An addendum for Brian’s March Astrology call as requested by the participants:

Hi everybody…
Ok so let me expand and elaborate, just like the universe and cosmic evolution moves…

Yes, the Andromedan Cave, as it’s heat embraces our Galactic Milky Way home.
Once a year we login to it’s core via the Sun’s path and proximity in Aries Taurus.
As in my original essay, the journey actually mimics a tour through Jurassic Park, which essentially begins on the day of the New moon in Pisces on the 13th.
This is the first step on the “bridge”, Where people are informed of the sights to see and emotions to feel. As they enter the Runway bridge to adjust to the trip on the Andromedan space boat, they change into wardrobe clothing that they will wear on the trip through the zone of the Andromeda Cave.

Now, the midpoint of the bridge is the Equinox. This is covered with a wonderful spiral arch and it is at the threshold of Aries, hence the new pioneering opening that starts to rotate and ignite the rocket boat engines stir up.
One can feel the upcoming power.
Androm angel attendants beings start handing out brochures/guidelines/instructions.
One can feel the earth move in a new direction relative to earth magnetic shifts. Quantum refreshments are offered. Participants are sprayed with protective coatings as it will begin to get warmer. The full moon is approaching as the rocketboat will burst through the Andromedan waterfall, a most exciting rush.

April 2 we are in the cave – this goes until May 8.
Those who missed the bridge crossing will be given review booklets about Immunity Redemption. This important junction culminated on March 13.The first two weeks of March is inundated with Pisces information. The Sun joins with Neptune in Pisces and then the Moon Venus.

Pisces is the quintessential sign of the immune system. Last year when Pisces came up, the world completely failed the lesson and immunity streams were massively compromised. But that’s why this year it’s essential to embrace the true Pisces archetype (Immunity Redemption), a real second chance. The sign itself is dualistic a mutable signs very flexible and often easily influenced, but it is a culmination sign, the 12th and last. Being the last mile in the marathon, where ghosts and fears emerge to thwart our efforts to finish the race. It is the sign of self-undoing, confidence and commitment are challenged, and secret enemies emerge to ambush us.

You have heard me say “Follow through and don’t undo.”

So Pisces holds all the cards, all the signs, in its pouch of infinite variety and discernment.
But the word influenza originated in medieval times when the planets were “influences” that were usually inimical. Saturn was often seen as death distributing and if you lived past 29 you were very lucky. In medical astrology Pisces ruled the feet and immune system.

Every year the Solar orb flushes the system with vitality and animation or gets clogged by a myriad of spirit negative molecules psychic toxins and so on. This time of the year the world tends to be overwhelmed or overwhelming. The two fishes signify the choice to choose spirit, or the flesh World..So now we need to make choices consistent with Spirit and overcome the worldly fleshly desires.

The Catholic Church always has the Fishes as a symbol, as Jesus himself was a Pisces the Saviour sign. He became immune, even to the Cross, overcoming the world.
Here’s where immunity redemption becomes available, Christ my Redeemer liveth, so terms of science and religion, faith and belief, blend together.
How do we become immune? It’s a Pisces thing. Being a water sign it is the psychic soul influences that offer up their fruits and gifts of understanding.

Imagination conquers fear.
Virus invasions are not from the Earth. They are Spirit-derived. Bad spirits coalescing into negative seizures. Pisces and the Pisces Age are consumed with warfare of the worst kind and unbelievable examples of human suffering. But as many of you know our Solar System plunged into the Sea of Light Photon field of the 4th dimension. This was on June 1, 2013. We entered a new space ecosystem (global warming) and we are heading for our nearest Star neighbor, Alpha Centauri. So the real powerful flotsam and jetsam have been bombarding our Solar System entity and this included the virus enemies. Our solar system needs to steer away soon before more human damage can be allowed. This journey needs strong spiritual astronauts. That’s why the sign Pisces is affiliated with the immune system as the glandular response network massive navigational skill-set.

Neptune really emerges here the telepathic planet who has a simultaneous orbit around another star.

Even the new planet Farfarout orbits and checks into this Pisces ruled mysterious planet. It is consequently a spiritual planet, a pineal gland third eye. Pisces and the twelfth house are the ones that are closest to Heaven.That’s because if one meets the karma they do not have to return to earth, but can travel to more advanced cosmic systems.

