“May Day”, “May Day”…that was a signal that was used to replace SOS (because the S could not be communicated well…Mai Dai is the French word and it means “Help me”…!!!!

The month of May became its name in the 1400s, after the Middle Ages…up until then it was called Maius
Other names associated with May were such as the Maiores, Latin for the month of celebrating the Elders..
The real name for May was symbolic as Maia…the Earth Goddess and nurturer, goddess of fertility.

Hence we begin our May insight with Beltane, or mid-spring, and this is on May 1.
I quote: “Folklore is full of lusty youths and gentle maidens falling in love before skipping around the phallic maypole” Mid Spring celebrates and tells us that “Spring is on the way”..
It has been called the month of the “three milkings” when cows could be milked 3x a day. It is a time of blossoming buds of flowers, Maia was the goddess who looked after plants…Love and Success has become the theme of the energies of May.(an old legend has it that it is the worst time to get married, why spoil a good love affair? ha ha.) Another name by the Romans is Bona Dea; in Italian, Maggio.

Characteristics associated with May Taurus are optimism, which makes you live longer, hard-working, shy, understanding, fierce, stubborn, strong-willed, loyal, and imaginative, and resolute. They are physically attractive and mentally strong, which is a formidable combination for sure.
The flower of this month is Lily of the Valley and the gemstone is emerald. Ireland, the “Emerald Isle” is a Taurus Country. Asparagus is considered a Taurean-May vegetable.
There are numerous and varied celebrations held in May…from all cultures. In Christianity, there is the honoring of the Virgin Mary. Also, the Ascension of Jesus is in the realms of May.

So let’s get started….from our last month of April, three important themes carry forth into May.

The Full Super Moon on April 26 was in Taurus Scorpio, I call the “Organic Moon”. Taurus is productive (Produce in the Market!) Scorpio is the RE-Productive (metabolism). So the fertilizing cycles have already reached high potency and intensity. This was at the last pulse point of April. This full moon coincides with its affiliate Super Moon full moon on May 26 in Gemini-Sagittarius, which is also the second pulse point at the end of May which is the first Lunar Eclipse of 2021. We have been waiting several months for this one. The last lunar eclipse was in late November. We have been carrying around a lot of unnecessary stuff waiting for the next eclipse to clear us.

The second theme we experience is our journey through the Andromedan Sector, which began in early April. Our first hand connection with the Galaxy that will be mating with us (Milky Way) on May first will be in its third interactive phase with this larger galaxy. As our pods traveled to interact with the belly of Andromeda witnessing the baby stars forming, to chatting with the gentle Andromedan beings, which was at the last part of April.

So from May 1 to May 8 we will be given the opportunity to explore the more remote regions of Andromeda, extract ancient secrets and treasures from their extensive libraries, which they are more than happy to share. Therefore expect surprises from the realms of the Andromeda frontiers, perhaps even enjoy some of their highly creative joy rides that are open to the brave and willing. Remember that this is the first time that humans have been allowed inside the merging halos of both the Milky Way and Andromeda. Those interested in prophecy and future evolutions should prepare for this time period, May 1-May 8, to shore up your visionary insight for the future of mankind. As selected leaders of the New Worlds to come, and from every walk of life, please concentrate on this important opportunity to explore, listen and learn. When your sojourn ends, which will be heavily enhanced with Taurus energy. You will be directed to head for the second pulse point New Moon in Taurus. Wave good bye for now to the gentle, peace-loving, creative Andromedans. Many will exit the Andromedan zone with knowledge and skill of 4th and 5th dimensional frequencies, and carrying your “Andromeda Diploma” with humble glory and gratitude. Pay especial attention to the time between May 8 and May 11. You will be allowed and encouraged to welcome the beauties of Mother Earth as a deep gift from Andromeda.

The third theme we carry into April is the Sun-Uranus conjunction on April 30. The changes made effective then will be especially strong in the first week of May, as it wont happen again for a year. So hopefully as you begin to experience May you will have redeemed your values, your resources, your money and possessions.

