This month’s Astro-essay I am calling “Full House”!!!

October brings in a start to finish combination of two full moons…one right at the beginning October 1, With the Libran Sun, and Moon in Aries, is called the Harvest Moon.   And the second full moon happening in Scorpio (Sun) with Moon in Taurus, on the last day of the month, Halloween!!!

This phenomena is called the Blue Moon or Hunter’s Moon.

So hang on to your hats!

Saturn in the last few days went direct, joining Jupiter in forward motion. Saturn represents grounding and accountability, a more serious somber tone, being the Lord of karma, so the two together are making their move in earnest as they will form a complete, historical conjunction, right about six hours after the beginning of Winter Solstice. That indeed will be an incredible time for earth beings.

Jupiter some call the “politician’s planet,” because it is the largest planet, filled with “hot air”!!

It broke from the pack of retrograde planets on September 12. Saturn moved forward September 29….So October has two powerhouse planets in direct motion speeding along towards their fabled destiny in December…and on October 4 Pluto will also go direct, and join the Jupiter Saturn duo to form “The Trio”…In this piece I will be referring to this trio, of Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, which have been together since the beginning of 2020.

Speaking of politicians, then, I find it as an interesting anecdote that the bookend full moons are overlays of the Democratic candidates!  Ms. Harris was born during a full moon Sun Libra, Moon Aries. Voila, that’s the same as Oct 1.  Mr. Biden was born as Sun Scorpio Moon Taurus, also Full Moon (which then happens on Oct 31)!! That’s incredible. So perhaps the intrinsic fate of these two nominees will really be explored in October!!

So let us proceed.

October comes in with a Bang, as the Moon will be in Aries, with Chiron, and retrograde Mars, and Eris, the new feminine planet.  Aries always rushes in to something (Aries is Spring), so this fire sign influence will be highly accentuated as October launches. Aries can be very impulsive, so we start October with a dramatic flourish, almost like a new CEO coming in to take over control of the business. At any rate, get ready for a wild and woolly Oct 1.

On Oct 2, the first batch of square aspects from the Moon in Aries will hit the Trio. High level executive energy, a flurry of tough decisions. The Moon will be conjunct Mars, then square to Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto. So mark this on your calendars as a stormy day with much to accomplish at stake.

On the 3rd, the Moon goes into Taurus, making a very pleasurable trine with Venus in Virgo.  This trine energy carries over on the 3,4,5 days as the Trio gets bathed in harmonious flow energy. On the 5th, the third planet of the group Pluto, decides to move forward so that may be a very auspicious historical day for Earth. So the combined TRIO energy of Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter will be “bringing home the bacon” right on through the coming year, initiating a new cycle of social political innovation. Of course, Nostradamus in his predictions was conditional. He was a Physician who believed Paradise was coming, and available. But that was only if humanity didn’t mess up. The Doom historians claim was the fount of Nostradamus was mistaken or misunderstood, or misunderstood (By the way, a lot of his writings were in secret codes directed towards exposing the existing political leadership and structure at the time.) So what I am saying that as this Trio gets new Life, New Air, it’s up to humanity to embrace it, utilize its positive energies, or moreso, frequencies.

Capricorn, the sign holding the TRIO, is a sign of World SPIRITUAL Initiation. Not sure if anyone gets that yet, as especially this country is embroiled in worldly debates and contests. Have we heard yet from politicians about the Spiritual Destiny of America?

This time whoever wins the presidential selection will have to reconcile with the USA “Pluto Return” which is coming up in over a year from now.

That’s why Oct 5 will be a red letter day, because the American Revolution is not yet complete (Pluto in astrology is the Revolutionary). Pluto is like a major chess game, where the whole world moves pieces. Dane Rudhyar called it the planet of “Eonic Consciousness”. That is, it’s a planet which energy enumerates hundreds if not thousands of years to come, affecting generations of the future.  So Oct 5th is when the Real Game begins. Future generations, if they exist, will recognize this day as when the American Revolution begins its final act. Phew!!!

On Oct 6th, Mars will be very close to the earth, which doesn’t happen often! The 6th and 7th will be the days of Pleiadian and Orion activation, need I say more? The Bible says that there are the “sweet influences of the Pleiades” and also mentions Arcturus and Orion. Orion is such a powerful astronomical star group that even when the Moon passes through it, it is a graceful time. 

Of course, the three stars in Orion’s belt line up with the pyramids…that’s a story in itself. With the Pleiades, the Central Sun occupies a major vitalizing frequency. The theory of the Photon Belt suggests that we as a solar system have become an “8th planet” along with the indigenous seven star sisters. Many cultures around the world still believe their ancestors come from the Seven Sisters.

