I AM: The Cosmic Vibration


[4 ½ hour mp3 audio program]



Track 1: “In the Beginning was Frequency”

Dale brings forth a very clear and crystalline vision of the true meaning of “spirituality” [Latin “spiritus”, Aramaic “rookha”, Greek “pneuma”], which means literally “frequency, vibration, oscillation”, etc. True spirituality is our conscious recognition of myriad appearances of frequency and vibration in our everyday life experience. This embraces the rise and fall of our breath, heartbeat, the movement of air upon our skin, “tuning in” to the ambient sounds in our environment, movement and silence.

Track 2: “Seeing Beyond the Cosmic Drama”

Dale shares insights into the creation, de-tuning and re-calibration of the pseudo-soul, referred to by Yeshua [Jesus] in His native tongue of Aramaic as “apay”. Traditionally translated in the exoteric Christian teachings as “hypocrite”, apay in truth means “veil, persona or mask”. Dale uses Pyradym to demonstrate the profound variation in feeling between coherence and incoherence, consonance and dissonance, between the ego or “pseudo-soul” and “The I within The I”. The Aramaic phrase “Enana”, traditionally translated as “I Am”, is in reality a repetition of the Aramaic word “I” repeated twice. This understanding elevates every single one of Yeshua’s “I Am” statements to an entirely new level.

Track 3: “Navigating the Cosmic Shift”

We are literally the “ones that we have been waiting for”. Whether you can recall your celestial commitment or not, you chose to be right here, right now at this exact point in human history to help navigate the Cosmic shift. Thousands of spiritual philosophies, religions and ancient texts spoke of the tectonic shift of this tumultuous psychic upheaval and re-calibration across all races and cultures. Dale shares how each and every one of us can reveal our highest Purpose in this journey of human incarnation.

Track 4: “Introduction to PYRADYM Meditation”

Dale prepares us to experience the profound vibrational experience of PYRADYM.

Track 5: “33-Minute PYRADYM Meditation”

*Do not listen to this PYRADYM meditation while driving a car or operating machinery! *

Dale offers this 33-minute PYRADYM meditation, preceded by 1 minute and 11 seconds of silence and followed by three minutes and thirty-three seconds of silence. PYRADYM is a patented analog bioresonance instrument using sound, light, crystals and sacred geometry to generate a profoundly relaxing sonic massage from the inside out. Merging suppressed ancient Egyptian technologies with the visionary physioacoustic work of Nikola Tesla, Bob Moog and Edgar Cayce, PYRADYM is unlike any other instrument on earth.

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