Uranus is that eccentric planet that has its own path to follow. So if you haven’t made those financial and emotional breakthroughs by April 30, the first, even the second weeks of May could be unproductive and sluggish. Even so you can reconnect on May 10 when the Moon conjoins Uranus. One of Taurus’ affirmations is Patience. “In your patience, possess ye your souls.”(Scriptures).

May has three components
May 1-May 11 New moon in Taurus, first pulse point
May 12-26 Lunar eclipse in Gemini Sagittarius Saturn retrograde in Aquarius 13 on 23rd Jupiter enters Pisces May 13
May 27-end/31 Mercury retrogrades on the 29th in Gemini 24 Mars will trine Neptune May 30-31

May 1
So lets raise those juicy frequencies as the Moon trines both the Sun and Venus today (both in Taurus). The moon will sextile Neptune go give a harmonious new inspiration. It is Orthodox Easter.
May 2
the Moon will be favorable in Capricorn (conjunction)trine Mercury as Mercury happily trines Pluto.Some deep and powerful experiences, communications, emerge this day…Venus will be in high harmony with Neptune. Lots of love making on the physical and spiritual planes
Moon goes into Aquarius good for fresh new perspectives
May 3
Both Mercury and Sun do squares today.
Mercury squares Jupiter, avoid politicians.
Sun squares Saturn hide in a cave until the shadow passes. Ultimately day of taking responsibility.
Moon squares Uranus too.
Moon conjoins Saturn. Moon squares Sun…
Battle of wills be willing not willful.
If you must be social this day be careful.. Mercury slides safely into its home sign Gemini; nerves restore at day’s end.
May 4
Moon Aquarius still argues with Taurus Venus.
Lovers spat. Time to adjust your serenity code.
Moon joins Jupiter so its been much Aquarius,
you may have different friends at the end of this day!
Moon goes into Pisces and squares Mercury. Avoid unnecessary emailing or texting.
May 5
Cinco de Mayo mild day as moon trines Mars and moon sextiles Uranus, good lowing day to love springtime.
May 6
Moon harmonious with Uranus,a freedom reset day.
Venus will trine Pluto let’s talk deep and enriching transformations that enhance our more pleasureable natures, not to mention moon conjunct Neptune for a third eye overhaul. Day of leaving the planet without really leaving. Moon sextile pluto frequencies of remote sensing.
May 7
Moon still good with Venus bit goes into Aries. Let’s start the game over. Moon good with Mercury until it hits the square with Mars. Usually a fight ensues. Get your adrenalin supply ready.
May 8
Venus square jupiter don’t waste your money on extravagant things..fast way to the poorhouse. But maybe pay off investments with that winning lotto ticket you found. Convert Venus is in her sacred place, now in the night with the Pleiades, moving now into Gemini, sweet influences.
May 9
Waning moon heading for new. Moon goes into Taurus, just in time for Mother’s Day. Taurus brings many more flowers to her. Such an honoring of mother’s fertility, including of course Gaia, our dear mother earth. Flowers will be more than fragrant this year. Moon good with Jupiter do find the healing touch. But squares Pluto, careful of hidden motives and plots. Moon joins Eris to accelerate the advanced feminine.
May 10
Enjoy the environment…moon is good with Mars in Cancer and wants to break free with the Uranian portal today. Moon finished with square to Saturn. This will be the last time it will happen before Saturn goes retrograde ten days from now.
May 11
new moon at 21 degrees Taurus.
Very very powerful as the Bull’s strength is intensified and magnified. For many this could become the start of something incredibly new. In esoteric astrology it reflects the concentration of the Bull’s Eye or point of Illumination
If you have a productive idea go for it. Taurus energy establishes, fixes, stabilizes will power to accomplish a goal with endurance and desire to follow through. Very strong day, the first pulse point of May
Called Cazimi. Good aspects as well this day.
Mars sextile Uranus,moon trine pluto
(One of the most significant pulse points, which will be the first lunation or New Moon will be in the Earth Fixed sign Taurus on May 11.)
This culminates the first May sequence.

