“Seek not abroad, turn back into thyself, for in the inner man dwells the truth.”

–St. Augustine

“Seek not outside yourself… For all your pain comes simply from a futile search of what you want, insisting where it must be found. … Be you glad that you are told where happiness abides, and seek no longer elsewhere. You will fail. But it is given you to know the truth and not to seek for it outside yourself.”

A Course in Miracles, T-29.VII.1:7,10-12.

Almost all spiritual and religious traditions have some practice or tool for becoming still, quiet, and looking within. Whether it be prayer, meditation, or a shamanic ayahuasca ceremony, all redirect the search from outside to inside, because all acknowledge that God is inside us. Why look for answers anywhere else if the power and love that essentially creates and that is everything is within you? Look within, within your own heart, and you shall discover the great mysteries of the universe. Look within and you shall commune with God.