A major, significant event astronomically for this month of Scorpio-Sagittarius will be the Transit of Mercury to the Sun. Mercury is that very close planet, a smaller sphere, which moves very quickly (88 days around the Sun for one orbit.

At 10:22 am EST the maximum conjunction occurs as we will see this small black dot crossing in front of the Sun (in total about six hours. The last time this happened was in 2016, and it won’t happen for many years later into the future.Mercury will be about halfway through its retrograde and the conjunction will be at approximately 19 degrees Scorpio.

So look to your natal charts to see where this will be as Mercury is the planet of communications, the messenger, ruling the nervous system and neurotransmitters ;

Its proximity to  the Sun makes for a highly intense energetic event.Scorpio always brings out-or hides-profound secrets and deep insights. Observe(carefully, with equipment or filters) the black dot streaking in front of our Solar Orb.It will be a highlight as the retrograde motion also focuses upon review, contemplation, psychological interpretation, related to our thoughts and peace of mind. It will feature high level information from the cosmos you won’t want to miss. In esoteric astrology, Mercury is considered to be the angel planet, so it is a time to renew your Relationship with your angels.

It is also Veteran’s Day so perhaps you may be able to communicate or perceive military

History from a cosmic intelligence source.

Jupiter, the planet of Hope and Expansion, moral philosophy, abundance and promise, will be making a Grand Conjunction with our Milky Way Galactic Center at 26 degrees Sagittarius.Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and in many cultures of our globe the Galactic Center is the point of ingress and egress for souls arriving and souls departing. We as a Solar System orbits this center in approximately 226 million years (plus or minus!)So when the ruling planet joins this center home (November 13-14) we are in store for incredibly large amounts of cosmic transmissions. This may be a great time for astral travel, or arranging your particles with fantastic new light particles that create widely significant futures indeed. Sagittarius is the sign of the future, and Jupiter greatly associated since ancient times with the Rx symbol found in pharmacies, or “health,wealth, and welfare”, or, the “Lucky” planet.Venus will be following up with the conjunction of the Milky Way around the 22nd and 23rd. In traditional astrology, Venus and Jupiter were called “benefic” planets,or,as such, highly beneficial. So we have a very powerful rendezvous with our futures (dream states, visionary and prophetic clairvoyance)coming in the middle of November until just a week before the end. (Just in time to truly celebrate Thanksgiving!!)Mercury also goes direct in the middle of the flux which releases all sorts of nervous ailments and seeks a more literary, logical world again.

So you might want to alert all the Sagittarians out there that they may be called in to play a leading role in this newly evolving cosmic drama!!But they already know it, because they easily see the future! …And, once a year the Sun hits the 29th degree of Scorpio (completes at 10:00 AM EST) on November 22 also. It is called the “Decision Degree”

because in the last moments of Scorpio major global power choices are completed and enacted (sort of like, do we go to war or not?). See where this degree exists in your natal chart to see and decide about your important relationships in your life in the exact way you need or want them to be.

The Full Moon will occur on the 12th of November in Taurus Scorpio(19 52 degrees) when the once a year roundup of sexuality (Scorpio) and sensuality rounds up the year on a higher level of integration. This happens at 8:34 AM. I call this an “organic moon” when “reproductive” (scorpio) and “productive”(taurus) molecules are stirred up to a profound expression. Its kind of like a mating season full moon, where the fixed signs establish the natural rhythm for the year ahead…The new moon follows up two weeks later in Sagittarius at 4 03 degrees brings a new start in loftier ambitions and lessons in being more tolerant. Since Sagittarius is about global and foreign affairs, I would call this a National Cultural Day, exploring customs and languages, beliefs and religions, around the world.

The next day after the New Moon brings another significant movement or shift:

Neptune, the planet of the Divine, clairvoyance, imagination, inspiration and creativity, goes Direct on the 27th of November (7 33 am EST).Neptune went retrograde at 10:36 am on the 22nd of June (about 5 months), so those high level creative projects get taken off the shelf and dusted off. This planet has been in its own sign for years, Pisces.It is about our world-view and transcendence of the physical body.It is a much evolved spiritual condition and realty. For quite awhile now I have perceived Neptune to be a “telepathic planet”.It is a planet that orbits our Sun but also another Sun in space beyond; thus, like a satellite dish, it receives signals from beyond our soar system.Astrologers usually ascribe prophetic, dreamy characteristics to this other worldly planet. It is related to bizarre, intuitive psychic  phenomena and powerful visions of interdimensional disposition.. In the beginning of November, Saturn will be sextle Neptune, giving it karmic instructions how to sail the next stretch of the Cosmic Sea.And Saturn in Capricorn leaves Neptune to train Pluto in anticipation of next year’s triple conjunction, a most amazing alignment… The final act/ scene, in November, will be in Neptune’s creative turn around, like a supership making a subtle but engaging change of direction mostly unanticipated and full of surprises!!!