Highlighting this month we focus upon the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on November 30th (4:30 AM East coast 1:30 AM West). This is a powerful alignment of Sun and Moon, with Sun in Sagittarius 8 38 and the Moon in Gemini 8 38…

There will be a lot of philosophy and wisdom floating around, and knowledge “increaseth.” The way future is at stake during this eclipse, like discarding old visions, prophecies, religious dogma. After October’s Full Moon on Halloween, there will be many things to sort out, and it will be at the end of November that we start…

On June 5th 2020 we had a lunar eclipse at 15 degrees Sagittarius/Gemini, which signs were reversed by Sun Moon location. The Sun was in Gemini the, moon in Sagittarius, but on November 30 it will be Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Gemini, the other way around.

Thus June 5th energy is intricately woven with this month’s power. In 2020 there are four lunar eclipses, two Solar.(January 10, lunar in Cancer Capricorn), June 5th, Gemini-Sagittarius lunar; July 5th Cancer Capricorn lunar, and this month’s lunar on Nov 30.

We’ve had one Solar Eclipse on June 21 (summer solstice, remember?), and the last Solar of the year on Dec 14 in Sagittarius.

OK so the whole theme, the stage, is set for a rather rollicking adventure this month culminating on Nov 30 when “All things are cleared” and a new dispensation begins. Watch especially for world religions to suddenly appear on the front pages of communications, and bylines for nightly newscasts. Politics and government have consumed the headlines, and people’s energies, for all of 2020 until this last day of November…a bit of a religious spiritual (r)evolution you might say.

But it tried to intervene in early June but the Solar Eclipse was apparently stronger as “rugged individualism” became the expression of world leaders (that is, not necessarily spiritual). So November begins on a most major event, Election Day ..lets back up and go forward…!

As most of you may know, the messenger planet Mercury went retrograde on October 13. Retrograde Mercury usually lasts about three weeks. It will go direct around noon time on November third.

What this will mean is that half way through Election Day the momentum will shift. There maybe massive confusion in the ballot results as Mercury turns station…

Now on November 1st the next day after the Full Moon in Taurus Scorpio, The Moon will be making a variety of aspects, three trines with the Trio planets Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. Should be a marvelous day for earth people, only 2 days before the Election finale.

Mercury will be retrograde in Libra however, to add to the pre election nervousness…It will be square (90) aspect- conflict to the TRIO mixed in. This suggests some major news stories that may or may not be true. Mercury is the angel planet, so it will have its work cut out for it ..

The Moon will enter Cancer on the 4th,through the 5th then the 6th All homeland security issues following the election, and cultural solidarities; people will unite in brand new ways. The USA is a Cancer nation thus the results of election activity will herald a “New America” right after, on the 4th,5th,and 6th. At this time the stock market and world finance will become hugely dynamic as the Moon will visit Leo, and this sign brings spontaneity and risk-taking like you never seen it before.

So you may ask more about the eclipses, what do they have to do with everything.  Well, Gemini is the principal sign of both eclipses, so when the Moon goes into Gemini on November 2 the eclipse cycles will be revved-up for the three days, Nov.2, 3, 4, and thus election day will be all Gemini, plus Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. In a long shot analysis, June 5 2020 and Nov 30 2020 will be the energetic systems that play out in political fortunes.

Over the decades and hundreds of years, eclipses dominate the outcome of who is in power. Just a clue! Eclipses usually change world leadership roles with consummate precision. Kings abdicate or go into exile.. But Gemini is the key sign because it prevails for the previous to after days of this election 

Venus will be in opposition with Mars on the 9th, with what might be called a “lust-love” aspect. So the attractions (venus) are there but the libido must complement it (Mars). I will let you all figure out what you want to do that day with such a dynamic aspect..

On the 10th the Sun will be trine Neptune (harmonious)..and this is the beginning of a rather unique month of spiritual and creative renewal. Mercury also will be entering Scorpio at that time and since Mercury is the angel planet the angels will be signing up for new missions. Be sure to hire those eager ones who only want to serve the highest good.

The Moon will be in Libra on the 11th and will last through the two days after until the 13th. Lots of contracts and relationship issues those days.

But the big event on the 12th would be the major conjunction of Jupiter with Pluto. This first occurred on April 4,2020. There is a link here to pandemic outbreaks when lockdowns started to be enacted. The revisiting of Jupiter with Pluto in November my very well preface a revelation of sorts about solutions and governmental restructuring. Thus the 12th may end up being a sort of red letter day for the world.. This is good news because on the 14th of November the Sun will be in sextile aspect (60 degree easy aspect) with both Jupiter and Pluto and the Sun brings Life, Light, and Vitality. The Sun will be shining beautifully on that day upon human consciousness. The cycle of Sun sextiles will also conclude with the Sun sextile Saturn on the 19th…a time of world scientific discovery!

One of the headliners of this November will be Mars moving out of retrograde.  Mars is going direct this November 13 (7:36 pm east 4:36 pm west). It has been in retrograde transit since Sept 9. That’s about two months. It will be at 15 degrees Aries. This will activate the square pattern with Pluto in December. Mars is in conjunction with Eris, its sister (god of war, goddess of war.) The conjunction has been strong for the last two months, but it will come back in December. I have been calling it a form of “rugged individualism” as Aries is that swashbuckling sign and Mars in its home has been popping off for months. It will become a different type of self-assertion, as Aries is the quintessential sign of The Self. So be prepared this month for a strong turn around of energy expression as the two warrior deities begin plotting new initiatives designed to express the Ultimate Self. It may be that the election results may still be in question, and by mid November when Mars gets activated there will be a strong active movement in this country, indeed, throughout the world. The normal thing to say about Mars is that one should avoid rushing into something or being too impulsive or rash! 