May 12
The new moon energy will fuse with Sedna and the Pleiades. Let’s talk about raising superfrequencies and heart empowered sharing! Let’s raise the creative bar.
Taurus is task oriented so how can we get the master builder to evolve a more beautiful planet? From people’s bodies the sculpturing of our sacred temple.
Taurus is that organic earth sign, very resourceful with incredible stamina.
Mercury goes into the sign of youth, which carries through until the end of this month. It trines Saturn today and the Moon in Gemini conjoins Venus. Pretty spiffy energy. To top it off the Sun is in harmony with Neptune.
So can we afford a new wardrobe to enhance the beauty and to honor the spring youthfulness, or you can at least go window shopping!!!
May 13
So,hey,the moon and Mercury and Saturn are again favorable today but the big news is this: Jupiter, the largest most expansive planet of increase and abundance, is making a move to cross the finish line into one of it’s classical home signs: Pisces!
This is really a big deal concerning archetype shifts.
Way back when Jupiter was considered to be the ruler of Pisces…but as Neptune was discovered the rulership went to Neptune. Neptune’s watery association was apparently more appropriate…and Jupiter was assigned rulership of Sagittarius, the open space sign. As Sagittarians love the open highway this probably makes sense. But history will be made today because Jupiter and Neptune will share the same sign Pisces.
It might be a little like one son goes off to school and when he comes home his bedroom has been converted as his brother had moved in.
So it will be a religious moment because both planets are spiritual and moral. A shared Pisces home will be remarkable…a bit like a monastery redesigned to have advanced sound systems involved.
Stay tuned for this one because of the world evolution of religion begins.
May 14
Moon goes into Cancer today, so get comfortable. But here’s the thing…the night before when the moon is still in Gemini it squares Neptune, yikes! But later in the day it trines Jupiter. What will the moon be conveying to each?
May 15
Moon will sextile Uranus and then conjunct Mars.
Neptune and Jupiter will be claiming their space.
Should be a quiet day after all.
May 16
Moon will stay at home finding security all day and assuring Neptune all is good. Moon sextiles Sun so the primaries are happy.
Sun and Moon are the primary Lights.
Also be aware of the Moon’s alignment with Sirius, the “Origin Star” (where we all came from, sort of). Good day for DNA mediation and molecular ancestry(!)
May 17
Good day for remote sensing, Pluto will be available. Both Sun and Moon make aspects, but the Sun especially trining the regeneration planet. Probably a major historical day because of this. We extend our research and pursuits into much deeper territory. Generations exchange intricate information about past and future world realities. Should be “National Exchange Day” Or, International Exchange day. After world history has become significantly shifted, the Moon goes into fiery Leo, and there will be a scramble in political social arenas for new leadership and authority. Could be an extremely crazy day for the world market systems. Speculations may go wild.
May 18
The Moon in Leo party will rage on, as the lunar orb fundraises with aspects to Venus, Chiron, Uranus, Saturn and Mercury all in random ideological agreement….
May 19
The party continues throughout the night until the Sun Squares the Moon this day. A classical Taurus grappling with Leo the Lion kind of party lasting two days. If you want to get involved, do it with all your heart and soul. Otherwise head for the hills!
The mid part of today also switches gears dramatically. It is called the Sphinx Point, when the cosmic alignment of the real Sphinx lines up at 29 Leo to go into Virgo, the quintessential sign of health, diet, hygiene. The sequence is similar to a theater production (Leo) being analyzed by the critics. In any event we correct our health regime and move on. The moon will oppose Jupiter in Pisces for the first time in twelve years. This will be again like a scholarly religious seminar that really needs to happen. Then Venus trines Saturn so all human relationships will be scrutinized like if the monastery opens its rules whereas the fraternity sorority gets more strict in their’s. Venus trine Saturn could bring some serious marriage proposals to the front…(!)
May 20
Interesting as the Sun moves into Gemini (having aligned with Alcyone the central Sun, and the Pleiades)