The Oct 8 date is when the Moon quietly slips into Cancer, its home.

If you need to make a little retreat it’s a good time, also to organize your thoughts around “sacred marriage” (yin yang, male female), the union on the inside… 

To review then, October is highlighted with a series of multiple aspects, squares, oppositions, trines, sextiles and conjunctions. These multiple aspects will be forming throughout the month, “sprinkling” cosmic energy in a most profound way. In this essay, I will point out the various times that major aspects occur. Like the ones just mentioned.

Aspects come in two categories, “hard” and “soft.” The hard aspects are constructive, often conflicts that need to be resolved. The Square, or 90 degree aspect, is the most challenging.. those are the days we may call “Square Days” (a bit like a Hair Day, maybe?)!! The next most powerful workout time is when planets are in opposition, or 180 degrees apart. The planets involved pull in opposite directions. That’s what happens when there is a Full Moon. The Earth is in the center with the Moon on one end and the Sun on the other, or the complete maximum distance of 180 degrees. Oppositions are the Essence of Polarities…

A conjunction is 0 degrees distance between planetary bodies, such as when a New Moon occurs, like the Sun and Moon being in the same zodiac degree. It is said that the power of the Conjunction can go either way, and is perhaps the strongest aspect on the grid…

The Easy aspects are the Soft ones, so called, when planets align with each other in angles of 60 degrees (called a Sextile) or Trine (120 degrees).  Sextiles are easy going and essentially harmonious. Trines are the most flowing, indicative of one’s talents or almost extreme supernatural ability to enact high level accomplishments.

(In astrological wisdom, a configuration called “Solomon’s Seal” occurs occasionally where six planets are located on six points of the star, forming many sextiles and trines, a very sacred time of harmony.)

As we move towards the 9th, Mercury will be in Scorpio, the TRIO in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces, Uranus in Taurus, the Moon in Cancer, and Venus in Virgo. Scorpio, Capricorn, Neptune Pisces, Uranus Taurus, Moon in Cancer, Venus in Virgo…the six pointed star!!! Study the mystics, the great scholars, the prophets…a time of very high access code availability. Occurs from the 9th, then 10th and somewhat into the 11th. This is indeed a significant astrological alignment moment –talk about frequencies!!!

But here comes Mars, in Aries, making an intense square to pluto, which is now on its new torrid path.  Remember a square is conflict.

Mars and Pluto share rulership over Aries and Scorpio. Hence the two extreme force planets clash for victory and rulership. This is a strong kundalini aspect which releases serpent power (ancient Egyptian priests wore serpent helmets). So I call this square a “Seed Moment”, as though we were propagating a new species. Warrior stuff, neuromuscular systems, the survival part of the brain, the neo-cortex. Yikes.  And Eris, the sister of Mars, who is the warrior goddess, joins  the fray too. What a day the ninth will be!

The tenth brings in a lovely Venus trine Uranus. Good day for being with your most romantic partner!!

The 11th shows up all Leo, almost like having a parade because it’s fun and colorful. Leo is associated with love affairs so the partner party continues. This energetic pattern weaves through a different fabric, incorporating Scorpio and Taurus forming a T-square. Don’t have too much fun!!

But Neptune will be sextile Jupiter (60 degrees harmony) possibly augmenting religious spiritual reconciliations and understanding. Mercury and Venus also are in sextile. Nice. The 12th concludes with a “Sphinx Point ” Moon transit, at 29 Leo and its entrance into clean Virgo. Time for the critics after the final performance in the play!

Uh Oh

What do I see? Not again…There’s Mercury deciding to go retrograde just at the time Virgo was amping up to really get healthy. At 9:05 pm EST and 6:05 West Coast it happens. The always elusive swift planets= slows down, but it’s just an illusion, right? It will remain suspended just in time for the Election. Better stuff those ballot boxes before it goes retro! (ha ha)

Lets see, isn’t that the Day of the Election, correct? At 12:50 pm EST and 9:50 am West it goes Direct. Just in time for an amazing finish to the country’s greatest event politically…lets not jump ahead, but you should know that this Mercury retro on the 13th Oct will just about freeze the voting process. Stay tuned if you are interested…

Ah, the 14th, sigh of relief. The Trio gets down to business and signs a lucrative new recording contract. The Virgo Moon trines all three in succession, a healthy opportunity, so folks should be shining…However the next day the sprinkling of aspects turn to a Sun Pluto square on the early 15th.  More adjustments needed to the contract, a veritable worksheet. Then, without notice, we come to the day’s worth of mixed Libra Capricorn squares AND, all of a Sudden a New Moon in Libra.

