The month of March starts off with the Moon in Taurus in trine aspect (120 degree angle) to  Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, which have been in conjunction since the beginning of the year. This is auspicious because it is kind of a grounding energy that is harmonious to the Universe’s intention to establish a new reality in the Solar System, and to restructure earth’s fragile ecosystem. When the aspect is completed, the Moon will be in the Pleiadean Starfield, which the Bible mentions or refers to as the “Sweet influences.” In essence, it is a signal to work more in the 4th dimensional photon Light (something like our etheric bodies). Light will be translated in a different way. Even as Mercury is still retrograde, communications should be excellent during the 2nd and 3rd of March.
However, there will be a square aspect (90)degrees called a hard aspect. The Moon will encounter challenges as it accesses the on-going Sun-Neptune conjunction, in Pisces, which began in late February. Emotions and mental acuity will reach new vibrational expressions as the first third of this month is reaching several climactical points. On the 4th, Mercury will retrograde back into Aquarius, where it is exalted (highest level of Genius), and Venus will leave Aries and return home to its own sign for awhile (through all of March until the first week in April). Venus loves Taurus and has a beautiful affinity for its home sign, so that no matter what the month holds many pleasurable moments. For those who create art in its various ways, it could become a very productive creative month. Venus will also be entering the Pleiadean Starfield at month’s end into April…
The 4th of March will have some nice moments as the Moon will be in its own sign, Cancer, as well, and form trines to the increasing intense Sun-Neptune in Pisces. Psychic energy will be extremely powerful during this time. As we move along to the Moon in Leo, there will be forming a unique square to the developing Venus conjunct Uranus. Since Leo is the sign of Lovers, there could be some spats and break-ups because on the sixth this strong Leo Moon will form a YOD, which is a mystical configuration involving 150 degree angles (called quincunxes). The Yod involves several planets invoking a “Y” formation. Saints and and gurus, monks and mystics are said to have this aspect in their natal charts. The three signs involved become Leo, Capricorn and Pisces. Aquarius is the fourth sign that holds the midpoint between Capricorn and Pisces.
On the 7th, the Moon then reaches another mystical point, the “Sphinx point.” This is when it is at the last degree of Leo, beginning to enter the Earth sign Virgo. The King Star Regulus, is located at this juncture so that the “Lord of Eclipses,” the Sphinx, alchemically assigns the function of eclipses for the rest of the year (next one in June). This is when you can claim your sovereignty.
Now the on-going Sun conjunct Neptune reaches its conclusion on the eighth. One might say therefore that the first third of March is all about this Divine configuration. Heart energy(Sun) and Divine intention should be the mantric meditations united with Neptune (divine telepathy). The first week of March then is a highly charged opportunity to merge with Divine Intention.
On the ninth two powerful sequences are transpiring. The Full Moon, in Pisces-Virgo, and Mercury going Direct.(Hallelujah!!) There is a certain fertility associated with this Full Moon, which concentrates upon Virgo (Service and Discipleship), and Pisces (Overcoming the worldly). It’s a “full message machine” that enlightens whole consciousness, and both summarizes and renews our soul journey. Something like being refreshed and validated, karmic account sheets updated, and perhaps a glimpse into one’s Dharma (when karma is met we are free to pursue our destinies in total purpose without obstacles.)
Mercury going direct means that our nervous systems have been rebooted and we can think and speak clearly again. Remember that when Mercury is in retrograde, our nervous systems are on vacation, repairing and recreating stronger cellular memories. Mercury will be in Aquarius at this time, going forward in Pisces on the 16th.
A big Sun sextile Jupiter culminates on the 11th.  This is when you take that major opportunity to expand and open up to new possibilities. Over this time period, the Sun will make several sextiles, also with Saturn and Pluto (Sextiles are 60 degree angles), harmonious and easy. So we will have a harmonious stretch of “multi-aspects,” mostly favorable, from the 11th through the 16th.  It’s pretty much a cruise as we then prepare for the Spring (or Vernal) Equinox on the nineteenth. These days there is an added feature to this time when the Sun enters Aries. It is in the conjunction with the shamanic healer planet Chiron. In mythology, Chiron was the main centaur, highly passionate. This little maverick orbits between Saturn and Uranus, and is also called the Rainbow, or bridge planet. It carries the old to be transformed into the new. Chiron is in Aries, hence when the Equinox occurs, he will be the Sun’s sidekick, so to speak.
Chiron is tagged with the role of wounded healer, very shamanic, but it does get the job done. So when you are planning your spring rites be sure to include the healer planet. It only happens every 51 years or so. Chiron has the root word which is where “Chiropractor” comes from.
On the twentieth, Mercury “leaves its storm” and the shadow over clarity is purged. Kind of an interesting time because the angels start rejoicing again, some of whom have been tossed and turned by the actions of Mercury in retro.
The twenty first is a big day for archetypal shifts. Saturn, having resided in its own home Capricorn for two and a half years, bids adieu to its kin and moves into Aquarius, the sign of the New Age. This is when things really get interesting, especially in social, cultural political terms. But it will last in Aquarius until May 10 or so, then decides that it wants to return home to Capricorn. So it will once more be in its own sign for the remainder of the year until it re-enters Aquarius in the end of December. So when it first enters Aquarius this March, it will be the first time in 29 years. Actually, in olden days, Saturn was given rulership of Aquarius, until Uranus was discovered in 1781, which “changed things forever.” So perhaps some old archetype memories will blend with new visionary perceptions, ideals, and dreams. Aquarius is the Awakener, now ruled by Uranus. Our country is ruled by Uranus, the radical revolutionary, oddly both conservative and eccentric at the same time.
A hugely significant conjunction of Mars with Pluto happens on the twenty-second. Both these planets rules Aries-Scorpio, so if you want to get your kundalini recalibrated, this is the day to do it. Mars is neuro-muscular (and adrenals) and Pluto is neo-cortex (survival part of the brain). The kundalini is an extremely sensitive hard drive, but with this conjunction you can feel it intensely. Use it well to accomplish superhuman feats (!) The New Moon will be in Aries on the 24th. Fresh start all over again. Like suddenly you want to escape to a more adventurous place (including partnerships.) This Lunation is totally different than the earlier Full Moon.
It is extremely youthful, fresh, eager. Plant a new spiritual flower garden!
On the 27th a beautiful aspect (trine) culminates when the two “benefics,” Venus and Jupiter, experience a fortuitous exchange. Classical astrology always signified these two planets, Venus and Jupiter, as beneficial (benefics) and fortunate. You might say it would be a beautiful day to be born…
On the 28th, I call it a “Taurus Field Day”, because the Moon will be making all sorts of aspects with the outer planets, kind of like a celebrity shaking everyone’s hands or giving copious high fives. This will be the second time in the month that the moon will also finish the day with a place in the starfield Pleiades, and some major cosmic event just might take place, like suddenly everyone “gets it” and we advance our humanity.
We conclude our journey this month of March as Mars will also enter Aquarius on the 30th. Mars will heat up cold Saturn, and many blockages, fears, and inhibitions will disappear and be transformed to more positive traits.  Mars will conjunct Saturn on the 31st. The Moon then goes into Cancer and after traveling through such terrain through the Holy month, wants to just stay at home, sip tea, and read a good book. March ends with the need to be fortified(!)