Gemini is ruler by Mercury and Virgo also. Both Sun and Moon now hold the runes or the ancient records of Hermes, Mercury, magic and alchemy. A unique synchronistic archetype dynamic. To give it a story line, the Moon will escort Uranus by trine aspect so that its potency will affect the chemistry of Sun Moon, Mercury.
This will become like the Legacy of Uranus, carrying over its five year transit energy in Taurus.
The Moon will square Venus, try not to speak out of line…but is good with Mars (run/walk an extra mile).
May 21
Now Mercury already has been prepared for this day, getting ready for its long range lift into retrograde.
But first it must agree with a square to the Moon.
Full day of aspects Moon also opposing Neptune. Strengthen your clairvoyance.
The big square weighs in as the Sun squares Jupiter in Pisces for again the first time in 12 years. Hypocrisy and inflated egos attend this big square. Because it occurs in mutable signs, everyone will strive to be flexible, but it won’t work. This aspect happens generally once a year. Important decisions will be made but make sure they honor an uplifted moral code. The moon with pluto gives good karma and then the Moon jumps into sweet Libra that smoothes things over wonderfully. It will dance with the Sun for the rest of the night in a beautiful trine by the lake…
May 22
The good part of the day brings a soothing grand trine of Venus in Gemini, Moon in Libra, and Saturn in Aquarius. The Sun in Gemini is a worthy chaperone of this harmonious alignment.
However, Mercury is square Neptune so keep an attentive initiative to preserve nerves, respiratory and glands that work good immunity.
May 23
Another big day in this month of May…Saturn goes retrograde. It went direct in September 2020. It will be retrograde until October this year…It stays in Aquarius. So ideals and reforms that came in with the saturn Jupiter conjunction of 2020 go on hold for the spring-summer-fall…the Lord of karma has to sort things out, who gets what, when, where. Re evaluate the new associations and groups that have begun to pierce through the Revolution of the Aquarius Age. So this is a big retrograde. Expect major reviews and examinations of the
government military industrial complex. Time will be adjusted and altered so that we can adjust to the new frequencies coming. Saturn sets the structure, the reality. Sacred geometry rejoice! The Crystalline equations are arriving today…! Moon will trine Mercury, square Pluto, and, as it enters Scorpio, trines Jupiter in Pisces.
May 24
The Moon will be having a field day with aspects, waiting a virtual month to be active again after the Supermoon in April. It will oppose Uranus, square Saturn, today starting discussions of the meaning of life and death…
May 25
The Moon trines Mars, trines Neptune, a virtual Grand Trine in Water. Psychic forces released big time. Neptune is also included. Emotions are vibrationally strong, but swift and perceptive. All kinds of cosmic energies swirling around as Moon conjoins Antares.
May 26
Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini Sagittarius 5 26.
Supermoon closer than April. So totally different, more intellectual and philosophical; Knowledge and wisdom at a premium…It also occurs near the rim of the Supergalactic Highway (embraces Orion to Galactic Center.)
Think galactic, as now Andromeda drifts away for this year. This full moon clears away the debris of the sub astral world, Real wisdom and knowledge highly attainable. Travel goals established…
May 27
Venus squares Neptune today. Time to use your creative imagination for a social goal.
May 28
Mercury conjuncts Venus a real union of mutual interests. Please write a lot, and love a lot today : )
May 29
Moon in Capricorn all day mixing with the guests, Mars, Neptune, Pluto…but the Big event of this Day in May is the storm has swelled (remember the storm beginning for when Mercury goes retrograde at 24 Gemini.?)..three weeks now it’s a time of reflection, vacation mentally, and close relationship. It goes retro when the Moon enters Aquarius the next day.
May 30
The Sun trines the Moon beautifully to allow both Venus and Mercury to be free. Moon conjuncts Saturn, more karma to address…but Mars in Cancer will be favorable with Neptune so trust and cultivate your true feelings and the times to come will manifest in new ways.
May 31
Its Memorial Day and there are beautiful Aquarius aspects to Mercury and Venus.
Have you all finished your books and got some good stuff from the journals you keep? The end of the Merry Merry Merry Month of May is romantic, playful, and literary. Music comes from the ethers…