every night, send love to every part of your miraculous body, send love to everyone you know, send blessings to everyone else, expand your compassion to include all living things!

2). wake up grateful every morning, and soon your life will be great-ful!
3). consciously choose to choose the best feeling thought in every now moment
4). appreciate everything you can as much as you can, whether your thoughts lead you back into your past, APPRECIATE!, whatever shows up in your now, APPRECIATE, whatever you anticipate for the future, APPRECIATE!
5). anything you can’t honestly appreciate (past, present or future) put aside for later, or ask the larger, more expansive aspect of you to handle for you, and get back to basking in all the many wonders of life all about you!
I’m sure if you look around you this very moment you can see or call to mind:
one person, place or thing of beauty,

one person, place, or thing that’s amazing,
one person/place/living thing that represents the interconnectiveness of all life,
one person/place/thing/living thing that you love and makes your heart full and happy,
and one person/place/thing/idea that makes you excited to be alive!
(and one more, and one more, and one more, you get the idea!)

6). breathe! be present and connect with the wondrous life force moving through you, and all living things! breathe deeply and savor the unique being and divine instrument you are!
7). play! we’re here to have fun and enjoy life now, avoid the trap of putting living in joy off until some distant point in the future that can and will never arrive! let your child within out to play, dance, skip, run, hop, swing, and/or create something new, not tomorrow, today!

8). smile! express your love of life and gratefulness wherever you go! hug often, dance, share your enthusiasm liberally, with friends and strangers alike!
9). uplift! wherever you go, whatever you do, make someone else’s day a little better, someone you love or someone you’ll never meet, or the whole world! No one is keeping score, just do what you love, and share what you love, and know no one can be a better YOU than you!
10). love! nothing is more important than connecting with the love within you! take time to center. take time to notice when your emotions lead you away from love, and let your heart lead you back again. do everything from a place of love, and you will live a life of bliss, and others will be inspired to do the same!
(often and joyfully!)