adjective, humbly patient or docile, as under provocation from others.
overly submissive or compliant; spiritless; tame.

“Meek” is the modern English translation for the original ancient Aramaic word “makeekeya” meaning “open, unhindered relationship with the earth” and “to flow into and from earth with no impediments or blocks”

I have received more questions about this word meek [from The Third Beatitude] than almost any other in the three decades that I have been working with the original ancient Aramaic teachings of Yeshua [Jesus]. What does “Blessed are the meek” really mean is beyond question the most often asked question by women who have been victims of domestic and sexual abuse. I so often see the echoes of past terror and suffering in the eyes of those who inquire about this tragically mis-interpreted core teaching from the Gospel of Matthew [Aramaic: Mattai].

In light of the ancient Aramaic word makeekeya, it is not that the “meek” is completely wrong. But it is absolutely not a very good English representation of this empowering Aramaic jewel. A much better English equivalent would be humility. Meekness requires a shrinking back and a contraction of personal power and esteem. However, humility is an expansion of who we are. Humility comes from the Latin root humus, which is the light, open layer of dark rich earth that gardeners know so well. Humus allows the free flow of air and water to allow the nutrition and hydration to reach deeply into the roots of plants.

This brings to mind one of my dearest sayings from the Lakota:

“Let the wind blow through you…”

Incidentally, the Lakota word makhíkčeya means “To lay naked on the bare earth without a mat”. Now we are opening ourselves into the direct realization of what Yeshua may have been seeking to communicate to his first century listeners. Let’s peel back a few more layers of restrictive theology and look at this a bit deeper. 

Have you ever thought of what humiliation feels like? What does your body want to do when you feel humiliated? It wants to sink itself into the earth! In truth, your body temple is seeking to ground itself back into the roots of its mother earth – And this is the true meaning of humility. The next time you feel the impulse to boast outward or to shrink back, remember to breathe. Draw three deep, cleansing breaths upward from mother earth and through the souls of your bare feet. Allow her nurturing feminine essence to wash through your body temple and cleanse you of any and all tension and intensity. 

The Tao te Ching says that “Only the leader who takes upon himself the humiliation of the people is fit to rule them.” The Tao is not suggesting that we must feel “humiliated” and belittled in the modern mis-interpretation of the word. What Lao Tzu is suggesting is that we learn to fully feel whatever is resonating within us in any given moment. It is also deeply important to remember that we always have Mother Earth beneath our feet to ground back into at any moment in time. Remember her presence, remember to breath. Remember to let go.

[excerpted in part from Dale’s book “Echoes of an Ancient Dream: Aramaic Toning on the Path of Light”]