On the last night of April, Mercury and Uranus come together, good for radical revolutionary writing or avant garde compositions akin to the Declaration of Independence. Also it’s a favorable time to write down life-as-you-would-script-it for the month May.

The first of May is the May Day moment, and that evening, BELTANE, marks the midpoint between spring (Equinox) and the summer Solstice. This signifies a fertility of god and goddess, a very Taurean thing. Earthy Taurus is grounded and profoundly aware of Nature.

Now the Sun entered Taurus on the 19th of April so by the time we get to May 1 we have transited one third of the earth sign. We are entering the 2nd decan of Taurus (or decanate) and this year we will start May off with the Moon in Leo, called the Sphinx Point. In a powerful and dramatic way this signifies many preparations as the last degrees of Leo are associated with Eclipse formation and substance. Hence May begins with two Fixed signs, Taurus and Leo (the Bull and the Lion.)

On the psychological, emotional and spiritual level, these bring in the fertility of Taurus and the playfulness and creativity of the Lion. That’s Act 1, Scene 1.

As we get to May 2 and 3rd, the Moon slips into the magical alchemical sign Virgo. Since we are in the second decanate of Taurus (the Virgo decan) suddenly there is new magic and contact with the elementals of the earth and lots of ceremony in the air!

Since Virgo is the sign of Health in the Zodiac Wheel, it activates good sacred medicine, herbal strength and the hidden spirits on your magical trail. There is a complex arrangement of planetary forces activated for those two days. A virtual Grand Earth Trine will be in effect. Trines are the most harmonious configurations of all.

So the Moon will be in Virgo, trining Uranus in Taurus, then trine Mercury, then trine Sun (a trine is a 120 degree angle). The trine will then include the Capricorn positions of Jupiter and Pluto.

The Earth Trinity is called the Material trinity, so with this influence we’ll see the following blossom:

  • personal resources (Taurus)
  • health/diet and work flow (Virgo)
  • achievement in society or spiritual journeys, or level of social achievement, status or financial position (Capricorn)

Thus the first three days of May will be very exciting, with all kinds of new possibilities opening up.

On the 4th, the Sun will be in exact conjunction with Mercury, the writers’ planet. Good time to finish your novel, or start a new one! The 5th and 6th of May Libra moon balances out trust relationships (Cinco de Mayo).

On the sixth the Moon enters Scorpio, which is the opposite sign of Taurus. Then the full moon phase begins, culminating at 6:45 AM EST. This is a particularly unique full moon because Scorpio is the sign of Reproduction, and Taurus is the sign of Production (fertility). Combining under full moon rays there will be a whole lot of reproduction going on. Including in your gardens!

The moon will then glide through the end of Scorpio and beginning of Sagittarius. For astrology esotericists, this is when the nearest Star System Alpha Centauri is accessed and we get a boost towards the way future. Because it is still under full moon patterns, this may be called a time of projecting your future visions, goals, and prophetic understanding. Mercury is trine Pluto during that phase, so you can decide to rewrite a new chapter which focuses upon transformation, and cogent frequency calibrations.

The tenth is a good day to celebrate and enjoy nature’s beauties. At the end of the day, Saturn begins its retrograde motion…karmic adjustments…until September 28/29,and it returns to forward or direct motion. So on the 11th day of May, Saturn pulls up station, as they say and goes on vacation (review) until Sept 28/29 (a little under 5 months). Time to prune, reconsider, reevaluate one’s reality. During this retro period Saturn will revisit Capricorn but won’t go back to Aquarius until December (it retros out of Aquarius around July 2 this year).

On the 12th/13th, the ruler of Taurus goes retrograde in Gemini, the neighboring sign of Taurus. Things get a little lighter during this time, but romance also measures fickleness. Venus will be in a long layover until June 24. A good time to take short journeys, but sibling affairs may go off the center. If you hang out with a brother or sister, get ready for revelations and communications you’ve never ever heard about.

Now on the 14th the biggest planet, Jupiter, also goes retrograde, kind of like it wanted to hang out with Saturn and Venus and the-already-retrograde Pluto.

This begins to herald the phenomena of many major planets all going retrograde through August and September. That’s a lot of retrogrades! I have begun to call it the “Summer of Love”. But the first tracing of this major summer, and some of fall episode begins when Jupiter goes retro May 14.

On the 15th of May large sums of money and stocks will be successfully translated, a veritable upswing as world governments miraculously agree to some good thing for humanity.

There’s a lull period on the 16th, where more surreal venues capture your imagination, and you go wandering again. But the 17th has a wonderful Sun Jupiter trine which is indicative of dusting off the Royal Bloodlines and claiming your ancestral powers. It is an amazing day of opportunity, so be ready. Humanitarian is the keyword for a positive Jupiter experience, as opposed to being self-indulgent, wasteful, or extravagant. Around the 18th we are getting ready for the New Moon, in Gemini, which will occur at 1:39 PM EST.

On the 17th we align with the new planet Sedna, which is cosmically transiting then with the Pleiades in late Taurus. This equates to major earth transitions and exchanges. That is, our literal earth DNA gets to join with cosmic DNA — creating a veritable leap forward in Evolution. We also align with the Central Sun of the Galaxy so we’ll feel esoteric cosmic energy to be sure. The Moon will square off (90) with Saturn (kind of like making sure you have your tickets for the Aquarian Age).

On the 20th Sun pours into Gemini, and a plethora of new knowledge bursts forth. There might be even a new version of Adam and Eve emerge (Archetype of Gemini, the Twins, male/female.) The 21st is more like a quiet canoe ride in some secluded waterway. Make time to meditate.

But the 22nd is very different. This day will be like a parade, so many mixes of planets and angles, it’s a very expressive, daresay creative, day. With the new moon in Gemini and The Sun trine Saturn, it’s when you find out if the ticket to the Aquarius Age is valid…Good Luck!

The 23rd and 24th blend together but on that Sunday the Moon moves into Cancer and we really begin to think of the upcoming Summer. Integrity, family, nurturing, counseling, emotional intimacy all start to get your attention. Time to tidy up family securities, with a focus on safety. It will be a long summer. Mars makes a wonderful sextile to Uranus, an exciting time to reconsider your exercise or workout needs. Memorial Day will be especially poignant this year, so it’s a good time to re-study family ties and history.

If you can, consider a three-day vacation on the 26, 27,and 28. The Moon is in Leo, the vacation Sign. Share more, try new roles, have fun!

The last days of May return us to the first days of May, with the Moon in Virgo. Our health and work mantra started in the first week of May could use some fine-tuning. On The 31st is a Libra Moon, which suggests partnership reconciliations and a sense of true equilibrium. You may find yourself wanting another month of May just like it!