Occultists call the earth the planet of sorrows, who can argue that? But wasn’t it also the home of the garden of Eden Paradise?
The Bible states that we should be careful of our conversation, as some day the very heavens will be dissolved in “fervent heat” and a new earth and heavens will arrive..

Ok, I hear the Andromedan whistle blowing. It is a full moon (March 28).
We have reached the portal of Andromeda. Guides will familiarize us with what to expect as we move ever so spectacularly in its vast caves caverns and crystal monoliths.
What a sight! We are asked to get into Andromedan tour buckets and we are given controls to map our excursion.

“Welcome to Andromeda!” sparkling lights announce.

We are told to fully breathe the experience.
April/May are the months of saving the human race.
Future generations are encoded in this much larger galaxy, so we have a responsibility to study, meditate, and record our feelings/thoughts as we will be the first ones to receive the potential fertilization that comes when full merger occurs with us, the inhabitants of the Milky Way.

The bridge has been crossed.
We receive our certificates of Immunity.
We will help save the race and probably spawn galactic species beyond comprehension.
Don’t be afraid. It’s a good thing.

So first half of March, Pisces summary overcoming the world by molecular convection
Second half at the Equinox Fulfilling the dream of adventure and pioneering new venues.
Alpha Centauri will show up next fall but that’s another chapter…


P.S. Psychic America is a term I coined at the turn of the century meaning it’s the vapors of the ancestral spirits originating on Turtle Island. The USA is the overlay structure that is what we know with it’s rigid boundaries and political delineations.
Psychic America is rising, like Atlantis reversed.
The esoteric planet of spiritual America is name is Melodia.

Questions from participants:

All of this theme of feeling the Andromedan Cave needs an hour talk of its own. very farfarout there! I wonder what new galactic wave is generated as the 2 galaxies overlap. What does/will it feel like? Even now, it is impossible to know what the new words are to describe this new realm of blended space and time. Old references to time and space no longer suffice. So many waves coming at us from space; if one ‘collapses’, then what may the new form be–a galactic human?

But the Andromeda reference is that when the zodiac transit (i.e. our sun?) is in Aries and Taurus it gets nearer to the merging energy of Andromeda as it moves towards the Milky Way. I call it the Andromedan cave. Like concave and convex. Almost like a car going through a car wash, we are in the zone of mating of the two galaxies – Milkomeda. So for Aries Taurus it is merger rays like giving us code information as it begins to marry Milky numerology: Milkomeda is a 38/11, like my name!
We need to get started this year perhaps honoring the “galactic human” in us. I used to have Sheldon Nidle’s book: You Are Becoming A Galactic Human. Have you been reading his material on line? I have not followed his work since the 90’s!

I wanted to add that dwarf planets are like Navajo weavings or textures, a very nice visual. maybe you’ll paint a weaving!

Plasma is a good word to understand Pisces.

First of all, there is such a wealth of things to be pondered and discussed in your written description. We could’ve gone on for hours. Thank you for opening up more portals to the mystery of life!

This attached information is connected to what you say about Pisces, immunity factors, and how you referred in your ‘script’ as follows:
“. . .Feb 18 when sun enters Pisces until March 20 when it ‘leaves’ Pisces. . could be called the time of “Immunity Redemption”. . . .
“(a time of) restoring the Soul of Psychic America and the conquest of alien viral incursions”. You write that the month of 2/18-3/20 can open up the ‘windows of Heaven” to show us how to be immune.

I wish to understand more of what you are saying here; and why the astrology supports this. for instance, I’m not sure if Andromeda is involved. (Nor did I understand why the Sun’s position in the sky during spring/summer makes it closer to Andromeda??) I wonder if the appearance of the 3rd vaccine is part of this new immunity. And, yet, I really question any vax based on the science I understand so far. I do not trust any of these vaccines, and tremble at what they may produce in our DNA in years ahead. The messenger RNA is surely an ‘alien’ invasion into our genetic code. Do you have a comment here?
Thus, is there any more detail in the stars to guide us to create our own immunity???! where else can we seek besides Vax land?

You even wrote in your script that ” . . .something like a great tsunami is upon us–a flood of healing, very satisfying emotional frequencies,
Mother Mary Interceding”. Can you please explain how the Mary energy is operating here as Jupiter enters Pisces on the New Moon at March 13?
We didn’t get to that on the zoom call, and I think it needs more detail.