What’s important in this alignment is that the Sun and Moon will be in exact conjunction with the stars Arcturus and Spica.23 53 Libra.

WOW. What will happen that day?? Remember the Bible combined the Pleiades, and Orion, with Arcturus. Ok, lets get out our Alien textbooks and see whether the Arcturians will appear in the Sun and Moon.

But on the practical level, all your Relationships (Libra) gets tossed onto the Judgment scale and we start a fresh new archetype for the year ahead as to who we can trust in partnerships. This includes marriages, business partners, and “client therapist relationships” In the old books, this refers also to “Open Enemies”, those who openly contest with you, such as in court. But Libra also shows up as the “Fine Arts” Zodiac Sign. Sign up for an art course or explore your finer points of balance such as dance or music.

The 17th and 18th bring in Scorpio power, intensity, secrets, hidden treasures.

The Moon conjuncts Mercury (writing, deep communication) and opposes Uranus, perhaps a little off centered genius and intriguing motivations.. The early part of the 18th harbors Scorpio in favorable aspect with Venus, Neptune and Jupiter.

As the day moves on two heavy Square aspects culminate.  The Sun squares Saturn (often father issues surface), and Mars, that aggressive rowdy puncher, takes a few swings at Jupiter. Egos flare. Not sure whether you hide in bed or go out in the street to fight …Well, I guess it’s just a street fight because the nineteenth heralds a sweet day of fragrances and perfumes. Venus and Jupiter are considered to be the two “Benefics” in astrology, so when they are in a harmonious trine alignment things couldn’t be better. Don’t miss claiming your riches in romance and money, good luck and fortune on that day! Like in a movie review “a must see adventure fulfilling all your desires for happiness.” Go early and get good seats. You really need some Venus love and good old Jupiterian Luck!!!

We reach the last third of days in October on the 20th and we find the futuristic Sagittarius encouraging a better future (especially after all that lottery money you just won).  The 21st is a positive “sprinkle day”, as the Moon is in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus, which flows well into the 22nd with all kinds of good aspects to the Trio (they too get a bonus in their contract). The Sun concludes its visit in Libra and now the real Consummation begins. We start entering the Full Moon region when Scorpio begins its manifestation….

The 23rd will be an interesting day because the covert activists are stopped at the border. The Moon enters Aquarius forming squares and oppositions with Taurus and Scorpio. It’s called a “T-square.” Leo is mysteriously absent. (Like you need four players in the card game). A day of making sure all your stuff is in order, because Aquarius brings unpredictable events. In fact this day is a bit of a foreshadowing of what will happen on this Halloween Full Moon.

Venus is trine Saturn on the 24th so nice day to take a troll in the park, or, balance your bank book. Will it be too cold for a picnic?

(Oh that reminds me, the Summer of Love Festival Extravaganza is over (sigh). Hope you all had some Love this past summer).

Sunday the 25th is a good time to consult your psychic as the water signs, Scorpio and Pisces, are brought into action.  Mercury is in exact conjunction with the Sun so if you are writing a mystery novel the ideas will flow, secrets will be revealed.

The 26th honors casual genius, as the Moon sextiles (60) Uranus…

Get ready for the 27th, as Mercury goes into Libra almost exactly at the same time as Venus (9:33/6:33 9:41/6:41pm), Kind of amazing really. I am calling this the moment when Venus and Mercury experience a “trial marriage” (Libra the marriage sign). They are both “softies’ so to speak. What intrinsic harmony and communication. This is underscored by the Moon Pisces sextile the Trio. It will be an interesting wedding to be certain…

So we are approaching the FULL HOUSE, when the second Full moon is bringing in more bounty and abundance. Samhain is sacred if you ascribe to its meaning. So on the 28th Aries will be the Moon sign once again, and with the Scorpio Sun… as the Scorpio Aries kundalini will start its preparation for a wild release on the Full Moon Oct 31. 

The 29th however, will get “sprinkled in hard aspect squares with the TRIO. More conflicts as to who’s the boss, who has the right to power. Egads..

Let’s move to the 30th, when the squares cease, and the Taurus Moon arrives just in time for the classical Full Moon ritual/ceremony.  In the morning of Halloween Day, the Moon has a meeting with Uranus. Uranus agrees to the suggestion…An hour later Uranus forms a double full moon surprise 180 opposition. This is incredible. One could then say that this Full Moon Halloween will be replete with sudden and unusual surprises!!!  Uranus is the genius planet akin to the “function of the Will of God.”  Does this mean that the 31st will bring some genuine material from the Heavens, establishing Divine Order???

Have a Happy October!

Brian Sandy

(A Full House indeed. Isn’t that a winning combination of cards!!