Two book offerings from Michael LoPatriello – learn more about them below. Digital available now, paperback coming very soon!

The Eye Opening

Humanity has forgotten their true nature. A higher perception and a direct experience of the individual’s unity with the earth, the universe, and the creative intelligence that created all things is possible here and now. It is time for humanity to remember what they truly are: one with the love-light that is in everything.

The Eye Opening shares the author’s profound, personal experience of the sudden opening of his third eye and how it forever changed his life. What is possible for one is possible for all. This book inspires the reader to seek out an experience of their union with the universe in their own heart and gives tools to do so. Not only does it give a testimony of what is possible and what humans’ highest spiritual potential is, but it also unveils the 9 main spiritual truths that the majority of the world’s religious, spiritual, and channeled texts share. There are many voices, but one truth. Cut through the dogma, the drama, the metaphors, and the cultural differences, and these fundamental themes are revealed to be shared by all.

Join the author on his quest for spiritual awakening, as he receives visions, connects ancient methods for attaining self-realization, compares advice from masters, investigates Kundalini Yoga, and shares the path he took that led to his eye-opening glimpse of enlightenment.

Attempt at the Ineffable

The light in the heart is the light in all. Feeling this in the heart is a sensation far above any language’s ability to describe. Nevertheless, one is obligated to try. Here is a collection of mystical and spiritual poems, rants, short stories, and a play, in an attempt at the ineffable experience of the heart’s light.