So of course a new astrological phenonema arrives the next day…that is on the 14/15 the New Moon in Scorpio shows up, at 23 Scorpio. 

Now this is going to be quite an amazing New Moon. Always new moons start new cycles but in Scorpio every year it fires up the engines of secrecy, passion and intense emotional states. Mars is one of the rulers of Scorpio along with Aries. So with the red planet charging up it joins forces with the power of the new moon. Scorpio is the sign of life and death, and considered “Occult” (or hidden). It is also one of the most powerful signs, being Water-Fixed. Scorpio can drive through obstacles with great fervor and when threatened “ice up” to protect itself. So what happens when the Mars hard drive amps up with emotional and intense psychic Scorpio…a radical and penetrating unleashing of the Kundalini…or “serpent power”. There is great liability when this interaction occurs because kundalini mishandled or misdirected can be very dangerous. On the other hand, it augers well for miraculous healings, interventions and psychic emotional breakthroughs.

The fifteenth and sixteenth will feature Venus square the Jupiter Pluto conjunction…it may happen that when the good comes in you might not see it and reject it. Therefore, get your attraction lens in position so that when a good opportunity comes across, you wont miss it. This is like finding out a certain thing will be good for you, but when you resist, learn to accept rather than reject so your molecules have to be reconfigured (you know!)

So we started at the end of November to begin this article because this New Moon is intricately linked with the final lunation, the lunar eclipse. The energies of this month are generally complex, mystical and illusive. Motivations of all kinds are searched out and November this year may very well eclipse many event horizons. By the time the lunar eclipse is finished the whole world will have been transformed (one of Scorpio’s key words). December will look like a new universe, island or even planet. When you see where Scorpio and Gemini-Sagittarius are located in your natal charts these will be the major areas of personal transformation.

Ingresses and Egresses. When planets enter a new sign it is called ingress. When they leave, egress. On the 21st Venus will be entering Scorpio and the Sun will be moving into Sagittarius. Consciousness around the Sign archetypes evolves more prominently when ingress happens.

On the 23 Neptune is favorable for writing with a trine to Neptune.

On the 24th, 25th, 26th The fiery Moon in Aries will radicalize what happens on Thanksgiving, as the Moon will be in conjunction with Mars for the first time in direct motion. Plan your holiday carefully as all that Aries is filled with running around and adventurous decisions!

The 27th will be Taurus time so after the feast things slow down. Venus will be in opposition to Uranus so on these days people break up or find new lovers. You know after you bring your future mate to meet the family the next day you vow to never see each other again. But mercury will be sextile to Pluto so you might as well go back to your work for the Revolution. At least you can communicate with your co-patriots!!!! 

Be prepared for a sudden gear shift as Venus egresses Libra (its own sign) and jumps into hard hitting Scorpio. Whether it be a relationship, a corporate decision, or an advance into the future of your soul spirit journey, it is quite a time of confrontation with others. Scorpio consummates or enters into deep complex emotional fields. But in an unusual twist, The Sun will be leaving Scorpio, and the 29th degree of Scorpio has been recognized as a time when world leaders make major decisions about the world’s fate. Once a year, at this degree, the sum total of secrets and hidden agendas come to fruition or collapse in futility.

Then, the Sun shifting into lofty Sagittarius elevates the philosophical to the nth degree. Nov 21 and 22 will highlight a dramatic level of human interaction and perhaps species evolution. This just sets the stage for another cosmic astrological event in November: 

on the 28th, Neptune, the most mystical, fantastic planet, goes Direct in its own sign Pisces. If we are thinking positively, this should be a day of celebration, because the metaphysical or spiritual worlds come alive with renewed inspiration and creativity-imagination. This divine planet went retrograde on June 23, so it’s been a long dormant “winter” of Neptune that suddenly bursts forth in a Neptunian kind of springtime. After five months like a hibernating bear, it has been juicing up with fantastic thoughts, feelings, impressions getting ready to share its holy fruits with the world. Remember, Neptune is the Planet of Telepathy and instruction leased from beyond the Solar System world, so anticipate the seers and prophets coming alive again.

This is in the sign Pisces, which is the archetype sign of the spirit (perhaps even the Holy Spirit…Jesus was a Pisces, the Savior sign.) So we get to once more perceive the crystal Truth versus the myriad of illusions and hallucinations. Of course, what better time for Neptune to awaken than two days before the Lunar Eclipse? As I mentioned in the beginning, the end of November will herald a religious spiritual revival that will dismiss unhealthy political rampages of this year of the TRIO, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn. I would think it will be a breath of fresh air that will sweep the planet, and faith shall be restored in whatever beliefs you have learned or ascribed to.

Just before the Lunar Eclipse Mercury will be sextile both Jupiter (28th) and Saturn (the 30th). Again, almost astoundingly, lines of communication will be better than ever. On the 29th, the Moon will be entering the Air sign Gemini, which then forms the emotional barometer of the lunar eclipse.. So we end this month with an eclipsing of knowledge and wisdom, speaking, writing, traveling (yes, Sagittarius travel gets re-invented, and a very much needed change in spiritual, religious philosophy). The new batch of genuine new philosophies will arrive, just in time to save the planet.

Who knows…this scientific era is being called “The Golden Age of Astronomy.” We will be engaging in Super Travel, Superconsciousness, astronomical discoveries abounding like large fruit fields ready to be picked. It’s not just the Earth that’s experiencing Global Warming.

Scientists and philosophers unite. We need new understanding, interpretation and insight. The Nov 30 eclipse will adjust our Solar System once again. It’s about travel this time, believe it or not!!!!

Until next time, enjoy navigating through these changing times and have as much fun as you can along the way!