As Penny from England spoke about her concept of the Kingdom of God being in every atom and therefore inside her, and then Courtney contributed more good info to the picture, I wanted to say something, too, but it is very basic, and I didn’t want to interrupt the ‘Farfarout’ wave we were suddenly riding. (by the way, the Isle of Wight is where we all want to go! music and art festivals abound. Lennon & Maca sang about it in “When I’m 64” –‘every summer we can rent a cottage on the Isle of Wight, if it’s not too dear’ “. It is dear (like Nantucket); that’s why Penny is ecstatic her pennies are flooding in so they can afford to live there!)

This info below refers to the collapse of the wave in physics. we see how a vibration, or a frequency, sounded into a metal plate which contains some matter, e.g. water or sand or powder, continues to sound until the sound wave ‘collapses’. When this occurs, the matter on the plate changes from a ‘disorganized or random lump of something’. It materializes into a shape, form, that we can identity. this is the science of sound called cymatics.
it is of course also a basis for homeopathic medicine.

What I don’t understand is What occurs in order for the wave to collapse and produce a shape of matter. maybe physicists don’t have the answer either. or they do, but I’m not educated in the quantum world. Perhaps the Wave collides with the ‘Matrix’ of our planet, and then a certain type of matter materializes that is only indigenous to our mother Nature.

Questions I have on the bigger picture of shift from Pisces to Aquarius and expansion of our consciousness into the cosmos:
The planets and stars are frequencies that are in our human field of existence. as these cosmic forces broadcast into our energy fields, may a ‘time’ come when their interactions and harmonies create a shift in our physical beings? The Wave that holds our bodies together will suddenly collapse, and Lo!, we will have a new consciousness, a new body (of Light?), as our material being changes.

This is the link in blue. You can merely read the very first ‘section’ of “Waves of Health and Illness” for the basic premise.

Waves of Health and Illness: Creating a Core Paradigm Shift in Healing – Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies 

Physics has now come to accept the duality of Wave and Particle, understanding that the dynamic energy field of the Wave creates effects in the physical world, not just the physical Particle.

In Physics the particle is understood to manifest from the “collapse of the wave”; in other words, by changing the wave vibration we change the state of the physical form/particle which it manifests, as is made visible in the field of Cymatics.
Modern Medicine however only considers the physical particle — the Virus, Bacteria, and other physical pathogens — while ignoring the Wave.

The Wave and its Vibrational Matrix include key aspects of “Biological Landscape”, Environmental Factors, and Energetic Fields which shape — and in many cases, determine — whether a microorganism will be lethal or harmless in a given location or individual body.

This unknown result of a lethal or a harmless Wave bring up more quest-ions:

1 ) Is there a conscious intention to the Wave?

2) From where does it originate (stars, God, alien beings?)

3) Is the Wave creating our own ‘designer star-seeds’?

4) OR, are we as an entire community of humanity ~~ ♓ ~~creating a new wave the ♒ wave, as we interact with the waves/pulsations from all cosmic phenomena?

4) Who is programming the Wave of these Vaccines? can ‘they’ be trusted to preserve our life force, or to destroy it, or alter it to their specific desires. Are the vaccines part of the ‘flood of healing’ you refer to? To quote you, “Despite the pandemic being about viral possession, it was more about the paucity of spiritual-physical consecutiveness.”

5) I shuddered and woke up when I read what you wrote: “we are experiments. . .” and . . . “we are now ready for unique alien contact”.
will this be a new wave of alien virus or a new wave of divine inspiration?

6) How do I engage this time of ‘Immunity Redemption”? Perhaps, a rhetorical quest-ion, or only answered according to the person asking.

Last summer I emailed people a photo of a ‘human face’ that was materialized by scientists finding multiple frequencies/waves, that eventually came together and collapsed the wave into a human face. If you don’t have it and wish to see it, I’ll search for it. It was amazing, revolutionary! To see how our bodies must be created by the effect of sound on the natural elements of matter.

Again, thank you for an incredible blast off today. 🚀 The rocket is going in many directions at once, and is far, far out there.

🌠 🌏 🐟 💜 🎵 of the spheres