compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm.

“Mercy” is the modern English translation for the original ancient Aramaic word “rakhma” colloquially meaning “love,” “friend,” or more literally “an expansive radiation forth of Light from the center-point [khm, aka “spiritual womb”] of one’s True Being”

Rakhma is the all-Embracing love for another. Rakhma is a realization that what we call “love” is not a commodity or “thing” which can be given or taken, but rather what we ARE when living and communicating from the deepest spaciousness within our being. Rakhma is the all-encompassing, all-embracing Love which flows forth from the Center Point of one’s True Being.

The ra sound, which is present in dozens of ancient languages, points toward an expansive radiating forth of heat and light. The Old Hebrew root sound khm represents a re-birthing process and a “quaking” which radiates from one’s “inner womb”. Rakhma surrounds, includes, nurtures, feeds, and stimulates vibrant, vital Life and growth in all who are embraced by and through it while instantaneously burning off anything unlike pure, all-encompassing love in one’s consciousness. Rakhma is also a word for “friend”. Rama, which is how we most often tone this sound, is also one of the primary “Lords” in Sanskrit Vaishnava Hinduism.

I could quite easily write on and on for pages about the incredibly deep, multi-layered nuances of meaning in the deeply experiential term rakhma. I have been told by native Assyrian Aramaic Christians that rakhma is the most precious jewel of wisdom, love and consciousness that must be guarded vigilantly, though they do not know “what it is”. We know rakhma not by its factual, academic colloquial definitions but rather by the radiance of its expanding light within the deepest recesses of our being.

Rakhma is the dancing vibrations of life essence that I felt when I first looked into the eyes of my three children within seconds of their births as I held those living, breathing beings of vibrant light in my arms. Rakhma is the palpable presence of conscious life threaded within the midst of my beautiful mother’s passing life in her final moments here on earth. Rakhma is the quaking, spiritually seismic shift in the energy field of a mother who, having not seen her estranged child or loved one for many years, now comes into the direct experience of embracing that child in her arms.

Rakhma is the shining presence of light and heat that radiates forth from the center point of our true being in the moments following a true inner forgiveness process, when we have literally “removed the root of our suffering” and, as a result, can perceive the presence of this moment clearly. Though needing to define the most complex book-learned definitions of rakhma would be a gross exposure of our spiritual immaturity, there is one thing that I do know without reservation: Rakhma is the natural, ever expanding light of our true being.

[excerpted in part from Dale’s book “Echoes of an Ancient Dream: Aramaic Toning on the Path of Light”]